Video: Strait Acres 2021 Full Highlights - Dual Action!

Aug 3, 2021
by Rachel Strait  

We are back for 2021 with the Strait Acres Slalom Invitational, this time taking place at Summit Bike Park! Watch the action go down and see who won the 2021 Champion Belts and the $20,000 in prize money!

Video by Brock VanHeel


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 Such an awesome event from the track to the winner's trophies. Cinematography and editing were some of the best I have seen in a while. Super high quality that really captured the stoke.
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 "There was lightning...I was listening to Metallica, I hit the scrub berm like WABAT...getting pitted, so pitted." Or something like that. Seriously though, this looked like so much fun. The riders all looked stoked even though they were competing.
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 That part of the video made me laugh! “You just gotta me in my head” hahaha Love Dylan Smile and his scrubs!
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 Hey you guys had shirts on when you came in here!

"....Somethin hoppen to em, man"

The video was worth the wait!
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 Bubba Stark! Dude stays low. Honestly one of the best all around guys on two wheels.
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 Major props to Kyle and Rachel for putting on such a sick event! Also with some legit prize payouts!
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 Love this!

But can we get more DS races going? For amateurs? The fun that these look to be is unreal and I'm sure there are many more, like me, who aren't pro but want to do these.

...and have them near me in the lower mainland of BC
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 This event had an amateur catagory for all ages!
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 Yep we had an awesome amateur class of racers! Over 160 signed up Smile ! Come on down next year!
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 In California, Ams can race this course again next month at the Fox US Open then the Sea Otter DS 2 weeks later. I can't think of much more than that though....
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 @haznationbikes: AWESOME! I obviously didn't know that. That's so rad to hear.
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 @THROO001: what! 160!!! That is friggin unreal. We need these borders opened. That would've been a wicked time.
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 Thank you for offering women and men equal prize money! Great race coverage. Looking forward to the next one.
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 Any one else get offended when Dylan Stark doesn't get any love? That dude sends it and and an all time guy.
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 He's always been kind of underground. He's becoming harder to miss, though, and people need to know he puts out a ton of content whether he's digging jump lines, appreciating animals (horny toads, snakes and Stingyy), road trips to Slab City, riding abandoned water slides.....good to see him getting some recognition. He got an invite to Proving Grounds in Sept.....
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 Got a lap with Dylan on the day of the race. Nice dude and a total blast to follow down the trail.
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 Super nice dude! When he did his fist Crankworx did not realize the talent Dylan has.
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 Dylan Stark, the working man's freerider
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 Registration just opened for the Fox US Open on this course 8 minutes ago. DS is $45. Go sign up then head over to YouTube and search for How To Scrub a Jump.
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 Great event. The video was amazing and it was even better in person. Great job Kyle, Rachel & the crew!!
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 Amazing short. Any chance of seeing an amateur edit too?
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 More Slalom!
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 Awesome stuff!! Where was Zink tho?
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