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Video: What Bikes Are The Bellingham Locals Riding? - Daily Driver Bike Checks

Feb 9, 2022
by Pinkbike Originals  

Daily Driver Bike Checks, USA edition! Tom and Christina head a couple of hours south of the border to see what bikes the locals are riding in Bellingham, Washington.

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 I thought local ordinance mandated a Transition, carried in the back of a beat up Taco. Failure to comply gets your windows broken in the parking lot, apparently.
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 If the windows on the Taco aren't broken, will they be?
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flag KellChris (Feb 9, 2022 at 9:35) (Below Threshold)
 No kidding. Surprised some "local" hasn't tagged a swastika on that Enduro.
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 Ah yes I had a Specialized that’s why my windows were broken. That explains it
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 I believe an Evil would be an exception to this rule.
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 Kona is up there as well. Although I think they just got bought out.
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 @Janes28: Only person allowed to ride an Evil in Bellingham is Mike Giese.
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 @Ajorda: he lives in SLC now Frown
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 @Janes28: Funny, around Seattle every other bike on the trails was an Evil from ~2016-2018. Now I almost never see 'em. Transition seems to have filled the "local boutique bike" void.
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 I always thought the Local ordinance was as follows: "We don't ride anything here, the trails are all garbage. Please don't come here or ride here" Like you were never supposed to encourage people to ride in Bellingham?
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 @Ajorda: Can't argue with that one
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 @Drew-O: I'm sure that's the case. I was just stating that they're also in Bellingham. They're only 10 minutes apart.
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 @moroj82: He's been between WA and SLC a few times now. I've seen him at I-street a lot. Cool dude!
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 Please head south on the five and feature the sprinter driving, over-biked, riders of Raging River.
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 You must be from further south on "the five" if you're calling it that Wink
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 @p2rida: @p2rida: lol always a 909er!
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 @p2rida: Yep - if you're from SoCal, we'll find as soon as we talk freeway names! Ain't nobody taking 'The 101' north of San Luis Obispo.....
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 @suspended-flesh: Roger that from Norcal
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 @suspended-flesh: dont forget our 2x4 trucks.
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 Until you realize they’re not actually riding raging river
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 @havroski: Saw a prerunner (slammed backend, widened front, bash plate) the other day in Tacoma and silently sang to myself "you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave."
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 @KellChris: so true haha. Fellow 909er too
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 The woman at the end is great with her Kona. Such a smart and lovely person...
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 But how well do these bikes climb roads? Many people are saying roads are all the rage now.
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 roads also have a bmx background
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 Pedaling sucks! Ride DH!
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 please hire that woman at the end. I want to watch her review bikes all day.
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 She was rad!!
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 Strong legs too,that looks like a small cassete on there. These interviews are great!
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 nobody but her could state that she" loves the totality of her bike"
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 where's the boi mike kazimer though
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 I'm right here.
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 Riding Lower Oriental it seems.
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flag Kimura (Feb 9, 2022 at 10:33) (Below Threshold)
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 Much more of these please instead of those silly $150 Amazon drivetrain vs SRAM AXS comparison videos.
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 Sarah is sick I wish she was my mom
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 Her daughter did pass us on trail, unexpectedly, haha she also seems super rad! A family that shreds together... you know.
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 Did not expect a casual mention of vagazzeling on pinkbike today but here we are.
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 That was the first time anyones ever met or exceeded Toms energy level
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 @mtmc99: AGREED hahaha
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 These Status owners are something else.
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 As a Status owner (w/2 other diff bikes)
I can confirm its not the owners , Its the bike
They’re purdy fun
ya know
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 In one of the more Bellingham moments I can recall, I saw the black Pinkbike pickup rolling down Lakeway just a few minutes after seeing Kaz cross an intersection on what would turn out to be that recently-reviewed Heckler,
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 now just to grab a potato blandrrito on your way to pick up your trenchfoot ointment prescription...
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 @owl-X, ha, Casa Que Pasa finally went out of business - the potato blandito is no more.
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 @mikekazimer: That’s what happens when you don’t even put cheese on nachos
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 @mikekazimer: RIP Casa Que Pasa. Like it or not, good or bad,, a Bellingham institution for many years. From satiating post bong-session munchies in my teens to carbo-loading for a 40 degree, 100% humidity, all-day Chuckanut slog, it will be missed.
