Video: Winning Runs - Mont-Sainte-Anne DH World Champs 2019

Sep 2, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

Loic Bruni's and Myriam Nicole's winning runs from Mont-Sainte-Anne.


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 Fuuuck gotta feel for Troy, he's definitely pushing the limits and going over - getting so close! If he keeps at it he'll be converting reeeeal soon! Stoked to see where this goes
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 Yeah man. But remember that for a while it was Bruni who was always really close to winning. Either up and then crash out (like when Bryceland won his first WC) or sat in the hot seat to only be tipped by the last rider down (typically Gwin at the time). Eventually he won the Worlds and obviously he's won a good number of races since. Somehow Troy is way to often in this situation. But I'm sure he'll get there someday. Peaty won the Worlds too after so many close calls.
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 These Geoblocking agents deserve the bullet. UCI, officially, you suck.
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 Whoa... peace man.
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 Bruni makes me think of N. Vouilloz, he looks lighter than the others riders like in levitation.
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 Couldn't watch live - Couldn't watch replay - Can't even watch winning runs!


All the best to the Bull Dog & Kate!
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 I feel your pain, suck my nutsack sky TV. I ain't paying for it.
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 It was not "Loic's Run", but "Loic's Flight over the rocks".

Pleasure on her bike for Myriam, and not "Competition's run".
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 To all the people that couldn't watch this (or others) event because of restrictions: simply use VPN (is FREE in some browsers), and it will shows your computer id as if it eas in another Country (choose the one you're sure has broadcasting rights). Congrats ti all the riders, Greg, Troy and Loic in particular!!
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 Check out the official,geezer,marshal whoever he is flossing at 2.50 on Bruni's run WTF ????
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 that's hilarious....good spot!!
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 Geezer? Damn, I saw him and chuckled, but I thought he was about my age or younger maybe. I really gotta stop getting older.
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 Does anybody know if/where one could buy a replica of those longsleeve french national jerseys as worn by Loic and Amaury and all the other frenchies? They look awesome.
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 This is one of the craziest things about pro mtbing. You can't get their jerseys! Almost every other pro sport you can get replica kits made up, but not in mtb. I tried to get a Blenki one a couple of years ago and the closest I got was him actually offering to meet me at Crankworx. Missed opportunity here, I think.
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 @rrolly: That´s realy totaly crazy. Especialy, if you look at fooball. Clubs pay millions and millions for the players and how do they get a major part of this money back?
By selling jerseys!!!
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 I don't know about those two previous answers, but the french cycling federation (FFC) used to sell national jerseys. In fact most of the European federations sell national jerseys. Send an email to the FFC, they should be able to answer you since they were selling kits online not that long ago. Beware of their old jerseys because they were ugly AF!
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 Works fine here Smile
Race was awesome, Myriam deserves it so much, great comeback!
Nothing to take away from Luic, but Troy deserved it -he is over-due!!! He was flat out!
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 Great racing but my word does that mountain not take prisoners..
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 5 minutes of celebration from the mens side, not even a single shot of Pompoms excitement when she found out she was champion...... Diversity.....we still haven't found it here eh?
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 The difference is that there were more riders after Myriam so it was not official that she had won. Loic was the last rider so he knew he was world champion as soon as he saw his time.
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 And no videos of juniors male and female
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 @Countlongardeaux: common sense has became rare commodity these days, thanks for sharing
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 @Countlongardeaux: so you're saying there wasn't any footage of Pompom getting excited after her win? Or the Junior male and females? Frankly I'd rather see that footage then 5 minutes of Loic jumping around.
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 If you watched the live feed it was pretty good when Tracey Hannah finally crossed the line and the top three knew they were on the podium. But Nicole was like 20 riders before Hannah so it built slowly. I suppose they could have showed more of that in the highlight reel but it was really good live.
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 @mikey: True. Would have been good to see her celly when she won, and footage of the juniors.
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 That rear wheel going sideways at 2'12" was a bit scary.

Also this would be cool if Cathro could show us what caused so much trouble between split 1 & 2.
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 still waiting for a canadian win at msa but the cousins are really great loic and amaury thanks the crowd for the support after the medal award. real class sports ambassador
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 Steve Smith won in 2013. Rob Warner almost lost his voice at the end of his run from yelling so much.
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 @vroomvroompartystarter: Watching that video is still a monthly event for me. Smith was nuts and seeing Gee's classy behaviour despite the obvious devastation of losing the season on that very last run...

Instant classic.
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 @big-red: I'll never get over how stoked Warner was. Great race all around, in Steve's best season.
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 They don't even allow us to watch the replay lol.
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 Finn coming out to celebrate with Loic - class!!!
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 And teammates ;-)
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 I took an ECG on my watch during Bruni’s run. It says I died a little then came back to life.
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 Video unavailable??
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 Hmm just like yesterday, they don't want me to watch it.
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 Maes was nowhere near the pace
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 Where would Greenland be if he had that perfect drop or did he had puncture?
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 1. Broadcasting rights 2. Broadcasting rights 3. Broadcasting rights 4. ...
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 incredible to watch. the speeds are just crazy
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 Can we get the video sorted - is this more rebull uselessness
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 Imagine the pressure when your dad's masters world champ too..
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 I wanted to watch it....
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