Video: Wil White Claims Unofficial Mountain Bike High Jump Record

May 24, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

Wil White has claimed the unofficial mountain bike high jump world records at the Fireride Festival in Mexico.

Fireride posted on social media that both Wil White and Dylan Stark reached a height of 5.8 meters (19 feet), however Wil claims that his jump was actually 26 feet above the takeoff (7.92 metres) and 40 feet (12.19 meters) above the ground.

bigquotesWorld record broken! Over 26ft above the takeoff, 40 feet off the ground! Highest jump on a bike! So stoked.Wil White

The current Guinness World Record for high jump on a mountain bike belongs to Daryl Brown, who reached a height of 7.69 metres from the take off at the NEC Arena in 2016. That record will remain in the Guinness World Records because Wil's unofficial jump hasn't been verified by a third party like Daryl's. Daryl also had to follow a number of Guinness rules, such as only having two attempts at each height.

Official World Record or not, from the videos we have seen on social media it looks like a pretty wild time from Wil and Dylan either way. We'll keep our eyes peeled for any official attempts in the near future.

bigquotesDylan stark & Wil White unofficial broke the high jump world record with a height of 5.8 meters.

Want to see more of Dylan going huge? Check out our Unofficial Whistler Hip High Jump from 2019, here.

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 ‘Dedication, oooh dedication
Dedication . It’s what you need.
When you wanna be the best,
And you wanna beat the rest .
Ooooh dedications what you neeeed.
If you wanna be a record breakerrrr
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 I just woke up. Wasn't ready for that.. Going back to bed FS
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 Norris wasn't there so it wasn't official.
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 Roy frickin Castle. Legend. My grandad taught him how to play!
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 What is that orange thing in the sky? Looks nice
  • 29 0
 One of the few cases vertical video makes sense
  • 26 0
 Matt Hoffman went just as high on a BMX 20 odd yeas ago, but towed in on a motorcycle!
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 56.5' off the ground in 2001, and going nearly that big since the 90's Mat is still an absolute legend.
  • 8 0
 And that height just enabled him to clear his medical records stacked on end. He's legendary!!!
  • 23 3
 I did a jump 6000 feet above sea level. In your face Wil White!
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 Hell yeah he’s such a rad rider!! Too bad he hasn’t been able to get back in rampage but it’s cool to see that he hasn’t gave up after all these years!!
  • 39 1
 Wil is epic on a bike. Rampage is political.
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 @mtbmaniatv: True.. I can’t argue the facts
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 Never jump higher than you are willing to fall
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 'Suck my dick' - Ron Jeremy
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 yes but then again no
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 The song also works well as a ballad if you replace dedication with the word penetration.
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 This will fly over a lot of heads on here. Unless you are a Brit over a certain age it won't mean much, but it made me smile.
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 Impressive no doubt. People are so easy to forget though. 19ft haha try 26ft off the deck. Watch and remember!
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 This was the jump that put him in a coma, wasn’t it?

I remember he put out a Hoffman bikes ad after this, showing the broken and blood stained inside of his helmet. Hardcore!

Can’t find it for the life of me, anyone else remember this?
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 @short-but-sweet: Yeah, he got his bell rung pretty good - not sure it was a coma, but he lost some short term memory and called it quits on chasing records after that one.
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 I don't understand, this (5.8m) is less high that the record that already stands? (7.69m) Therefore it is not a record at all? What have I missed
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 Getting high is Mexico is always wrought with complications
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 7.92m is more than 7.69m though
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 "Mexico high air world record at 69 feet and 420 inches today."
The only number missing is 'bout 3.50...
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 Dylan won the DS and Long Jump, though, right? Need full coverage!
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 Yeah mate! I always wondered what he is doing since rampage.Glad that he is still riding and shredding!
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 *highest jump on a filing cabinet / dinosaur
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 Definitely broke my personal record.
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 Good job Will, that reminds his "early" days when he was riding for DunCon / Karpiel and attended Rampage.
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 69 and 420... my numbers.... hehehe
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 I'd give it to him. Dude's O.G. O.G.
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 Dude's high.
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 Man wil has progressed.... You kick ass get an official set up done...
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 That’s actually mental... Nice job!
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 Matt Hoffman has entered the chat
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 Isnt redbull headlines kickers way higher?
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 No backflip?
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