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 I came here expecting to see everyone riding Transition bikes and left here feeling a little robbed
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 UN(in)SPIREd perhaps? haha
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 @sngltrkmnd: Henry in shambles
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 @sudochuckwalla: I assume he is angry every time a Spire ISNT someone’s favorite bike.
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 Such good riding in Bellingham
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 This is one of the weirder instances of someone getting downvoted that I've seen.
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 Locals dissuading visits from non locals?
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 @stalkinghorse: how long you been here? lol
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 @djyosh: Jody Fostering the blatant localism.
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 To get a status apparently, you have to sell a little of your sanity, maybe I don't have enough sanity, that would explain why I can't get one.
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 @AC-Fabz: thanks mate, who needs sanity anyways.
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 Bellingham a couple of hours south of the border? Did the pedal down?
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 From Whistler, sure.
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 status is such a specialized name :.)
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 I recognize that my Specialized Status is the low “Status” bike within Specialized range of full suspension Moutain Bikes that range from 3-14k in cost. Should be renamed low or no Status. Great bike that is close to affordable. I still lube and clean my chain each ride unlike this gal rider here.
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 Fantastic trails there but don't park at the small north parking lot as I saw 2 windows broken on vehicles. Part south lot
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 rEal lOCalS rIDe to ThE tRaILs yo /s
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 plot twist, hes the guy breaking windows
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 Good intel! We parked here bc we'd see a lot of folks heading up the road to the trails, with marginally less traffic noise. And Judy is lovely.
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 @christinachappetta: why not take the chance to interview Judy? You coulda had a second unrelated video with her and her story. She is a gem.
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 Come to Kamloops for a bike check!
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 At 5:49- is there a guy with a riffle walking through the frame?
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 .. 8:07 it's a rake
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 @chrsei: on my ride on Saturday I rode beside two dudes on a gravel road, each with a rifle.
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 On my ride last week, i was getting hungry, so I stopped & when the coast was clear I ate my trifle.
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 People poppin they head out behind the tree at 12:25
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 Nice Lucas Tree Sweatshirt, repping the 207!
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 On the Specialized Enduro with the Springdex coil.... I was always under the impression that if you tighten the shock, you are only setting sag or ride height. Doesn't the spring rate always stay the same on a coil spring?
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 That’s exactly what the “sprindex” part of the equation is for. Not preload but instead adjusts the effective length of the coil which is like changing spring rate. I’ve run one and it works as advertised.
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 Love my Sprindex. Such a great idea. Also helpful if you want to change your sag point depending on what type of riding you’re doing.
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 Tilly! Yeah, I know her dad. He's the one keeping that bike that clean...
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 Thanks for another great episode! You should go to Central Park in NYC next! Smile There's always some really interesting setups there.
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 I love gal with with Specialized Status toward end of video. The bike her husband built up for her to shred nar. She clearly states best part of her bike is the naughty chain that she runs with little regard for lubricantion. She is definitely raw dawging her poor bikes drivetrain and seems to think it’s enjoyable - do you think bike feels the same?
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 It's called wax
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 I dare you all to come to Pisgah
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 It's highly rated on my list! Need to get there to visit Dan Sapp
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 @christinachappetta: Daniel Sapp, what a dude!
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 the commencal, sick bike, he must be on the tall side for a M frame. i'd use cane creek stuff f/r instead of the 38/ohlins. the wheels are sick, too. daaaamn.
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 "I'm a big assguy so I got two Assegais..." I saw that smile, Christina.
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 Should have asked if any of these riders prefer riding on the road.
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 So, what's your favorite thing on this beautiful (and expensive) carbon Transition? Oh, the fender or the pedals. Classic
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 tmacstab wants one
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 whats with the beta bike paywall stuff ? did i miss something ?
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 nope, just ignore it.
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 Look Outside.
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 @tonit91: *go outside
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 were they walking?
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 Nice, swing by the Rincon trail head in Santa Cruz to do the same, always lots of dope rigs and bikes on any given weekend!
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 Is Crash in this video? If not, its not worth my time.
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