Video: Vero Sandler Describes Her Building Process, Plays the Violin, Talks Social Media & Of Course Rides Her Bike

Aug 5, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  

bigquotesWhat do you really know about another person? You’ll never see through their eyes, you’ll never have the accumulated knowledge of all their experiences, you’ll never be able to hear their innermost thoughts.

So what do you know about Veronique Sandler? Is it a digest of what you’ve seen through your screen? This short film is an attempt to bring a little more of Vero’s unique upbringing, perspective, skills and interests to light. Although it’s not conclusive or complete we hope you enjoy learning a little more about her and why Santa Cruz is very happy to be able to support someone with her range of talents.
Santa Cruz Bicycles


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 Gonna have to show this to my daughter. Toss up between whether she loves violin or mountain biking more, and she just finished learning the Czardas piece Vero was playing in the video
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 sucks to think that people would be negative to Vero on the social! she's rad AF and inspires so many people in the industry. Cant wait to watch her at Audi Nines #letsgo
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 They probably can't deal with the fact that she rips so much harder than them!
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 @dicky1080: imagine their response when someone mentions Anne-Caroline Chausson.
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 So cool to see the women's freeride scene growing!
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 One of the most inspirational figures in mtb today imo
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 Capitalising Every Word In Headlines Is Getting Silly.
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 Just don’t get why people whine it’s acceptable to abuse others online. Funny thing is, on the bike, Vero would probably rip most of the guys who’ve made abusive comments towards her, a new one.
She’s one of the raddest riders out there.
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 Love it!!
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 Really cool to see that she has been able to forge a path in the MTB world to do what she wants to do. I'm sure it hasn't been easy.
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 this was a nice view you are blessed loving what you do. dig2live-live2dig
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 Go girl, you’re doing it right!
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 Loved this. I am going to have to show this to some of my Orchestra buddies!
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 Always great to see behind the scenes especially with a rider that is also a trailbuilder!
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 This is rad. Always been a fan or Vero. Love to hear her thoughts on style and it obviously shows through in her riding.
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 if you dont have style, youre wack. - vio sandler
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 Living the best life...Oski and Vero.
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 Cool vid
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