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Video: What Do The Pros Carry In An Enduro Race? - Crankworx Summer Series

Aug 11, 2020
by Pinkbike Originals  

From just a multi-tool to an entire repair kit. What do the pros carry at an enduro race?

Video by Tom Richards


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 not one joint ... does not seem like a very fun group to ride with it
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 Too heavy for enduro. Serious riders only carry edibles so that they can eat a snack while they get high. #fullenduro
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 @Breeconay: This is the only way I've heard a joint described as heavier than an edible. But still, the future is now
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 @Schralpedrubber: Breeconay rolls BIG joints.
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 Looks like even though the title of the page/video was what pros carry in an enduro race you only talked to single rider enduro bikers. I would think that enduro tandem (etandems as we call them...electric tandems came later so they got stuck with itandem, which, suppose when enduro electric tandems take off they'll be, i'm not sure where that's going but I do know i'm not going to close the parentheses just for the OCDs in the crowd
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 ... )
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 The EDC headset multi tool bottom tube is for joints, my buddy said said so and he’s a dad.
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 Same with Specialized SWAT boxes. Storage. Weed. Air. Tools.
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 Dads know doobs
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 my thoughts exactly, as soon as i saw it.

pro tip: cut weight by removing these useless metal parts. stuff like the iozzio shotgun headset, and was'nt there a handlebar with an intergated crossbar pipe?
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 1 mm?
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 Classic. I'm fairly sure his bike mechanic is just shaking his head.
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flag tacklingdummy (Aug 11, 2020 at 11:30) (Below Threshold)
 He is kinda right. The Park IB-2 and IB-3 (which looks like he has) has a 1.5mm allen.
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 @tacklingdummy: yeah, he's kinda right, you just have to kinda machine 0.5mm off the 1.5mm allen key.
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 @dingus: He was in a quick interview, misspoke, and said 1mm instead of 1.5mm. The horror. Big deal. Wink
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 @tacklingdummy: I dont think he misspoke, I think he is just too young/inexperienced to understand something that seems common sense but it necessarily isnt.

I am probably projecting, but i remember being confused whenever my dad said "if it isnt the 12 wrench it might be the 1/2 wrench, if it isnt the half wrench is going to be the 13 wrench", my mind was always like, "why the f... is it jumping from 12s to halves and then to 13s, that doesnt make sense"
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 @Narro2: Does it really matter? Making a big deal out of nothing.
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 @tacklingdummy: Dude this is Pinkbike, making a big deal out of nothing is a way of life here.
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 @tacklingdummy: uuuyyyy watch out from mr smarty pants, come on man it's pinkbike
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 Finn is becoming the Loris of bike and tool setup. Pure entertainment.
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 He's still using words to communicate, so still a long road ahead of him
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 @Arierep: best joke today
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 Not the correct words, so he's catching up quick.
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 @Backdoor: yes, he needs to start somewhere
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 I'm with Finn! If something breaks you're screwed anyway so why bother.. it's not like they're going off the grid in these races.
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 It depends on the issue. If you have a slow puncture on one stage you might finish the stage a few seconds slower. If you can fix it before the next stage then ideally the rest of the race will be unaffected. If you don't have the kit then your race is possibly going to be ruined, and that will hurt your series overall as well.
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 he's a downhill racer not an enduro racer.
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 @dingus: true, but he also said each run ends in the pit area (I think) so full mechanic help is there. Obviously not the case for all races.
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 Whatever they are paid to, who cares what Pro's carry.

What do privateers carry? That's what I want to really know.
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 Just finished a two day back country enduro racing 8 stages covering 50ish miles and 6,500ft of descent. Tube and levers with a Backcountry strap. Syncros bottle cage with integrated multi tool and CO2. Dynaplug kit for quick punctures. Water with Infinit (calories/electrolytes/sodium) and food based on total time on course. For instance this race had drop bags vs aid stations because of, you know, "The Virus." This impacts food and water planning balancing traveling light and avoiding the bonk.
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 @dahwee45: That sounds cool, where was the race?
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 @Backdoor: Steamboat, CO. Day one was around Nipple Peak and day two was around Buffalo Pass.
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 @dahwee45: After a couple of years of playing the integrated tool game, I finally went the easy route and bought the small Evoc Multi Frame bag. I stick it in the unused portion at the front of my main triangle and stuff it full of all the tools and tubes I need with room left over for keys and my emergency phone. A side perk is being able to tighten a bolt without having to fish my tool out of an awkward spot. Combine this with a Fezzari La Sal Peak's ability to carry three water bottles (two inside the triangle and a Fidlock under the downtube) and I've finally reached my pack-less nirvana.

Now all I have to do is keep pretending that the horrifically short top tube doesn't bother me...
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 It’s the wrong video, but it was more fun than what I was expecting to see *thumbsup*
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 So they carry a multi tool and a spare tube. Wow. Mind blowing insight. I learnt a lot.
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 Riveting stuff. Somebody get the Pulitzer.
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 honest question. INSERTS and TUBES ? I dont know whats the best option. So far I think if Im on an enduro race I would put a DH tire and carry a tube.. what a hassle to take a cushcore out for example.
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 What ever their sponsor gives them
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 Curious how many racers are using an EDC because they’re paid to and how many are using it because it’s a good tool/pump?

Also Enduro is one discipline where riders should be running inserts so they could limp through a stage after suffering a puncture.
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 they probably have an insert but what do they do with it if they place a tube in their tire???
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 @nobrain: tyre plugs
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 why are my palms sweating...that is gnarly
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 So is that how the EDC tool is supposed to be opened?!?! I'm over here sliding that puppy in from the side, losing my extra chain links.
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 What I learned: maxxis
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 I’m more concerned about that upside down oneup pump. Going to lose that $60 tool!
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 I saw that too. But they don’t fall out. Hard to pull out so I’m sure it won’t rattle out. OneUp rides and knows what they are designing.
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 Are there any mountains in the background? I can't see anything around those sunnies
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 cous-cous will have the best performing suspension #unsprungmass #dynamics #mechanicalvibrations
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 They all should have a look on . This tool is really going mini without compromises :-)
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 What Do The Pros Carry In An Enduro Race? Answer : Maxxis
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 Imagine if you could store stuff in a thru axle
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 Industry Nine rather.
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 Nobody mentioned there super Garmin or Apple Watch?
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 I love how much Finn loves his multi-tool, highly entertaining.
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 I'm surprised the Pro's even carry tools!
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 That ain’t steep!!!
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