Podcast: 'Why We Ride' with Kate Courtney & Brandon Semenuk

Dec 9, 2023
by MipsSafetySystem  

'Why We Ride' is an interview series with Team Mips athletes led by Kate Courtney. Through these interviews, we’ll explore the driving factors behind the athletes’ passion for their sport. What motivates them to push themselves beyond their limits, and what inspired them to choose this path in the first place.

In this week's episode, Kate connects with Brandon Semenuk to discuss the early days in his career and what keeps him going today.


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 Gypsy Tales Podcast... if you want a really down to earth in depth interview with Semenuk.
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 Yeah but that Gypsy dude all too often talks about himself and over his guests. We don’t want to hear about him but rather the athletes.
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 Great podcast and sure do learn a lot about Semenuk! Great listen!
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 If you listen to that...try not to hear how many times Semenuk says "like".
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 I liked the one by Unclicked from 2 years ago as well (2h 15min): www.youtube.com/watch?v=rncB849eguA
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 @timvan: i thought I am the only one recognising this. There are sentences where he literally says “like” about 6-7 times. Annoying after a while.
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 @generictrailrider: same. I couldn’t get past him talking about himself when Semenuk was talking
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 @timvan: or "this and that"
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 @pensamtb:"Like this, that, and this, and uh
It's like that, and like this, and like that, and uh
It's like this, and who gives a f*ck about those?
So just chill, 'til the next episode"

Dr Dre / Snoop Doggy
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 @generictrailrider: Kyle Straight just did GT podcast. I get what you say but i think your misunderstanding the art in keeping a guest involved and able to share their story. When the host has an ability to share their own experiences as well, builds the foundation for intimate conversion and reciprocate the relation of each ones experience's and stories to dissect deeper into each aspect of their experience. A 2-3.5 hour sit down and talk has to be mutual.

@ around @2:50 Kyle ask for that mutual experience.

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 @likeittacky: that’s fair but Gypsy still isn’t someone I prefer to listen to and I believe he shared a similar rebuttal on one of his videos.
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 Wow! I've not heard an interview with Brandon where he said more than two sentences. This was wonderfully enlightening, he is very articulate and clearly very private. There was zero name dropping or specific mentions and I thought Kate did a fantastic job of engaging him about himself and not in a commercial way.
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flag deco1 (Dec 9, 2023 at 13:00) (Below Threshold)
 Your kidding right!
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 @deco1: you’re too.
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 @generictrailrider: He had a whole series following him. Ran for 3 seasons. Plus, his been on countless podcasts.
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 Best of luck this coming year Kate!
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 First podcast I’ve ever listened to from start to end. Two people I respect and you could tell they respected each other. Great job interviewing, Kate.
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 Extremely enticed by how all the powerhouse brands involved weren't able to put the two in the same room in 2023. This feels like content from the height of the lockdown in 2020.
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 Is available as audio only podcast anywhere? I see the gypsy tales are on Spotify
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 To pay the rent?
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 They definitely ride to pay the rent, but I’m sure they enjoy the challenge of competition too.

It’d be tough competing professionally if your performance determines your paycheck.
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 Semenuk is well past paying rent.

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