Video: Who Has The Scariest Rampage Line According To Media? - Red Bull Rampage 2018

Oct 25, 2018
by Pinkbike Originals  

The media squids dish on whose lines are making them nervous. TL;DR it's Jordie, Zink, Brendan, Silva, etc..., but also pretty much everyone.

The Red Bull Rampage 2018 live broadcast on Pinkbike at 10:00am PST on Friday, October 26th.

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 Jordies line looks more scary than a Saudi embassy.
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 I hope he holds it together and doesn't get shredded on it.
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 @scott-townes: STAY ON YOUR BIKE JORIDE!!! If he doesn't it will be the biggest massacre this side of Turkey.
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 Graham has the CashAggy line...
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 This Thanks giving Saudis haven't pardoned the Turkey
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 Now riders got robbed before finals. Imagine everyone saying your line is the least gnarly.
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 Randy's caveman drop from the Redbull chopper sounds insane
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 @chyu: Then you just double-back every hit.
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 @thinkbike: I made it late to the party and am finally daring to ask—who is this Randy everyone speaks of? For real
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 @cpeper21: Randy is the next gen rider that Rampage refuses to acknowledge. He makes Bender look like Batty! A friend of my cousin's saw him las summer and he was just sendin it!!!
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 @WAKIdesigns: that was actually funny Smile
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 @Matt115lamb: when I am
Drynk I cant comment really. Holy fk what yshould I say. 26for liqe
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 Brendog's rock looks like the most technically difficult section (but so hard to tell from pictures). But in terms of being scared, i'm most scared for Silva, he is taking huge crashes in practice without tricks, and i think has mentally committed to doing big tricks in his run, not sure it is a good idea. Reminds me a Connor MacFarlane a few years back, after a certain point I was hoping he wouldn't keep taking runs...

Hard to imagine what goes through their heads.
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 Probably not much after the first or second concussion in a weekend. Looking at that POV footage of silva, it's hard to imagine that he did not concuss himself. Scary when they are allowed to compete a day or two after and risk the compounding effects.
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 @topherdagopher: Adolf had one crash in practice and it was because he came up a few inches short on a drop. It happens. Almost every rider will crash in practice, some worse than others yea, but its part of the game. Connor is a different story, he built potentially a winning line but it was almost unridable and it showed, but he kept trying. Making one small mistake compared to huge ones and then repeating it over and over is a different story.
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 So many huge moves, all killer no filler, going to be an insane show ! Wouldn’t change the channel if we were being invaded by aliens.
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flag zorba73 (Oct 26, 2018 at 12:42) (Below Threshold)
 Hello? Have you even seen what's coming toward the Southern border?
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 Adolf line is insane his drop are sickeningly high and if he flips or doubles it that would easily be one of the biggest tricks of the day
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 a double flip off that drop would certainly be MTB history in my books.. even just a single flip off that drop must be approaching the size of Cam's world record from flip.
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 @northshoreshred: to me itd be the single biggest move ever landed on a mtb. Isnt it like a 72 ft drop? I mean wtf. I thought he meant he was gonna pull a double on some random kicker or something until i watched the outside the tape video where he said it was off the big daddy.
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 @NebulousNate: don't confuse drop height with tip-to-tip distance. No less gnarly though.
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 M E D I A S . . . . . Men Excavating Dirt In Awesome Surrounds.
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 Make Excitement Digitally In Action Sports
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 Me Excited Dis Is Awesome Sport
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 For me, seems that many landings have BIG ROCKS on each sides... That's scary when you fall that high : Stay on your lines boys !
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 Ok, who's already started drinking?
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 Like pastrana would say.. you got this..
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 "TL;DR it's Jordie, Zink, Brendan, Silva, Bizet, etc., "
Especially Bizet Wink
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 "my brains broken, cant remember names" - lol
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 PhotoJohn is awesome. He took me out on a short ride in Draper, UT to show me those fine trails a couple weeks ago. Awesome dude and amazing photographer!
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 whyyy oh why is rampage always on a friday, Will we be able to watch the whole thing after?
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 Red bull tv
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 The edited replay is usually on TV thanksgiving weekend in the US.
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 Red Bull TV will have the full replay available (usually the next day) via their free apps, AppleTV or web.
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 Cheers my dudes.
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 Well its like the differnce between crazy & genius?
It is all about success, so crash your brains out- crazy
Nail all your lines- genius
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 I heard lines, gnarly, lines, gnarly again but still waiting to see who's line was scariest. Also saw baseball caps and facial hair
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 Bizet is not there this year?
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 He's there as visitor, said he is taking this year off
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 What's the weather forecast?
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 Force 7 tornado with some snow: couldn't be better !
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 Jorides line for sure, he descends from a UFO.
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 Waited all season for & bacon for breakfast and a freshy packed for the start!
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 hope your referring to a freshly packed bowl Smile
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 Brendan Fairclough is not pronounced 'Fairclaw', you say, 'Fair-cluff'.
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 There you go adolf, no pressure
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 I don't even want to watch this year's event live...
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 Def always kind of scary like you want to see people land these massive hits but don’t want to have to see someone break their back, part of the sport I guess
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 GODSPEED to all riders.
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 Now let us pray for no wind.
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 Medias? Who's Medias ?
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 The media folks who are here at Rampage?
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flag fiatpolski (Oct 26, 2018 at 2:17) (Below Threshold)
 Randys uncle
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flag WAKIdesigns (Oct 26, 2018 at 6:29) (Below Threshold)
 Are you implying Randy comes from Greece? Maybe Sparta? Randy Medias: great great great grandson of King of Sparta who kicked a Saudi prince in a pit. makes sense.
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