Video: West Coast Winter Riding

Feb 4, 2020
by Noah Allman  
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Cowichan Cycles rolls into its second year with support from 7mesh. The partnership with 7mesh was a natural fit for our race team who are always looking for the best equipment on and off the bike. It is refreshing to work alongside a brand that produces product at the highest level while maintaining its grassroots approach. When riding alongside the 7mesh crew in Squamish, you know that the product is catered to west coast riders in our west coast climate. Talking with the team makes it apparent that every stitch and cut is calculated, intentional, and optimised for their intended purpose. We are looking forward to another great year of riding, testing, and pushing our 7mesh gear!


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 It's really not that good here, borderline un-rideable.
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 Really can't tell if you're serious or not
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 Yeah, Washington sucks too. Not worth the trip.
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 Words can't describe how much I miss living and riding on Vancouver Island.. I'd take a cold fall day at one of the Duncan trail-networks over a sunny summer day on my home trails any time.
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 Why did you move back to Denmark
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 @barbarosza: To finish my studies. Planning on returning to the island at some point, if I can find a job there.
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 @Phthalaten: Yeah i did the wrong choice of moving to Quebec when really I was missing Whistler.

Now I wouldnt move to Whistler but id give a try to Van island
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 Vancouver Island is terrible. Don’t bother coming here. Go east
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 i see what you did there. ill not stop by Smile
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 What's with mountain bikers and Tacoma's ?
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 Status symbols and effective advertising.
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 @SHEESHKAH: nail on the head lol. Ocean fill bike, Atmosphere fill truck
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 "It's the law".
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 @imbiker "It's The Law".
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 @Prax: No

The Claw is the Law.
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 Everybody knows you can't get a bike to a trailhead without burning a maximum of 25mpg to get there.
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 Seems pretty self evident. Mountain bikers as a whole are already unmatched at being parted with their money for negligible if any performance advantage **goes back to craigslist to look at Tacomas** Book
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 marketing. mtb is more about products and brands, not really about actually riding.
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 Reliability? Not sure what other mid size truck I'd own.
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 @Eatsdirt: Except reliability isn't an issue with any modern light truck worth buying like the Frontier or Colorado, both of which are more powerful, have better build quality, and factory specs per dollar paid. The Tacoma is a fine truck, but priced for people who don't seem to understand or care what they're actually getting
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 It's missing a rooftop top. Then the PNW conversion will be complete
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 pretty much most reliable used truck available...awesome 4x4
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 @gumbytex: "Everybody knows you can't get a bike to a trailhead without burning a maximum of 25mpg to get there..."

The Tacoma wishes it could get 25mpg. Not even downhill in neutral with a tail wind. Definitely still one of the most solid trucks out there though. I had a 99 with E lockers on it that was a 4-banger. Hated to sell that truck. But it was lucky to get 17mpg as a 4cyl.

But it could go anywhere and do anything. Had to pull my buddies Tundra out when he got stuck a couple times off-roading.
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 you gotta be Totally Rad Dude™!!!
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 @HaggeredShins: Don't forget the new Ranger as well.

As far as reliability goes, what percentage of Colorados/Frontiers/Rangers are still on the road after 10 years? I would guess not even close to the tacoma.

And lets not forget how they hold their value. No one else is even in the contest.
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 Resale on tacomas is stupid good in the PNW, major selling point.
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 They couldn't afford a Sprinter lol
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 @skerby: Not many manuals out there now a days, especially in trucks. Any truck in the PNW that comes with a handshaker goes for gold bricks now. I've never owned an auto vehicle and never plan to. When they don't make manuals anymore, I'll swap one in!
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 I drive a '97 Tacoma...extra cab with an actual full length bed(hard to find on newer models). I've had it for over ten years that replaced a Jeep Chertokee, but if I'm now looking "trendy" and "fitting in" I may have to get a trunk rack and start taking my '67 Cougar to trails. Dammit!
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 @skerby: I've got a '97 Xtra cab with full bed, 4WD...I think I can still get over $5,000 for it. That is pretty awesome
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 @HaggeredShins: I disagree. I've had Toyota (3 4Runners, 2 Tacomas, 1 Tundra), Nissan (Frontier) and Ram (1 ton diesel). There were endless issues and recalls with the Ram and I think my Frontier was built on a Friday. Within the first two years the paint on the roof peeled and the AC condenser and O2 sensor both failed. The truck had less than 18,000 km. Traded it in for another Toyota and couldn't be happier. From my experience, Toyota wins for quality, durability and resale.
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 @fabwizard: They hold their value to a degree that makes no sense. I see gen 1 Tacos on my local CL with over 100-150k miles priced 15-20k and beyond with newer years being far worse. You'd have to be a flipping lunatic to pay that kind of money for a used truck that has comparable, competitor offerings with half that mileage for nearly half the price. I do all my own work, I've turned all the bolts, rebuilt engines, transmissions, you name it--I've never become aware of any Toyota magic fairy fluid or unobtainium that makes them super ubery dubery reliable.

If I went out to do so today, I could buy a new or used Pro 4x for not a whole lot more than a comparable base to mid trim Taco. I can't come up with a single objective reason to buy one for the price point alone, but in the same breath I'd love a ZR2 duramax to be my next truck and similarly can't find a single objective reason to go diesel... we all find our reasons 2 cents
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 @srh2: Your AC and O2 sensors from your Frontier and Tacoma were all made in the same factories. TBH reliability with cars and trucks really comes down to in-house component engineering, which is a difficult delineation to make with most consumers.

