Video: Winning Runs from the Les Gets DH World Cup 2021

Jul 3, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesVive La France! Damp, sketchy and rowdy - the return of French downhill was a breath of fresh air (and chainsaw fumes) for the world of mountain biking.

Watch as Tahnee Seagrave and Thibaut Daprela take the win on French soil for one of the wildest Downhill World Cup's we've seen in a while!
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 Is the image on the main page of Jackson Goldstone? I was excited to see some coverage of his run…
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 We wanna see Jackson Goldstones run too!!
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 We want Wilson run replay......
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 Omfg that reminded me of steve smith msa run
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 Hey Pinkbike, can you get your hands on Jackson's run, so we can geek out? Show the man some love!
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 The visible difference in speed between the girls and boys there was astonishing
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 Jackson Goldstone was the fastest man on race day!
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 Perhaps we need a dual run format. Fastest qualify goes first on first run and last on second run. Last place qualifier goes last on first run and first on second run with a small break between. One rule would have to be that all bikes be impounded between runs and only changes that could be made would be external suspension adjustments and must be performed by the rider, no repairs other than fixing flats.
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 Are those black eyes Thibaut still has from his crash(es)?!
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 Yes and also in the full attack raw video, you can hear him speaking in a "weird" way (like struggling to pronounce "s" sounds) because he has stiches on his tongues (which was cutted in half ...)

This guy is a warrior !
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 Daprela killed it and obviously Eason pace, but the track turned to sludge after this and no one stood a chance.

That track was just brutal, almost everyone in the top ten didn’t have a clean rub once it was raining.
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 "Viva la France"??? Pinkbike, when yoi try to write another language, try to make it properly.
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 How Greg Minaar was able to place 7th given those atrocious conditions is just OG epic. I can only imagine how fast he would've been on the dry.
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 “Vive la France”, Viva is Spanish/Italian/Portuguese…
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 Rob Warner excited screams made the show for me
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 His comment about not knowing how many more of these he had in him when watching riders approach that jump with the rubber matting was gold.
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 If he's not already, I don't think it'll be long before Daprela's be the man to beat. Even if he had slightly drier conditions than some others, that run was monstrous.
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 "Slightly drier conditions"?

Watch his run then Loic Brunis, not even close to the same conditions.
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 Yup he will be. He’s got the skills, he’s got the balls and unlike Finn Iles (just to compare to another young raced) he seems to have his mental game figured out too.
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 But if the conditions were the same for everyone he wouldn’t have won yesterday
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 @russthedog: Fair comment, I should've omitted the "slightly". I do stand by the basic premise of my comment though. When it came down to it there was only one corner that separated him and Troy at Leogang and a fair few top riders (including Troy and Matt Walker) started before him yesterday.
@rad83 We'll never know for sure, will we?
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 @commental: yup he had the pace no doubt about it
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 @commental: he definitely has all the makings of a future great
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 *was on pace*
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 That course was madness
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 Rob Warner’s
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 What a race
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