Video: Vinny T Gets Loose on Ski Slopes & Snow Covered Trails with his eMTB

Apr 29, 2021
by Vincent Tupin  

Words: Vinny T

In this episode I took my Scott Ransom E-ride early in the morning, riding ski slopes top to bottom. Finishing on some of my favorite enduro home trails.

Follow this series across the 4 seasons on some epic descents on a variety of bikes and terrain.


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 So much E-hate. You'd think their E-dad hadn't returned from buying his pack of E-cigarettes.
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 That is a rat's nest of cables
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 It's a Scott. It's their DNA.
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 I am not sure the “on an ebike” is a necessary addition to what is essentially ads in all these ebike edits...if anything it pushes people away (not saying me, as I would own an ebike as part of quiver if I had the $), but just enjoying good riding and being left to notice it was on an ebike might be cooler...rather than trying to ram it down everyone’s throat all the time...but for me it is a giant eye roll every time...good biking is good biking, don’t need the caveat.
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 Hardcore road bikers would have said precisely the same thing about mountain bikers (if youtube/edits were a thing in the late 80s). It's a new way to ride and is totally pertinent for a title. Don't see the problem.
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 You can actually ride much more effectively in the snow on an e bike. It's a blast.
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 @GotchaJimmy: yeh man. To be clear, I am down with ebiking...just saying I would like to just happen to notice dude was on an ebike and be all “cool, that was an ebike and he did that”...I feel everyone is programmed to defend or attack ebike comments rather than read them! The lazy and unimaginative marketing was the focus my comment...
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: TF are you doing above the threshold? I agree with your point though. E-bikes and closed ski resorts in winter make perfect sense. No sarcasm here.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: No stupid switchbacks to worry about, right?!
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 amstrad cpc6128 flashbacks
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 All I want to know is where it was filmed
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 Looks like Bernex, in the French Alps.
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 A Vinny T video that’s not sped u.....never mind.
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 The music ,what was that? Made me want to crash.
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 Snow and trees is some ballsy combination.
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 the "articles" about videos are kinda boring. im in school i cant watch this stuff.
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 Looks like a ton of fun.
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 This article definitely not sponsored by Scott Ransom E-ride.
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 @rewob: I bet pinkbike are relived you are here to defend their integrity, after all It’s not like they’re slowly evolving into a paid for press release live stream, it’s absolutely chock full of original content these days eh? Oh wait.. Anyway it’s not like they are acting like they are primarily interested in money and mtb is merely the medium, after all it’s not like they did something sneaky like populate a trail app with user generated content then put said content behind a paywall oh wait.. oh well at least they have the decency to point out the content they are paid to post oh wait..
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 @Peskycoots: although we have clashed in the past,I agree with your above analysis, I very rarely come to this site anymore and the trailforks thing was indeed a sneaky move.
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 @unleash: i enjoyed our tear up it was a much needed distraction from Covid. All the best friend, I’m currently finding nsmb to be a better alternative to here.
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