Video: Vali Höll Takes on her First Elite World Championships

Oct 29, 2020
by YT Industries  

For Valentina Höll, 2020 was the year that would see her progress to the next stages in life: Finishing school, leaving junior competition behind her, transitioning to the Elite level, and experiencing a UCI World Championship in front of a finish coral packed with a home crowd… The young Austrian finally entered the big stage of downhill racing in Leogang. The anticipation of finally competing against the best in the world and the hope for securing a podium spot were great. Sadly, it didn’t all go according to plan… In ‘One lesson at a time’ Vali winds the clock back taking us behind the scenes of her first Elite World Championships.

bigquotesThe operation went well, but unfortunately more was broken than expected. For me, it is time to chill and wear a cast for about six weeks. In 10 days we will decide whether I can slowly start with the physio in the Athlete Performance Center. I’ll be back on the bike in January hopefully. That works out fine because I normally take a break from biking this time of the year anyway.Vali Höll, YT Family Member

by Isac Paddock
by Isac Paddock
Photos by Isac Paddock
by Isac Paddock
by Isac Paddock

bigquotesI had been hitting that jump all week. It wasn’t really a big deal. On Sunday it had rained a lot and the track was a bit slower leading in than usual and I cased. The fall itself wasn't really crazy. I had experienced bigger ones this summer (laughs). I left the track to move out of the way of following riders and when I looked down at my ankle it was already very swollen, but luckily, I wasn't in too much pain.Vali Höll, YT Family Member

bigquotesExcept for the crash, I am pretty happy with how everything went. I got along well with the conditions and felt strong. I think the others also noticed that it was going well. I didn't compete that weekend to win my first elite race, but rather to give my best. That is what I did and am ok with that. After my injury, Rachel Atherton gave me some tips, as did Tracy Moseley. A lot of people have written to me and I am completely overwhelmed by it. I can't even manage to write back to everyone.Vali Höll, YT Family Member

by Ale Di Lullo
Vali Höll with her eyes on the prize. Things didn't quite go according to plan...

bigquotesI think back to the weeks when I went to school in the mornings and the gym in the afternoons. I left the house when it was dark and came back when it got dark. When I look back, it seems pretty crazy. Normally you would go to the movies or parties with your friends, but training was just as important to me as I knew that training in the gym would help me. There is no question about it: family is everything. If it weren’t for them, I would not be on the bike. I am extremely lucky to have a family that has always supported me but never pressured me.Vali Höll, YT Family Member

by Ale Di Lullo
by Ale Di Lullo
Photos by Ale Di Lullo
by Ale Di Lullo
By Ale Di Lullo

bigquotesWe wish you all the best for a speedy recovery, Vali. We know you'll be back on the bike soon and stronger than ever.Your YT Family


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 I was really looking forward to watching her first Elite World Cup season. Too bad it got thrown into the wood chipper this year like so many other things. Wish her the best recovery possible so she can get back after it for next season. Also would love to see her get a fat MOB contract. Her, Angel, Trummer and the others on the team would be sweet.
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 Absolutely love Vali, such an amazing athlete. She’s going to do very well. Part of me wants to see her rip up the record books but another part doesn’t want to see the kind of domination Rachel had at one point though. It kills the entertainment factor when the battle is for 2nd place.
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 Look at the up side of it, if both Vali and Rachel are healthy, and at full strength, it could make for an amazing season long battle!
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 She is like a mix of the old school bad ass riders, with a bit of a punk rock fun attitude-yet serious competitor (Peaty, Voreis, Giove, Warner, Streb, Donovan) mixed in with new school bike park whips and fun, making sounds when she rides....and she has mad respect for the riders that come before her. Win or lose, she's a great ambassador of fun and racing. I am a fan.
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 Get will soon kid - the future is bright!
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 Next year will be hear before any of us know it! Rest & train up. You got this
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 Such a massive talent. Hope she will stay as chill as she is and her future is bright any way you look at it.

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