Video: What Bikes Are North Shore Groms Riding? - Daily Driver Bike Checks

Nov 2, 2021
by Pinkbike Originals  

Groms. They are the future of our sport and already shred harder than most of us, but what bikes do they ride? Tom Bradshaw heads to Mount Fromme on Vancouver's North Shore to find out.

00:00 - Intro
00:48 - Norco Sight

03:06 - Specialized Rockhopper

04:40 - Giant and Specialized Kids Bikes

06:08 - Commencal Meta JR

07:45 - Giant Trance

09:46 - Kona Operator


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 Rest of the world's kids: my parent's old 26er
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flag Kmccann137 (Nov 2, 2021 at 11:17) (Below Threshold)
 Damn 26er how old are you lol
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 @Kmccann137: I'm 47 years old and I now regret selling 2 of my old full suss trail bikes. They would have saved me so much money. Trying to find size small 26inch bikes for my sons is a nightmare.
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 @karatechris: same. My 09 Nomad would have been ideal for my boy.
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 Alot of the worlds kids: How do you have time to bike after working in the factory or fields all day?
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 my Reign 0 2012 with the EWS stickers still on is like wine!!
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 Kids over here have it way to good
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 @SacAssassin: Me as a kid: Jeez why do my parents have no time for anything and are always busy like ALL the time with all that boring stuff...?

Me now with my own kids: Jeez why do I have NO time anymore and why doesn't this cooking/cleaning/school run do itself? Ohhhhhhh that's why my parents had no time to do anything....

Moral of the story kids, live the f out of it now and enjoy every second of this wonderful world we live in before you get too many responsibilities. Or just don't have kids...

Joke btw, I love taking my son biking, when he says he wants to go back and try that trail again that he crashed on last time makes me so proud, but damn I wish I'd kept those old bikes. Kids' bikes these days are expensive AF!
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 @mikedk: So... you're saying I should keep my XL Evil Calling for my 3 year old son?
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 I don't have a nice car and I don't have any nice furniture and we almost never eat out. But my 15 year old and 13 year old are on a new Meagatower and Instinct. Putting money into good bikes so you can ride with your kids is an investment in your future.
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 …is the kind of thing I tell my wife to justify spending money on bikes.
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 Same here but no kids so more bikes for me Smile
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 @ybsurf: More lifehacks, I'm writing this all down!
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 Not sure that last one is an operator... Pretty sure that's a process.
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 That's what the top tube says @10:12 Process 153 CR/DL...
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 Most definitely a Process 153
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 When you put a single crown on an Operator it becomes a trail-hill bike.
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 @kinematix: is that the latest name for downduro?
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 When does a grom stop being a grom? lol My 13yr old son has been going on bike trips with me and buddies for a while now. Its safe to say , he has surpassed dad now. Its a challenge for me to keep up with him. f*cker has no fear. I also, for the first time, am now hitting things because he is, when I really just want to save my 46yr old body from sure pain and cut back on the "sending it" shit. But if anyone is wondering why you would get your kids nice bikes when they are ready for them, because nothing feels better than watching your kids send it harder than you. Its absolutely worth it. Enjoy the ride with them now. Let them progress, and give them the proper tools to do so.
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 Grom is such an embedded term here in Hawaii that some groms get called groms for many years into adulthood. Lately I've been having my 11 year old try new features before I do and he really enjoys that. He's been sendy for years now and good bikes are safer, we are frugal but still get him good stuff. Just bought him a XS Scout frame and moving parts from his old bike and some new stuff we've been accumulating. First time in our family buying a new full price bike.
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 @dirtpedaler: Right on man, I love riding with my kids.

How tall is your son? I’m looking for his next bike and wondering if he’d fit an XS. He’s 4’9”.
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 @jason475 All of this for sure. Same with my "grom." He's surpassed me, but he still pushes me to be a better rider.

For us, bikes also gives my son a total focus for his current teenage life. It's his social scene. It's his exercise program. He ties it into his academic projects. He constantly ponders different careers that he might have in the bike industry (if he doesn't go pro). He's learned networking and geography. He's been able to travel and meet people from all over North America through bikes. He's learned about responsibility to sponsors and team obligations as well as how to present himself. He's learned about digging and construction and mechans. He's learned independence, as he's been turned loose on trails to ride for a full day since he was like 12 years old. He's learned how to film and edit videos as well as (for better or worse) how to work with social media channels, and this has also given him a keen interest in music and different music genres.

