Video: Winning Runs - Lenzerheide World Cup DH 2019

Aug 12, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

Amaury Pierron's and Marine Cabirou's winning runs from Lenzerheide.

Amaury Pierron POV


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 Never really taken in Pierrons body position, really central and kind of tucked up, not over the back Like Bruni or Minnaar . So aggressive!
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 Amoury is a beast on the front wheel.
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 Yeah, that and he pedals as much as he can through out the track.
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 Greenland said he worked on his body position to have it more central. Guess it works!
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 Loving this season. As much as I respect athletes who are able to completely dominate like Rachel and Gwin at one point, when they do so it does little for excitement. It makes for much greater viewing when riders have to raise the bar and push each other to the absolute limit. Cant wait for world champs and the final round.
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 When AP engages full attack mode it's incredible. Chin forward and full risk for getting on the pedals. Awesome to watch.
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 Bunny hoped the pole as talked about in cathrovision! Great run!
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 those pumps onto and off the wooden pier after the crazy section..
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 Where is Vali's run? She has won the elite race, if I remember correctly
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 Womens field is going to be super competitive next year. Seagrave, Myriam, hopefully Rachel all returning from injury. Plus Hannah, Cabirou, Vali Holl and a hopefully syndicate backed Hoffman is going to be quite the field!
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 @Partigiano not to discredit anyone, but it's hard to make an accurate comparison from junior to elite runs when the track goes through such drastic changes between rider classes. In fact, I think I remember hearing that it had started raining during women elite
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 Pierron is a beast geez he looks like a cat on fire super hyper pedal frenzy and Minnaar looks like a sloth so composed doesn’t look like he’s trying and still ends up on top wow love this competition this year
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 HOT DAMN somebody upload Pierron's run to pornhub already
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 Ok... pornhub - you sure have been searching pieronhub, didn't you? :-)
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 Pierron’s winning runs are always screamers. Doesn’t do anything by half’s does he.
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 Perfect position every turn...
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 crazy how he hops over the gate/post whatever at 2:45 ish (Pierron POV)...I assume that's allowed?

Not sure I've seen someone cut it that close before
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 Still inside of tape
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 @bok-CZ: ah cool. wicked little detail in a run with so many big least i thought so
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 @nvranka: definitely well calculated run
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 Caribounot happy with rear brake??
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 Where are the winning runs from Val di Sole?
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 On the same youtube channel, a few vids down...
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 Would love to see that GoPro video! The Les Gets one was nuts!!!
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 its on the youtube channel of the team
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