Video: Winning Run - Hardline 2019

Sep 16, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesRed Bull Hardline is notorious for being one of the most extreme downhill events in the calendar, and 2019 proved to be the best year yet. Attracting the world's best downhill athletes to tackle Dan "Affy" Atherton's legendary track, this weekend in the heart of Snowdonia, Wales, we witnessed riders going for speed, style and glory in this end-of-season bash.

After a dry practice run on Friday and even drier conditions for qualifiers on Saturday, Sunday's conditions changed overnight making the track extremely slick and visibility less than ideal for finals. But on the day, it was Bernard Kerr who let loose on the Hardline course and went full gas to the line, taking his second Red Bull Hardline win.
Red Bull


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 So it's possible to get every section of this track on camera but not a World Cup race???
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 I counted 26 cameras to get the action (not counting start camera) I believe it's because it's a Redbull event - they want it to be great with total control and resources. They are only licensed to film the UCI events - Mercedes, Shimano, Jeep, etc are the title Sponsors with the $$ for those, not Redbull. .
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 It's a timing thing, is it not? WC race runs overlap (next rider starts before the rider on track finishes), so full top-to-bottom live coverage of every run is impossible. There has to be a section(s) cut out where they can cut from the recorded start to the live coverage of the race run.
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flag PCbroModerator (Sep 16, 2019 at 13:16) (Below Threshold)
 haha this is a real race, bud.
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 Really amazing coverage all weekend from the raw practice to the qualifiers and the race itself.
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 @MTBrent: There are 3 minute gaps between each rider if I remember rightly, hence the title of Clay Porter's legendary film, so they overlap on most, but not all tracks
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 @samdaman1: Pretty sure the gap increases towards the top qualifiers. This is done in alpine racing too so that the "hot" racers get more screen time and the racing gets a bit more intense.
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 @neimbc: I’ll help you 26+1=27 Big Grin
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 @samdaman1: I believe it's been explained in the film that only the handful of best qualifiers experience the 3 minute gaps. Not sure if it was the top 5 or top 10, but for the most of the guys it's a 30/60 second gap.

It can be seen on the WC coverage, Redbull show new sections of the track as you go up the qualifying order
The broadcast would need to be 5 hours long and finish long after the actual race if they were to show all the riders on all the sections
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 Jesus that was fast. Also, I was surprised to find out that was his mother based on how he picked her up initially....
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 Nah that was your mumma bro!
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 Not sure what you mean , explain ?
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 my thoughts exactly!!
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 @Matt115lamb: Not sure if you're serious, 'cuz if you watched, it was pretty hard to miss; but if you need a hint just watch Bernard's hand placement as he picks her up. We shouldn't read anything into it, though; he was just caught up in the moment.
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 @kjjohnson: Haha, yeah I didn't want to call out Bernard too much. I know I'd never pick my mom up like that, but I'll also never do anything even a fraction as cool as winning this race so who knows how I'd react.
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 @kjjohnson: I suppose if you pause rewind pause rewind it looks odd ! I was joking
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 All while wearing a neck brace.
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 I don't mind Rachel being in there. It's a nice change, and I like her demeanor.
I wonder if someone like Needles would be good in there? Or maybe Cathro. Cathro would be cool actually.
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 Better coverage than a World Cup race!
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 actually saw him pass under matt jones who was still sessioning the top jump.
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 Came for the POV, no such luck Frown
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 @whiningspotter: dick
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 Stomped it.
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 Congrats man, great watch!
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 fastest bike and rider for the day. mad respect
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 When I think of WC track this is what I am thinking!!
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 His fork is setup so stiff it looks like it's locked out.
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 No endos !
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 What up mama!
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