Video: Watch Anthill's Movie of the Week - 'unReal'

May 30, 2020
by Anthill Films  

Watch Now for Free: UnReal by Anthill Films

The “real” world… whatever that is… is certainly changing a rapid pace these days. Need a little break? It might be a good time to escape to the unReal world: a wild place of wonder, where there are no boundaries, no rules and anything is possible. For the final showing of Anthill’s “Movie of the Week” series we’re wrapping up with 2015’s ‘unReal’. You can watch the full film for free right now on Red Bull TV. Click the link to unlock the gateway to the unreal world. And have fun!

Click to watch unReal for Free right now:

This free online screening of unReal is part of Anthill’s Movie of the Week series. Working with our friends at Shimano, Trek and the action sports streaming service Echoboom, we will be bringing you each of Anthill’s movies from the past 10 years for free, almost anywhere in the world, every week. We hope you enjoyed the show!

Brett Rheeder Wyoming

Pemberton Ice cap British Columbia in July 2014


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 I was an extra rider in that scene in the first pic and I'm the credits, it was my very first day at WBP, waiting for the start right after Stevie Smith. Then after the filming rode A-line for the first time and cased every single jump after the 3rd one. Will never forget that day. Unreal.
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 Semenuk's segment in this one makes me want to ride my bike so damn bad every single time. Soooo good.
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 One of the best ever made. I got three copies of the DVD after the premiere. Gave two away to a couple of my adventure film students. So good!
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 Tom Van Steenbergen's part in the woods is one of my favourite clips to watch. Love the Cat Empire track with it. For me, it really shows the pure fun element of MTB ).

Closely joined by Brandon's one-take from this and also his rainy BC section from rad conpany (with the Ween track).
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 One of the best for sure. I never get tired of watching it. I like that my kid has a cameo in that last shot of the mob of riders.
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 Legit one of the best MTB films ever made.
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 This movie got me into my favourite band, Portugal The Man. I watch this multiple times a year and it's my favourite MTB film.
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 Hell yeah mate! Evil Friends is such a great album, and every time "Someday Believer's" comes on I just want to ride my bike!
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 The cinematography and production is Unreal. It's makes me wanna go ride my bike.
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 Semenuk's section got me into mountain biking
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 So OTT but that's what makes it so good and so fun. Plus visuals are stunning and top soundtrack. Snow section is awesome.

What is it about that tree......!!!!!!!?
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 Best MTB movie soundtrack next to Rad Company
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 Dirt Blizzard is one of my favorite video parts ever.
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 Its free all year long on RB TV pretty much like all other mtb movies
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 So good!
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 Seen it.

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