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Video: Winning Run from the 2021 Crankworx Innsbruck Slopestyle

Jun 19, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesEmil Johansson brought his all to the 2021 Crankworx Innsbruck Slopestyle event. Think big air and even bigger tricks! Crankworx

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 If the tricks get anymore complex they're going to need to increase the length of the trail between each jump just to give the commentators time to say the names
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 What he said @bonjurns:
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 Riders Republic preview.
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 Needs to link the jumps together first with a manual. One run one trick. 60,000 points.
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 Slopestyle is in a weird place, its where bmx was 15 years ago: it‘s a competition of who can put the most barspins and tailwhips in their run while rotating in every imaginable direction.
I hope they start recognizing style and creativity soon to make runs more creative and unique. Right now it‘s just boring imho.
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 I agree. He’s super dialed and stomps everything really clean and I’m still impressed by how difficult the run is and he does ir all with great style. But… 6 out of the 8 jumps had some variation of a tailwhip. Obviously the judges disagree with me, and it’s probably one of the hardest runs ever done, and not to take anything away from the level of riding now, but I’d personally enjoy a little more variety in the tricks.
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 They just need to build some more course options and unique features
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 I disagree for sure. Emils winning run is unimaginably technical. BMX is rad for sure, but it wasn’t even close to this 15 years ago. In fact, lots of pro Bmx watch slopestyle closely because of how progressive it’s become.
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 The spin it to win it era. Skiing went through the same thing.
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 @ride-801: i agree, it's definitely become insanely technical, much more so than bmx 15 years ago. But: BMX judges have slowly but surely started equally appreciating someone doing a 360 triple whips vs larry edgar doing the most beautiful invert 360 ever.

Maybe someone should try building a wild course with 90°hips, a wallride jump, steeper spine-like jumps etc to encourage riders trying different things
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 @waldo-jpg: Love this response. Technical-spinny stuff is difficult, for sure - but nothing beats a floaty relaxed style. My favorite trick of the day was the super extended one-handed three; simple, yet BAF.
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 Event the fans are beginning to progress - youtu.be/qlYSJX2Aj8k?t=5
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 I don't know...he flailed his legs a bit there.
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 Emil Cleanhansson
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 Emil Johasthem
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 What in the sh!t did I even just watch? It was basically a human periodically floating with a bike just doing in every possible direction and on every possible axis. That was wild.
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 Prepare to start getting hated on in a couple years for being so good.
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 The top 2 runs were insane.
How could they be better.

Well.. Emil admitted himself in the post run interview he does lots of the same tricks. as does Rat.. imagine a run with 50/50 of there tricks. That would be insane.
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 We are so stoked for our dude Emil! Kid has heart
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 How tidy was that, top notch.
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 When are we going to see the 720 down whip and back flip windshield wiper?
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 Slopestyle needs more: on/off features for manual and cab opportunities and actual 90degree hips or sharkfins.
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 That was awesome.
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 Fucking rad
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 Downwhip clinic
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 my jaw dropped like a seat post. (yeah, I know, I've made better metaphores in my life... )
I'm totally amazed how the sport is evolving.
this is just total madness.
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 Extra point for that braaap on the end berm!
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 I don’t know how you even begin to land even one of these
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 Quote Charlie Sheen..... “Winning!”
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 I can't even do that jumping on my bed, with no bicycle.
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 The guy is an opposite
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