Video: Windham DH World Cup - Finals Highlights

Aug 10, 2015
by Red Bull Bike  
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 First of all we need to give thumbs up to Red Bull for the amazing coverage and the amount of camera's put in place so we hardly missed anything... Fingers crossed they do the same for Val Di Sole!!
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 YES! Agreed! I've been waiting and hoping for this kind of coverage before every race. Big thumbs up! Super happy! Please let it continue like this. And also the best highlight yet, no shitty music just the sweet sound of the bikes and the atmosphere. Great stuff!
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 Note however that this way more easy on this kind of track! But congrats to Redbull, giving us a free coverage of really good quality imo! Smile
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 Yes these highlights better showed the extreme roughness of the track and some of the ridiculous lines the racers took. That big drop off to the left-hand wood step down looked so challenging...didn't have that effect on the official video.
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 Best highlights ever. Thanks Red Bull
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 I've been drinking redbull for breakfast.
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 So happy to have a footage with the pure sound of a bike smashing the ground with crazy supporters on the back instead of a shity music Smile
(and congratulations to Loris for this podium !)
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 u so right, I'm a pro musician and i think the best sound track for DH is the bike/dirt sounds + crazy fans
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 I am Celine Dion and I approve
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 Yup, raw footage does it for me every time. The music is usually pants
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 My buddy made a comment I loved..."Gwin made riding reckless as f*ck look like art"!!!
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 Love the natural sound of biking... except that annoying horn...
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flag tetonlarry (Aug 10, 2015 at 8:50) (Below Threshold)
 I understand cheering, but all the cowbells and horns are terrible. I would hate that if I was racing. sTFU!
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 I've got a fever, and the only prescription... Is MORE COWBELL.
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 This is downhilling, not golf. More cowbell and more noise!
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 At 3:00 when Gwinn hit the ground off the hill and his bike made that "please no more!" sound, how did it not explode or flat? Killer shot.
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 pretty sure it was his tire rubbing the seat, i just got a 2015 demo carbon and it does the same thing
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And listen to Warner. The Man was alive back then. The new Warner doesn't sound like he is enjoying himself as much.
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 i do miss the freecaster warner era and we can all agree that a well placed fbomb is as good as a proper cold beer but he's toned down for a reason and that has enabled dh media coverage to be big again. i watched a replay on USN with my kiddo on tv without havin to mute for fbombs! haha. ...atleast we had missy back for the wknd!
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 Well a bit of self control on Warner's part and he could stop dropping eff bombs. It was much more than profanity that made the Old Warner great - it was his previous ability to bring the emotion, volume and intensity of DH racing to the world viewers - listening to him at the time while watching the video was like being there, on the bike. The New Warner sounds like he is watching golf, and he definitely doesn't sound like he is having much fun. Poor guy. The pay is hopefully good though. I suppose we all have to grow up someday and join the mainstream....
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 very good points. i bet off camera he still gets lit up just fine.
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 there is no other like rob...chilled or on fire
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 "No fitness involved".....ha, he's funny.
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 haha yeah same thought... I was like yeah if i had this sort of "no fitness", i think i could ride my bike on 30 km downhill... Funny guy this gwin for sure!
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 Excellent highlight vid! "Full kill mode" Gwin said. Indeed.
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 I think the UCI needs to require a whoops section on every course.
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 "No fitness involved"...yet Gwin was the only person I saw hammering from the second to last jump to the line. Those pedal strokes added up.
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 With those hard forks you got to be fit as f!$@
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 Was good to see different camera angles that show more what the track was really like, rather that live coverage that flattened everything making track look lame
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 They did a good job of showing the speed and the terrain in both the DH and XC broadcasts. Well done, Redbull!
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 love those videos!!!
Pd; Gwin is a machine !!!
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 What;s the song cos shazam couldnt find it!!??
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 Awesome edit ,natural with no music and one amazing slo mo of gee pinned. Perfection !
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 Those of you that want the music with the something off your iTunes???

It's a legal option in most countries. Wink

Full-kill-mode. - Gwin
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 killer Video.....I'm crushed we missed being there but our crew made extra noise...and I saw some of my friends in the video!
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 wow I just realized how good those microphones are.
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 What about George Brannigan?
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 gave us amazing show
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 Brannigan clearly had an issue going on with his pedals/shoes. Just as he left the gate his right foot came out and he had to clip back in. Then his right foot unclipped when he got a little off balance in the rocks causing his first crash (watch the slo-mo carefully at 1:05 and you'll see it). And then at 2:00 you can plainly see his right foot come unclipped, just before he rode off track and through the tape. That last crash though looks like he just lost the front wheel, probably still a little out of it after bonking his head in crash #1.
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 I think he said he had a crash even before that one...between the start gate and where the next camera picked up, I believe. That was one doomed run if I ever saw one. Good to see he survived!
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 Personally I lke dthe Highlight videos with music and the raw videos well, raw not every single world cup edit being raw
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 Anyone have any insight as to why everyone ran mud tires? Do they help in that loose dust??
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 nice try Red Bull , but Vital RAW still the best..
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 2:59 do you even get loose
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 When we say we want it RAW, we're referring to riding sounds, not a poorly cut and joined edit without a storyline
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 does it say this video is raw
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