Video: Winning Runs - Snowshoe DH World Cup 2019

Sep 8, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesSnowshoe certainly delivered one of the most exciting races we've witnessed on the UCI MTB World Cup circuit. With both the men's and women's overall titles on the line, athletes gave it their all and finished the season with a bang.

In the women's field, coming in hot from winning World Champs in MSA last week, Myriam Nicole looks to be back on form and a spectacular run saw her slip into second place, above Veronkia Widmann. But it was the Frenchie, Marine Cabirou who laid it all out on the track with a flawless run to secure the win of the day. However, Tracey Hannah's 5th place position provided her with enough points to take the overall World Cup win for the first time.

It couldn't be any closer over in the men's final as the head-to-head war waged on between frenemies, Loic Bruni and Amaury Pierron. Setting down an explosive run, Amaury Pierron occupied the hot seat for some time, diminishing chances of being overthrown. However, Danny Hart just pipped him to the win by 0.656 seconds, giving Loic Bruni the space he needed to secure the overall World Cup win as a career first.
Red Bull


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 So stoked for Danny! Boy, does he deserve it! True champion's heart!
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 My Man Danny! What a race!
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 Saturday was simply epic. Every run was nail-biting craziness, and the entire season coming down to one insane run by Hart was incredible. Even my wife was glued to the TV for the entire event, and she doesn't even ride bikes! lol
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 Ditto here mate with watching the replay. The wife joins us for Mont Saint Anne and caught the bug, but she has never watched a full race with me on Redbull until we watched the replay. Absolutely amazing!

Unrelated, but does anyone have a way for me to watch the World Camps here in the US? There has got to be a copy of the race available somehow, somewhere?
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 My wife watches the racing out the corner of her eye and has taken more nad more interest - she was amazed by Saturday's result as much as I was. What a race - I am not sure Rob and Claudio had even considered Danny winning as a route for Loic to win the overall - when he went up at the last split I think Claudio realised the impact and brought up the win for Loic that hadnt been mentioned!
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 @VT2wheeledlife: Download a VPN browser extension, open up Redbull's replay and once the replay starts loading, close down the VPN browser extension to get normal internet speeds.
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 After Pierron I thought ok thats it, he's gonna win with 3-4 seconds in the lead. Boy was I wrong and nothing against Amaury but boy am I satisfied with Dannys win!
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 Same on this side, his run was wild !! I was expecting everything but that finish ! Insane way to finish the season
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 Can't beat that ending to a season!
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 how many heart attacks during Danny's run? awesome
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 how did you miss the Hart attack pun?...... @pinkbike fail friday submission right here!!!!!!!!!
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 @Mattysville: we can only hope this was a casualty of a phone’s autocorrect
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 Definitely an epic race and one to go down in the history books for sure. Reb bull did a really good job on video, but I really wish we could have seen that last rock garden section where I believe the race was won or lost
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 I am pretty sure he won on pedaling. at 2:39 in the POV video, he is .9 back. He didn't look that fast through the following rock garden, but he sprinted like a motherf*cker for the smooth section and seemed to launch those jumps.
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 @phops: but he doesn’t gain time in the last section, he actually loses a touch. The only pedal between 2:39 and the split where he was .7 up was a short five second sprint.. pretty sure he didn’t gain 1.6 seconds there
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 Wow man, didn't realize that last rocky section was so long. Looks like there was plenty of time to be won/lost off-camera in there. Obviously we don't have all the other riders' footage to compare, but he looked smooth through all that chunk, and the hard pedal coming into the 2nd to last split didn't hurt. Very cool to see the full run!
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 That is a brilliant video. The run itself is amazing, but the fans all cheering along the trackside and it all kicking off in the finish area really gets the atmosphere across so well!
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 I felt sorry for anyone racing after Pierron..with the exception of Danny, Yeah Danny! Crazy fast
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 Monsieur Bruni can say a big MERCI to Mister Hart Attack. Great run Danny. Hope to see you winning more next year Wink
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 Epic weekend, Snowshoe delivered a great canvas and the riders created a masterpiece????
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 Damn, Danny's run was insane. Like he was conforming the trail to his will.
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 Gosh, I cried at the end of that POV of Danny's run. And Max Commencal coming over to congratulate Danny at the end was a touch of class despite the fact he'd just dethroned AP and cost him the overall. I f##king love DH.
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 How does he sit ......nevermind! What a great racer and racer!!
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 On the edge of my seat even watching the reruns Just amazing, both of them!.
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 To me personally, Laurie Greenland run was the best. Where he seemed to bunny hop those rock gardens. And Danny Hart, still I can't help thinking how he snatched that extra 0.7 seconds. It was mental
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 Greenland's run was super smooth. I was impressed after watching him eat it on one of the rock drops in practice the day before. I was surprised his time wasn't that fast, comparitevly speaking. The women's race was insane with Tahnee taking the lead by almost 7 seconds then almost every other racer that came after her beat her time.
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 @mallowpufft: Hahahah her run was simply nuts. her balls definitely bigger than my balls, when she took that huge jump after the start and almost sent her over the bar. Everyone fought hard. The emotional roller coaster was so appearance and every run made my adrenaline rush hahaha
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 The amount of strength and skill to control the bike like that is amazing. Epic runs by both of them.
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 Like a boss..
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 genuine one of the most enjoyable races to have watched recently
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 Danny is the man!!!! Who’s hoping for Windrock to get a World Cup in 2021?!?!
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 Fantastic season. Superb riders.
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