Video: Winning Runs from the Lousa World Cup DH 2020 - Round 3

Oct 30, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesOne half of the Race weekend & three-quarters of the UCI MTB Downhill World Cup Race season 2020 are done and dusted! The first-ever World Cup above the picturesque town of Lousã, Portugal, saw two familiar faces return to the top of the podium.

In the women's field, it was Myriam Nicole who set the fastest race pace. She was followed by Marine Cabirou, Tahnee Seagrave, Tracey Hannah & Nina Hoffmann. Men's race saw the return of the GOAT himself Greg Minnaar, adding his 22nd win to his track record. He was followed by Brit Matt Walker, Frenchman Loïc Bruni, US legend Aaron Gwin & his fellow American Dakotah Norton.
Red Bull


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 this sport is SO freakin hard to stay at the top of. Everything has to go perfectly to even get on the podium, and Greg's ability to be at the sharp end as technology, tracks, approach to training, etc. has changed over the years is just unreal
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 Was there something wrong with brunis fork or did he just up low speed compression for the pedally bits. Minnar has some strong legs on him always killed it on pedally tracks. His wiki is mental he has all the medals for south africa and they are 5th over all in medals, he has 3g 4s and 3b for overalls, 22 wins 24 2nds and 16 3rds total times on the podium is just insane and that doesnt include 4ths or 5ths.
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 I think he locked out the rear. That’s what it looked like to me
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 Was just talking about him this morning. I think he won his first word cup race the year I went to uni. A lot of water under the bridge since then and he's still doing it. Just an amazing, amazing career.
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 I thought it was equally as interesting that he seemed to be full on covering something on his bars in the finish area.
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 My all time favourite rider along with Peaty and seeing them together at the finish was incredible.
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 @Monkeyfcuker: Pinkbike already showed he has a secret button on his bars and a cover around the top of his rear shock, 100% he locked it out/switched to pedal mode for the straight
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 Amazing for Greg. The thing that always gets me is he never looks like he's really trying. Such a smooth and intelligent rider. Good to see Pompon take the win too, I feel sorry for her that she never got to race a World Cup in the rainbow stripes, hopefully she'll get another chance.
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 So so smooth, he looked like he was cruising!
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 The V10 is kicking ass this truncated race year. The Syndicate is back! The experience of Minnaar and Peaty and some deep pockets - success seemed inevitable.
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 Can't believe pinkbike haven´t post anything about minaar's victory... it's certain that the whole dh world couldn't be more happy to see the goat take another win to the record, and pinkbike makes no noise? this diserves a dedicated note and nothing.
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 Courteous to give everyone a chance to watch the replay before splashing the headlines.
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 I'm sure they're just as psyched as the rest of us, but I really like that they stopped posting spoilers about race winners a while back
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 Minnaar is unreal, super stoked for him. Also great to see Myriam take a WC win (on top of the rainbow jersey last season) after coming back from injury. Gwin also coming back to speed. I really hope next year behaves itself.
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 Minnaar - minnaar ...
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 The sound of those Chris King hubs buzzing over the jumps is amazing
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 Great run from the Goat
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 Brought a tear to my eye! what a legend.
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 Beautiful run from Minnaar. Sheer commitment from 5:10 onwards. Last jump into the finish line straight was epic.

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