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Video: What Bikes Are The Italian Privateers Riding at EWS Val di Fassa? - Daily Driver Bike Checks

Jul 12, 2022
by Pinkbike Originals  

While racing the Canazei EWS, Tom caught up with some of the Italian privateers to find out which bikes they chose come race day. From handmade frames to bachino fitted saddles, the Italians have style. Here are some real Daily Driver specials.

0:28 - Ancillotti Scarab Evo
3:22 - Transition Sentinel
5:16 - Fulgur Tora
7:09 - Ibis Ripmo V2
9:05 - Lapierre Spicy

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 The Ancillotti is such a great looking bike. It's a company that clearly spend a lot more on production than on marketing, but their bikes deserve to be much more widely known about. I'd love to try one.
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 I love the idea that the guy makes his own shocks. For the last year a did some RS Coil shock tuning myself and I think that a simple coil shock with a monotube damper can work fantastically, provided that you actually tune it (RS is a bad example, something like Bomber CR has a bit more classic layout). Unlike complex dampers which often require vacuum to be bled properly , this one probably can be serviced at home . Maybe some day I will own one, who knows.
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 There used to be a smallish team in the UK a few years back. Guy called Bill Henson ran it. I bought a Tomaso DHP frame from him in 2005 and they were the plushest bikes i ever rode. Cool to see they still run a pull shock, and that bottom linkage. Proper head turning bike.
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 would buy to hang on wall
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 @wbro74: had one last year. a dhy
bike works good, not progressive system, but very very soft.
weak points about ancillotti
a lot of hardware is specific for that bike/frame.
pull and shock system need to be cleaned all the time otherwise makes a lot of noises.
frame a little heavy
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 @wbro74: I used to see a DH one at Aston Hill BP many years ago. It was stunning then.
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 @rafaelbelo14: I’ve got a dhy and did yours also have heaps of chain slap from the zero clearance between the chain and swing arm?
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 @lkubica: you could not have chosen a worse exemple, the bomber CR use belleville washers instead of a proper shimstack at the base valve. The tuning you can do happens at the mid valve which isn't standard, same for Deluxe actually, not sure if they also use a belleville system tho. Normal shock and easy to bleed would be a DVO jade or JadeX with tuning done by modifying the base valve shimstack and easy enough bleed thanks to the bladder.
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 @Balgaroth: PB forum is a bad place to discuss this, but in general in current monotube dampers what you call a base valve is there only to have some kind of compression adjustments (via knobs), because it only controls oil flow to the piggyback, which is much less flow then behind a piston on compression. That's why compression adjusters on simple shocks have so little range. The most important thing to tune on a monotube damper is rebound anyway, and it is completely on the midvalve. So to sum up, I am right and you are wrong Wink Not really I think that it's a complex matter. Anyway, you can make a usable shock from RS quite easily.
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 I ve met one guy who was riding the ancillotti DH bike back in 2012. It was a 2010 edition I believe. He told me it was the best bike he's ever own. Two years later he sold it for something more "up to date", 650B etc... and still regrets that choice today. He's been trying to buy another one since then, unsuccessfully. Ancillotti bikes are so limited and rare out here...!
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 @lkubica: didn't say you couldn't mak this shocks work, I use a Van RC (Bomber CR) quite happily. But tuning a mono tube damper using the mid-valve isn't the usual way of doing it in most applications, most Mtb forks use mono-tube damping and get tuned at the base valve with the mid almost always untouched, actually most of the time the mid-valve doesn't even have a stack, just a check plate. MX suspension can be tunes by Mid-valves but is usually done by base valve as it reduce many problems linked to midvalve (high ifp, cavitation, becomes easily too harsh).