Most reliability issues come down to how vehicles are treated and maintained. My frontier is 20 years old. Its such a flawless vehicle I've never considered replacing it, but it is well looked after.
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 @srh2: Toyota certainly seems to pay for itself in the long run. I’ve driven many diff brands of vehicles and my wife’s RAV4 is one helluva tough vehicle. She beats the hell out of it on back roads, rarely changes oil on time and generally neglects/abuses it and at almost 300,000km it purrs.
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 @HaggeredShins: As someone who owns a Frontier I can 100% say reliability is an issue
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 A) only manual transmission 4wd 6ft bed smallerish truck still made

B) can fit forward facing car seat in back of access cab for kids
C) "Camping up at the lake with Jennifer Parker this weekend!"
D) 4cyl. Gets 25mpg on the hwy
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 @woofer2609: I love the trucks, but no way on "D". That's the claim for a 2wd 4 banger with zero options and that's not realistic. The lie-o-meter doesn't count for accurate for mileage.
Plus add a leveling kit, bigger tires, 4x4, I'd put money on it being sub 20mpg
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 @krashDH85: Close! 2009 base model /SR 4 cylinder 4x4 5spd with P rated 245 R16 tires gets almost 26mpg between Vancouver and Vernon/Lumby on a regular basis. Gotta keep it at 95km/h.
But yeah, as soon as the LT KO's and some armour go on it is around 20mpg. I couldn't believe how much quieter, peppier, and economical going with alloys and Passenger rated tires was if I'm just running pavement. 18lbs per wheel lighter makes a HUGE difference.
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 @HaggeredShins: So are you saying that shitty cracked & flaking paint, and a faulty head unit, AC condenser and O2 sensor on a less that 2 year old vehicle with fewer than 18,000km is somehow my fault, because I'm not maintaining my vehicle properly?
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 What other truck can you get to 500,000 miles? And they’re great offroad.
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 @HaggeredShins: Having owned a Frontier, I'm gonna give that a firm NO.
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 My 2004 Mazda b2300/ Ford Ranger was more reliable and stalwart than my current Tacoma. The fact that my 2009 Taco has a recall for frame rail rust is ridiculous. I mean it's as it Toyota actually went out of their way to make steel that rusts.
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 @srh2: mind me asking which truck this is?
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 @woofer2609: If it is a recall then it means Toyota is standing behind their product and repairing it. My son's Ranger of the same age is a rusted out piece of crap. Ford never offered to repair.

So if Toyota is actually repairing your 10 year old(actually 12 as they come out the year before and we are now in 2020) that is exactly what you are paying for in the price of a Taco.

FYI my Taco is a Sienna, with the back seat folded in the floor I can fit two adult Mt Bikes and 2 or more kids bikes. Our only problem is ground clearance. But that is offset by the widescreen in the back.

It is ten years old this year and not a dime above regular maintenance. Say that about a Caravan/Sedona/Quest.
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 @woofer2609: If your Tacoma is less than 12 years old, take it into your Toyota dealer, they will inspect your frame for rust, if it's bad they will replace the frame, if your frame is still good, they will inject your frame with some anti-corrosion, under the warranty. I work for Toyota, we have replaced hundreds of these frames, not only Tacomas but Tundras as well. Get your truck in before it gets to old to qualify.
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 @fabwizard: You know that it took a class action lawsuit to have Toyota begin replacing frames, right? They hardly stood behind their product, more like hide behind a bunch if lawyers. Toyota never offered anything. I'm not going to get in Pepsi vs Coke, Ford vs. Chevy thing, but Tacomas are overpriced for what they are, but apart from Nissan, the only player in the game.
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 @woofer2609: Sorry did not know.

It will be interesting to see how the new Rangers do, reliability wise with the turbo motors. I love the fuel economy of the Turbo's but concerned with long term. My Mazdaspeed 3 had I think the first generation of this motor.
while the motor itself was reliable for the 5 years i owned it the car had so many warranty issues. The engine mount bolts sheared off etc...
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 @pcledrew: The lemon was a 2015 Nissan Frontier Pro 4X. I think it was built on a Friday...before a long weekend. I know other people who have had better luck with their Frontiers. Bought it new from the local Nissan dealer and ended up trading it in for a 2017 4Runner less than 2 years later.
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 @srh2: that sucks man. I had the same experience with a 2013 F150. Bought it new as well, so many electronics issues in the first 3 months of ownership that it only lasted a week once it seemed to be running correctly. Then into the Yota dealer it went.
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 @pcledrew: I've heard that about the F150s. Frustrating to spend that much money and then have the truck in the shop all the time. From what I understand, the newer F150s aren't any better.
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 @srh2: Yeah I don't know either, but I can sure tell you that I'm not gonna be the one who finds out! My Tacoma has been nothing short of amazing.
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 @pcledrew: Love the Tacos! Been quite happy and impressed with my 4Runner & Tundra so far.
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 I’ve had my Tacoma since 98. Bought it New
Still drive it today 431,000
Never has left me stranded once!
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 Did you up in the "frame recall" bunch? I found the bulletin for my 99 (the procedure they use tapping the ball peen hammer on certain parts of the frame) but mine passed all the tests. Took it in to be sure and it also didn't need repair. Not sure if that truck is still alive but it was a beast. I think I sold it for $375 less than I bought it for after I owned it 7 years!!
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 I’d liked the video, clicked through to 7mesh website- and they don’t even sell the blue trail pant from the video. Darn it
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 Love what you guys are doing in the valley!
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 Fantastic! Who's ready to jump right into that train?
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 It rains in the winter
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 Local bike shop RaceTeam! Makes me smile every time. And a great edit
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 ELI BARRON!!!!!! ????????
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 That dirt is sweet looking.
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 I'm Jimmy
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 @JimmyWeir: hhmmmmmmmmm
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 It never rains here on the island either....January was so nice
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