Video: What's Happening With The Privateer & Ben Cathro In 2021?

Feb 25, 2021
by Pinkbike Originals  

Ben Cathro has been working hard behind the scenes on the next season of The Privateer but outside forces (like a global pandemic) haven't made things easy. Join Ben on a wee trail walk as he goes through the plan for 2021.


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 Ben, everything you make is absolute gold. Never stop being awesome. Can't wait to see what you come up with!
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 Ben, get some gals on your privateer team!
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 @EKrum: has Katy Winton got a ride for next year?
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 Pinkbike, really stepping up their content delivery in the last few years. Taking Ben on as an employee though is top choice.
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 Ben definitely has the look of the man with tiny baby, hope you get some sleep here and there Smile
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 @EKrum: that’s the plan. At least half if possible.
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 @brianpark: just confirm mikayla Parton just now then
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 Best content producer on Pinkbike
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 "yolo'd all his cash into bitcoin"... hahahahahahah
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 Ben is an international man of mystery, mountain biking treasure! Can't wait to watch every video of his TWICE
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 At least twice.
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 Oooo now I know what I am doing tonight.
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 Yes, can't wait to see a Pinkbike team on the circuit, whenever it happens!
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 "2021 is going to be so full of content"

To be honest, I would happily watch a series of just Ben sweeping snowy trails.
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 The Sweeper, by Sleeper Co. hehe.
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 Hey Ben, if you see this it would be really cool if you did a bike check for your Enduro rig. As a tall guy like yourself I'd be interested to see your set-up, especially as I've just moved onto 29" wheels and am really struggling with set-up and comfort.
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 Yes, a non ebike
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 Assuming he has one and not just an ebike
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 @CM999: it's a Santa Cruz ebike video, it needs to be filtered
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 @CM999: Ben has a megatower as well as the heckler
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 Pure cheese big man!
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 Leaf blower... On SNOW... What the eff is this wizardry??? Big Grin

(Stares at the muddy slush on our PNW trails that is there for another month at least)

Awesome news @ben-cathro, I'm stoked for more content and the future Privateer team. Adding some TM experience to your CV is definitely a logical progression.
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 great stuff looking forward to more content from privateers smashing it. Ben you defo the most entertaining big lanky streak o pish in the mtb community #Bikesaregidasf*ck
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 I really miss Cathro Vision
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 i can't believe a guy can actually break his neck and make light of it. holy cow.
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 i broke my neck one time too, and i mean what else are you gonna do? spend the rest of your life being bummed out all the time because of it?
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 Syndicate still hasn't announced a third racer, right?..... Makes me wonder.
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 I guess they will in 2022 when the pandemic is over.Well, I hope it's over then
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 Ben sporting the Scottish blue fake bake.
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 No new bikes or parts until 2022 so not surprised the privateer is due in 2022 as well. Now we know what the winners of the PB 2021 dh academy will get.
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 I like Ben, and everything he does. But that helmet is so ugly, that this video may count as anti-marketing for the product.
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 How did he get brand enduro Santa Cruz with 26 inch wheels? Do they even make these anymore?
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 This is gonna be awesome!
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 This is already awesome!
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 Yaaaas!! Giving the people what they want
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 Can't wait for the skills stuff, he's got some on his YT channel already that are awesome.
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 Lets hope the snow metaphor doesn't hold - as its all gone now, no issue, warm as f
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 called himself old at what? 32? cmon Ben, still shredding!
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 More Cathro! What a gem
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 WHO IS ON THE G.D. TEAM?????? I need to know!!!!!!
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 Good stuff !
Big ideas, when it really helps being 6 foot 7 inch?
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 Hilarious intro summarizing your past edits.
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