Bikes, for those of us truly into it, are way more than just a sport or hobby. It's a defining piece of our lives as a family, and it's hard to put a pricetag on that.
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 @Reno233: my son is 5'0" and on a Marin XS 27.5 rift zone 1. other than the stupid long crank it fits ok. it's impossible to find a boost crank 1x12 that is 155 or 160mm, yet e-bikes have them. I tried a bmx/135 mtb spacing crank and it would not work. previous he had a specialized 26/24 big hit grom.
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 @Hogfly: that is truly awesome. There is more to life for these kids than typical travel sports that take up every waking second of theirs and your lives. Not sure if you know this, or it matters to you, but my son earns community service hours for working on the trails. Its not a priority, but he still gets them.
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 @Reno233: Mine is 4'8" and the XS Transition Scout is a great fit, can put both feet down while on the seat. Only been out in the street with it so far. We had 26 inch wheels on his Commencal Supreme 24 for the last couple months and the Scout's wheelbase is 100mm longer. Hopefully he will find the Scout as playful/whipable.
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 @Hogfly: Mine has been on the 140 Brood/Spawn and planning on going to the 150 Canfield soon. I bit pricey but it seems we are a crank bending family as myself, wife and kid have all bent cranks in the past. They also explain how to compensate for boost with chainring offset.
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 @dirtpedaler: Awesome, thanks for the info. My son also has an older supreme 24 currently, but has outgrown the reach. Commencal just came out with a new junior and XS lineup that’s pretty interesting but not available until fall 2022.
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 @Reno233: My kid really wanted the Clash but I just don't like the geo. The short reach on the supreme 24 was helpful since he is smaller. Would have been nice to get a Primus or Minor Threat before going 27.5 but missed out. I also like the XS Norco Sight. Decided I better grab a Patrol while I could. When we get to Whistler next year for sure we will both be drooling over the new XS Supreme which may actually be available.
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 I remember coming off when I was younger and one of the older guys I was riding with said 'He will be fine. Babies bounce'
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 Nope - Grom is a Good Word. It has been used in skiing for a very long time. Great vid ... I built bikes for years and it was hard...we had to mill cranks down, watch the scales like hawks, search for ages for wide 24 inch it's getting better thank goodness and they can have capable, light bikes without heaps of work. Hang bar end plugs....that's a bad can take a neat 'plug' of flesh out if you land on an end, or worse....get some ODI ends and hammer em in....
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 Grom came from surfing, specifically down under, not skiing (snow sports grabbed it from surfing). It's like certain put the right stink on it and it can be derogatory or benign
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 @NorCalNomad: ha! I trump your surfing origin…it came from naval slang…

….Grom stems from the word grommet, a term generally used to denote the lowest ranking members of a naval ship. This term was then borrowed by the Australian surf community to describe young, skilled surfers, employed as both a term of respect and a way to poke a little fun at the younger guys and girls in the water.…
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 My 12 years old rides a 2015 Reign in S, with, tadam, BOS Devillle FCV. Bought the bike used for like $1600 in a very good condition (fortunately S sized bikes are typically used by girlfriends/wives and this one was very loved as she got the BOS Wink ) in September. Must admit the fork is awesome and for a light boy it works miles better than my Lyrik. Of course no boost to be seen and it hardly fits a 27.5 2.5 tire. Would never trade it for any new bike in ~2k range.
The progress he did in 2 months is incredible. Of course he has BMX background Razz
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 The opening bit absolutely killed me. That kid has a future in comedy. That long pause was perfect.
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 Everett FTW! Dude doesn't want to just blurt out same random answer, thinks about it for some time then: "Downhills". Respect. He's ready too, full-face & gloves, ready for that Downhill run! Gotta love Sienna's reaction, laughing along...
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 09:46 Haha when the 'grom' is taller than you.
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 and rides a nicer bike than you lol
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 "One finger on the brake"
Kid's sister is a CHAMP!!!
Get that soft little gamer off the couch. Beer
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 I agree. Grom is pretty outdated.
Urban dictionary definition of a Grom
A title that used to be cool, is now an insult. Used for someone who surfs and slap boxes for no apparent reason. Gets drunk at least 4-5 times a week during the school year. Thinks they’re funny. Shacks (vapes) in the bathroom. Calls girls DABS ( D DRUNK A A#% B B&^%$) yet cant handle their alcohol at all. Is usually high (no shame in that though.) Most likely will never move out of their parent’s homes. Sags their pants. Assaults girls. Basic definition for high school douchebags.
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 Thank you for posting screen caps/captions along with the vid!!!
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 These kids were so polite!

But what I really need to know - Did Owen pass his driver test?
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 Stay away from the old XL aluminium Sight. I have an 2016 7.1 Norco Sight, cracked the frame on crank it up on my warm-up lap lol and I am always gentle on my trail bikes. This frame is a joke, poor quality paint job, noisy, heavy and cracks like chips. Bought an used, hand made in Canada Xprezo Ad-hoc it is day and night compared to this junk.

PS: The rear triangle is for sale, for a fair price hahaha
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 Marin Rift Zone 27.5 1 XS - Because it was available.
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 Yep... I lucked out and just before Christmas 2019, a somewhat local shop was doing a "20 days of Christmas Sale" (different product each day and they'd promote it on Facebook)... one day the sale happened to be a 2018 XS 27.5 Marin Hawk Hill for $1000 (CDN)!!! This was in the before times, when XS bikes were sometimes hard to sell, ha! I saw it and immediately blew off work and drove the two hours to go buy it asap!

Bike was still too big for my son then... but I saw the potential and value. I put an angleset on on it (-1.5), found a used set of 26" wheels, bought some 26" tires on sale, put 152mm Suntour cranks on it, a smaller seat and a Brand X dropper.

I emailed back and forth with Marin asking about the changes and if they would work ok... great response from them and they were excited to see the finished product.... asked me send them pics of it. Then the next year they released their 26" kids bike!

That was a couple years ago... he's still on the same bike, but I've since put the 27.5 wheels back on as well as a larger range cassette. Next season I'll put the longer cranks and larger seat back on and it should be good for another season. Might also upgrade the fork as he's progressed substantially. Then the bike will go back down to 26" wheels just in time for his brother to use it.
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 "speed is my friend" that's advice right there. Good stuff Tom and great questions.
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 Can we stop saying grom?

Ready for the downvotes.
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 WTF is a grom?
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