Video: Winning Runs - Leogang DH World Cup 2019

Jun 10, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

Loic Bruni's and Tracey Hannah's winning runs from a weekend of tight racing in Leogang.

Video: Red Bull

MENTIONS: @redbullbike

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 Here’s a thought. Have Ben Cathro set up the live feed cameras. He knows where the most important sections are, where riders will be gaining and losing the most time etc. #cathroforpresident
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 Idk if anyone's brought this up but notice how small Loic's bike is? Hopefully Ben will do a breakdown on that soon since most rider's bikes are getting longer and loooooonger *Cough cough Gwin cough*
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 Need to include the privateer award winning runs on these going forward! #denimdestroyer
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 Who put Claudio in a cupboard?
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 What the Entire F*&^
what editor decided to only use one announcer's voice?
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 They silenced claudio, why?
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 Cause he talks nonsense?
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 happy for tracey keeping it composed through race day!
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 While watching the race live, Bruni's run just looked faster than anyone else on such a tight track,, really put down a burner.
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 why is the thumbnail for the winning runs video someone who didn't win? Brook is awesome but wouldn't it make more sense for the thumbnail to be one of the winners?
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 So there are no spoilers.
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 @sdrides: except the video title at the top of the thumbnail that says “Loic Bruin & Tracey Hannah”
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 @lognar: yeah but if you aren't going to watch the whole thing and you're only going to watch the 'winning runs', then you'll find out as soon as you click on it anyway.. won't you?
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 @sdrides: haha I bet its cuz she doesn't ride for redbull !
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 Your answer is in the question Sir.
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 I LOVE Tracey!! 3

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