Video: Winning Run from the Chainless Race at McGazza Fest

Jan 29, 2020
by UR Team  

Come onboard the winning chainless race run of Fabien Cousinie on McNearly Gnarly, the flowiest trail of NZ.

This was filmed at the McGazza Fest in Queenstown and organized to celebrate the legacy of Kelly McGarry.

Couscous dressed up in his old skinsuit to go full Frenchy mode for the preparation but no French lines were taken on track this time.

Chainless Race McGazza Fest

Chainless Race McGazza Fest

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 Well done, Couscous !

Must have been a heck of an event.

Nice to see some water sponsors on that vintage jersey too Wink
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 Straight straight straight, 180' berm. Etc
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 I was rolling around chainless a few days ago, and it was surprisingly weird and harder than I expected. A chain gives a surprising amount of resistance even when back-pedaling, and I had no idea how deeply that was wired into my brain-body connection. Almost ate isht on flat ground just trying to move from one pedal forward to the other.
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 Nice. Now do a breakless run!
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 Pfft. Everybody knows it's not a good race with stopping for a coffee half way down the course.
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 @big-red: I see what u did there...
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 WoW, That crowd thou... Even at German races there is more enthusiasm for cheering on
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 It was just a fun race for the community as part of mcgazza fest. It wasn't really an event for spectators.
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 Good to know how much margin he took in order to realize the spandex advantage which such a tight times course I guess...
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 Comin in hotttt!
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 do people typically crowd the finish line like this at chainless races? looks like a fun course tho.
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 this is NZ not the states mate
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 That flowed so damn well.
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 XC kit with flats always looks so funny (my kid races NICA in flats, so I get to see him looking like this fairly often).
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 DH kit with clipless here
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 Fun fun trail, so well built.
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 That end was sketch. Dayum
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 Squamish to Queenstown: 12,412km
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 good, a 2h hike and done.
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 What a terrifying finish line!
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 terrifying for americans maybe.. Big Grin
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 No chain won’t stop blenky air pedalling
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 Downhill without a single rock or root.
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 You're too kind @treggs
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