Video: What Bikes Are Being Ridden At Big White Bike Park? - Daily Driver Bike Checks

Sep 30, 2021
by Pinkbike Originals  

Big White Bike Park is rough, loose, and fast so what bikes are the riders choosing for the rugged terrain? Well, Tom Bradshaw went and found out.

00:00 - Intro
00:16 - Specialized Demo
01:26 - Ellsworth Moment
02:54 - Forbidden Dreadnaught
04:11 - Forbidden Dreadnaught
05:15 - Banshee Amp
07:05 - Juliana Roubion
08:28 - Banshee Legend
10:25 - Giant Glory
11:53 - Commencal Meta AM

Regions in Article
Big White Ski Resort


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 that era of demo is still one of the sexiest dh bikes to ever exist.
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 Pretty much every demo so far has been a really good looking bike. Same goes for the enduro.
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 JOHN MACKSON ! That guy is FAST. I used to ride Whistler with him 10 years ago, the guys no joke.
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 @Darwin66: New Demo is a little ugly,like to short and tall (it looks like that,not saying it is bad or whatever). New Enduro looks much better than the Demo for being almost the same,more pleasant to the eye.
The oldest models of Demo&Enduro are pretty good looking bikes even today. That kid rides a full dream machine for that period.
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 @Waldon83: cheers mate, it’s been a long time. Older and a bit slower but still out there
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 @Darwin66: some of the older versions of the enduro don't agree with me
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 Buncha cool bikes but what's not to love about Tom's killer vibe & the kiwi accent. The dude's always on a high and its contagious. Those riders are effin' lovin' it there. Now how bout some video of Tom shredding Big White up on a hardtail (or anything actually).
  • 20 1
 Thanks mate, Big White is full of champions! I'll put my hand up for the trail bike option today, the ankles are still recovering from Psychosis...
  • 1 0
 @Tombrad: the legs must t be tired especially from the hike a bike
  • 1 0
 @Tombrad: Heard. That was baller, one of the best vids ever here (and I don't even ride HT, just looked baller). Love havin' ya here on PB...
  • 5 4
 Also loving there are three downvotes here so...I guess people that hate Tom, Big White, bikes, kiwi's, or a comment about this? Wow do people have nothing better to do...
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 Thanks hapes Tom!
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 I wonder if Forbidden considered how many people would spell their bike wrong when they released the DreadnOught...
  • 8 0
 How much naught could a Dreadnought dread if a Dreadnought could dread naught? It's graphed under your crotch in case you forget. 'Talk me through some of these stickers'
  • 3 0
 @ceecee: Shouldn't that be "...if a Dreadnought could nought dread?" Inquiring minds here ya know...
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 I had an Ellsworth Moment. Bought it when I was stationed briefly in Pensacola and wanted a cheap bike to bash around. Loved that bike, even found a cool DH track to ride in Birmingham AL. Found an old 66 and a Vivid coil for it. I miss it!
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 I remember when that Demo in a limited run was momentarily the only way to get Black stanchions and the world was losing it that they could get a black box looking demo set up like the legends were racing on
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 Absolutely love the Amp guy, totally open about the hardtail experience haha
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 Gotta enjoy what you have!
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 @gnarlygnarwall: Yup, I know I do!
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 Tom: "O, you running a chamois?''

Kite Lady: "yea, wanna see it?"
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 Sorry for selling you a bike with an uncut steerer dude Frown
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 "I dont know anything about the bike to be honest" Love it!
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 Does Tom own shoes or did he do Psychosis clipped into his flip flops?
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 video's unavailable... edit seems i got the holeshot before they activated the vid
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 That demo is rad
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 Was rad having Pinkbike and Tom around at Bigwhite again! Let's catch up for some laps next summer!
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 Good mix of bikes + riders, nice job picking them
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 I love the Demo bikes.
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 John that you????
  • 1 0
 Heck yeah!
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 @makattak: hoooolly jebus! We used to ride a while back before you guys moved to the island. I remember a trip to Silverstar and then a trip to a friends house in Vernon. Great to see you are doing well and still shedding like you used to!!
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