Video: What To Expect - La Bresse DH World Cup 2018

Aug 24, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  

Take a deep breath… the finals are upon us. Some titles remain up for grabs, champions-elect are yet to be crowned, but for the rest of the pros, it’s their last opportunity to claim a scalp or two before the UCI World Championships. They're officially calling last orders in the Last Chance Saloon and the stage is perfectly set for a classic!

La Bresse seems to have a propensity for producing dramatic racing and historically significant results. In 2011, Aaron Gwin locked up the first of his back-to-back titles here with a third place. It sealed him the title for Trek Factory Racing with a round to spare. It was the first time an American had won the overall crown.

The race was won by none other than Greg Minnaar who beat Gee Atherton home for said victory. As far back as seven years ago it was the South African’s 52nd career podium and, almost unbelievably, his first premier class win in France.

In the women’s DH race, Tracy Moseley stampeded home 4.9secs ahead of Floriane Pugin to put the Martin Whiteley-run Trek operation on it’s way to a clean sweep of the top honours. Of those women from that results sheet who are still racing, Rachel Atherton is the highest placed having captured a fourth.

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 I must admit I was like so many others pretty sceptical about this venue for a world cup. Looking at the some videos looks like they've used the hill wisely and built a challenging course right down the middle of the forest with it exiting for the jump line and at the bottom for the ending. Practice looks fun everyone smashing it looks like a good one.
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 First I don't jump gaps so I have no reference. Can someone explain to me why they whip in the air when it seems to me it wastes energy and creates wind drag? Does it help keep them on line or is it just for show? Cheers.
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 Simple explanation without getting into the physics;
Whipping like they’re doing (or scrubbing), allows them to stay lower over the jump. So they can go faster over it without totally overshooting the landing.
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 Google "Bubba Scrub". You're welcome.
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 so pretty much there are 2 ways to hit a jump,
1. preload your suspension into the face of the jump and go nice and high with lots of air time over the jump. This the the slow way
2 the other way is to SCRUB the jump. in this fashion, you absorb the jump into the jump so you can stay low as possible and maintaining speed over the jump. 2a. another way to scrub a jump is what @chrisk71 said above. this is called a "bubba scrub" names after Bubba Watson MX racer. This is THE FASTEST way to go over a jump as it keeps you low and fast over the jump.

The reason they are scrubbing these jumps are because they want to maintain as much speed as possible without over shooting the transition landing and also because the first jump spits them out with way too much speed for these jumps and they would end up landing flat.

When done properly it looks super cool, when done not so good, it looks just like a simple whip.
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 They also whip to give themselves something to do in the air. If you just dead sailor it off a jump, things get awkward quick. Plus, throwing in some style is super fun. On their race runs we'll probably see a lot of scrubs, with a bit less style than we'd see in practice.
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 @moutnbiker: lol Bubba Watson is a golfer. The bubba scrub was named after James "bubba" Stewart
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 @moutnbiker: HHAHAAHA "Bubba Watson" FYI James Stewart, BIG difference.
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 @fabdemaere: @RoninXXX yes, you are correct, Don't know what the hell I was thinking, I had a rough day yesterday and was wanting to get out on the course all day so I had golf om my mind. HAHAHA that funny I said Bubba Watson. Yes I meant James "Bubba" Stewart.
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 Magnus Manson at 3:42 pedaling in-between the berms... full gas and full commitment!
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 extra seconds should be given to riders throwing huge scrubs on the tables... UCI scrub contest ? I WANT
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 "I've been waiting for a 29er over 2years..."
Haha I can imagine the face of Gwin's 27 devoted fans :'[
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 I think Gwin has more than 27 fans
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 Looking forward to watching a new track.
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 anyone else thinks that Loic's and Gee's bikes look like they're a size smaller??
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 what to expect when you're expecting...
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 pinkbike getting you pumped for the next ride since always
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 What to expect? A lot of swiss love for Luca for sure!! Haha
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 Sweet video RedBull! Do this for all the WC's please!
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 Who can ride a blown out bikepark trail the fastest.
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 Not clear on how evoking genocide (the scalping metaphor in the article) serves to build the stoke for this race. Surely there's a better way?
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 Why are you so annoying? Surely there has to be a better way to comment? Jesus.
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 I agree, but someone will down vote you for being politically (and morally) correct.
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 Pc police to the rescue

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