Video: Wild and Rowdy Freeride Lines from Audi Nines

Sep 13, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

There has been no shortage of amazing riding spectacles at this years Audi Nines with plenty of World First tricks and riders sending some huge jumps. After five days of riding check out the best freeride lines and see Bienvenido Aguado Alba's winning freeride run.

Bienvenido Aguada
Photo: Klaus Polzer

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 Emil so smooth and stylish, as good as swedish design can get. Adolf and Bienve on the other hand are pure Barcelona party. Huge respect to all.
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flag plyawn (Sep 13, 2020 at 18:26) (Below Threshold)
 Bienve has a flawless run then backflips and rolls in the dirt, getting his nice white jersey all dirty. Fail!
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 @plyawn: Coming from an XC guy I think u should probably keep ur comment to urself
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 This needs to be the future of DH coverage. Please bring drone follows to raceday!
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 Prob a bit more complicated with the trees and tight trails
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 ufff image drones at rampage...that would be sick.
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 @yoobee: I think it 100% would be rad, but one shot, the whole way down with the drone out of sight would be tough for 50+ riders. They need some sort of AI autopilot, I'm sure its coming...
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 @RadBartTaylor: I hope so, too. But it's a problem with live broadcast - there's usually more than one rider on the track. And you would have to race the drones back to top. You would need several channels and monitors to watch Big Grin
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 @RadBartTaylor: Top riders where there are big gaps will take care of the out of site issue. The AI i not needed they pilots aren't watching the drone they are flying via the camera. Just give them plenty or time to practice the course too.
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 Was that freeride? It was bad@$$, but wasn’t that slope style on bigger jumps?
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 *bigger jumps, bigger wheels and no barspin
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 You're totally right. Rampage has become the same.
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 The runs are insane. The drone pilot skills are insane. The combo is unreal.
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 I'm going out on a limb here, but me thinks a computer might have been piloting.
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 @ssteve: No, it is @rensenfpv.
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 The footage is awesome. As someone who watches "fest" type events with a equal parts awe (the size of the jumps is just mental) and boredom (no too much into trickology), I find these images really cool. They show you how the rider behaves and moves on the bike, on the ground and in the air. Really cool.
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 This is not freeride. It's amazing riding and an amazingly built course and amazing drone capture, but there is nothing freeride about this. Even the individual athletes are posting their own videos calling it freeride, but this is slopestyle.
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 Do we need a new name for slopestyle on a downhill bike? Downstyle, slopehill?
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 Hell yea !!! Dylan I couldn’t have said it better myself
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 Best use of FPV drones I've seen to date. Amazing that this is captured in such detail, without all the swoopy spinny drone tricks, it felt like the riding was the focus and not what crazy stuff the drone can do. Well done!
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 Lots of talented riding... but I would argue that these are all the same 'line'- no freedom of line choice offered/exercised. Just different 'runs' down the same track.
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 Que lineaaaa bienve que putada pasada!!!!!!, la mejor linea que he visto de freeride en mi vida.
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 ask Wade Simmons if he says this ain’t freeride it ain’t freeride.
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 Props to the drone pilot. Great footage.
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 You need a quarry to contain these guys MASSIVE BALLS!
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 Nucking Futs!
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 Just incredible talent.
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 That was rad!

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