Video: Way Out in the Wilderness with Kenny Smith in 'A Chilcotin Hogyssey'

Jun 5, 2019
by Cycles Devinci  

The Ridge

"It was day four. We arrived at a massive alpine valley lined with creeks and marshes, certain to be filled with mosquitos and shoe-soaking water crossings. Margus led the way, monster trucking through the creeks. We hoped that after the crossing, a ridge would connect us to the top of another mountain; from there, we would continue and descend to Taseko Lake. We ascended the new terrain under ominous skies. Storms circled above, pounding the neighbouring mountains with wind and rain. It was a sneak peak of what was in store. Our spirits were high because our destination that evening was the halfway point of the journey. We reached the top, and as the rain started, our reality set in. The ridge we were looking for did not exist. We had climbed the wrong mountain. "

Riders: Kenny Smith, Fraser Newton, Chester Bush, Margus Riga

Photos & Drone operation: Margus Riga
Editing & Direction: Matt Butterworth
Motion Graphics: Paul Harrison
Sound Mix: Jo Osborne
Original Concept: Kenny Smith

MENTIONS: @devinci


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 What a link up! Stoked that you guys had the vision to plan it and pull it off. High fives all around.
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 Big thanks to the Xeni Gwet'in First Nation and the local outfitters for the bush-clearing in the Nemaiah Valley. That river crossing near Taseko was well executed. Also well done on editing out the kilometers of alder-bashing and scree-scrambling
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 @leelau I can't see this route on Trailforks, planning to ride it this weekend. Is there wifi up there so I can live blog it?
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 @shirk-007: will fax you turn by turn directions
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It's ok, if you zoom in on the Strava heatmap, you can see the route...
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 Unreal boys! Tough as nails crew. What an adventure.
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 Wow! That’s such a rad experience and awesome video footage. I couldn’t stop laughing through the whole thing!
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 Such a rad journey, nicely done fellas. Our Lorna trip in September now looks lame compared to this.
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 Good stuff Pinkbike and Devinci,I can't wait to get back to the Chilcos in the fall.
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 There's no trail like no trails!
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 Nice work gentlemen ! Epic days hoogin ! That's what make a good camp fire stories to tell the kids one day .
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 Great admiration for the physical effort required to make this trip, but very concerned about the use of the bikes in a fragile alpine habitat which has no trails (and ought to stay that way). If we were truly concerned about the environment, we would not allow bikes to be used "off trail". Please give this some thought.
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 Having fished that area for years, my mind is completely blown that you guys did it on bikes. Would love to see a long ass video of the trip. Very very sick.
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 i added to my FAVs earlier then they even start riding, i just need there in future!
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 Way to go guys!!!
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 Hell Yea!
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 Exploration on the bike is next level.
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 Such a great mission! Well done guys, glad you are all still smiling. tough-as-nails
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 Beautiful video but why Hogyssey?
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 I can’t get that word out of my crazy ocd brain
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 All I want from Devinci right now is that they announce the winner of the Spartan Wink
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 So awesome

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