And when I talk about tuning I talk about modifying a shim stack, no bleed adjustment. Adjusting the mid-valve is more and more common in the bike industry, probably driven by the need of a lock-out lever, and also the fact that it creates a lot of LsC damping so it make for a more pedal-able shock but more often than not creates harshness and poor breakaway force as it needs high IFP pressure to prevent cavitation. But yeah probably not the right place to discuss this.
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 @tremeer023: Bill Henson was based in that area, visited him when i needed my shock serviced. I bought my frame from one of his riders and Aston was his local.
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 Less videos, more articles with photos. Support photographers and good writing. This is base vlogging and requires too much attention for being at work abs I won’t look at it later when I’m home with other things to do.
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 This is a very good point - if I'm in the office no way I can watch a video at my desk, but can skim photos and read. This must apply to a huge percentage of the website visitors too.
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 @Paco77: exactly. Not need to commit to video
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 Agreed, but we all still clicked on the link to get here and that's probably all PB/Outside cares about at this point.
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 You're at work reading articles? Username checks out. Wink
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 Easy.....Earbud in 1 ear...press play, go back to work and listen to some fine chat. When you feel the need to have a quick peek at the bikes and parts being discussed, go right ahead and do so, then get back to work. Repeat.
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 I so wanted one of the chrome an Ancilloti DH bikes that used to be everywhere at Uk DH events. Just don’t see the brand anymore in the UK.

Before anyone starts it’s nothing to do with Brexit, believe they just haven’t had an importer for years.

I also like the way that if your going to buy a bike you can actually go to the workshop in Italy to get the geo exactly how you want it, or at least you used to be able to.
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 @cypher74 Think you pretty much have to go to the workshop now to get Tomasso to make one for you.
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 @PB-J: no bad thing...
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 @Tambo: I spend far to much time looking at properties for sale around there, also worth noting (and I can’t remember where I saw this) they now have the guy who welds MDE frames doing theirs as well so a little neater.
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 @PB-J: that's good - the last one I had a look at was gnarly lol Still rode sweet though!
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 "What have you had to change on it since you first got it at the start of the season?"

That is one of the best questions I've ever seen put to an MTB racer.
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 Read the title and though.. it's all gonna be anciloti's .. Ha. One of the best bikes I've ridden . Tomaso is super chill. Everyone one is practically custom made . Web site hasn't been updated in years. No fucks given .. the proof is in the pudding . in the flesh they look the nuts
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 What a fantastic piece of time watching this ,it really brings the real thing in mountain bike ,simple people ,who loves to ride and love their bikes ,congratulations for the video ,not only these one but the rest also ,so relaxing and good mood one ,congratulations keep it coming ,but more time on them ,don’t worry about the edit
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"I'm sure compensating for nothing else"
Tom is such a nice guy, I can't imagine this was an intentional dig, but still funny.
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 I didn't interpret it as a dig, but him genuinely saying that the larger rear tire was only compensating for the geo change. Like, what else would it even compensate for?
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 @earache ha thanks, good call I heard that when editing - Pierre-Franco and Mauro we're beauties! They were part of a group of 12 or so who had travelled together and raced the EWS 100 and were suitably celebrating. That may have been part of the reason why I only got 5 bikes in this video too, sorry boss...
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 Italian accent clearly not missing here Big Grin
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 I'd be interested to know how Sophie runs her Selva C. Can't get mine to work properly.
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 better chat with Ancillotti Smile
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 I read Tommaso recommends the silver CTS with the coil but mine never uses more than 60 % travel with the correct spring and the silver and gold CTS are way overdamped for the soft spring. Have to ride them fully open and the silver one especially is still extremely uncomfortable with too much high speed.
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 Great entertaining piece! I was laughing and very stoked seeing all of the sick whips from Euroland!
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 Cheers @paulwatt!
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 That Ancilotti is such a nice bike!
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 Ancilotti FTW. Would love to own one! So good to ride, and the rear shock is what every MTB shock should be.
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 Many of the parts were made from Italy.
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 It's bacino (pelvis) not bachino (little bug)...
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 bacino is also a little kiss Smile
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