Video: Wild Top to Bottom Darkfest POVs from Robin Goomes & Bienvenido Aguado

Feb 10, 2024
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesThe ladies are getting a taste of the 2024 Darkfest Course, and Robin Goomes took the first bite out nailing the first top to bottom run for the women. GoPro

bigquotesBienvenido is back and in action dropping heaters at Darkfest 2024. GoPro

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 Robin’s video really shows how fast the hits are coming. Also, who needs gloves? So gnarly
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 I thought her run was done after the overshoot at the bottom. To get back on the pedals and still send the last jump was brave. Also Bienve, madman. The 360 camera was actually worthwhile.
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 Robin's video made me reflect again on why it's so important that the girls are at Darkfest. Riding is about joy, and it is a moral imperative for our sport, and all sport, that such epic joy be available to all that can reach that level.
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 Bienvenido is absolutely dialed in!
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 Oh Hell Yeah. What an awesome run by Robin, girl can fly.
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 It's amazing to see more and more women getting into this sport. And she could totally kick my ass at anything bike related too.
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 Goomes needs Chuck Norris style jokes.
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 Robin Goomes doesn't read books. She stares them down until she gets the information she wants.

If you spell Robin Goomes in Scrabble, you win. Forever.

Robin Goomes breathes air ... five times a day.

When God said, “Let there be light!” Robin Goomes said, “Say Please.”

Robin Goomes has a mug of nails instead of coffee in the morning.

If Robin Goomes were to travel to an alternate dimension in which there was another Robin Goomes and they raced each other, they would both win.

The dinosaurs looked at Robin Goomes the wrong way once. You know what happened to them.

Robin Goomes' tears cure cancer. Too bad she has never cried.

Robin Goomes does not sleep. She waits.

Robin Goomes had the idea to sell her pee as a canned beverage. It’s now called Red Bull.
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 Her suspension must be set up better than mine. When I ride with anything on my wrist it bruises my arm from rattling around so much! Yup. Thats it. That’s the difference…
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 Holy crap she went deeeeep on that bottom jump!
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 Verklempt... women have come a long way. It's so incredible!
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 Robin is Rad!
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 Matt Jones has a good vid too
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 Wow Robin, for a wingless bird you certainly can fly! So cool
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