Video: Working Hard & Having Fun with the Vanzacs & The Zoo Boys

Oct 18, 2021

Words by David McMillan / Photos by Cameron Mackenzie

The Vanzacs are a small group of mates from Australia and New Zealand that wanted to take on the world, and they are getting away with it by the skin of their teeth.

We are a band of misfits and a brotherhood bonded together by the love of riding bikes, mateship, and traveling to all corners of the globe.

Working any odd job and saving every penny to afford a few months on the other side of the world. We have done it all, in our own style.

Living in beaten-up vans, eating baguettes in gutters, and showering in glacial rivers - every day has brought a new and welcomed challenge.

The goal of racing the world cups was a hard task when bikes were held together with cable ties and duct tape. But perseverance has prevailed and now we are lucky enough to call riding and racing a job.

Fast forward a few years with plenty of stories and multiple broken-down vans strewn across the globe, the Vanzacs still stick to their roots of not taking life too seriously and having the most fun possible.

When we aren't running wild around the world we call Queenstown, New Zealand home. A perfect mix of fun on and off the bike, a playground for any style of rider, Queenstown has it all and then some more. Eddie says this place is a “yes town”, and we say yes a lot. We all live at The Zoo, our home away from home. This is a place that can only be described as beautifully chaotic!

If we aren't in the bike park you'll find us riding motorbikes, at the beach, or at the bar recoverin' with a cold sports drink.

Introducing Vanzacs and the Zoo Boys. It’s been a hell of a ride, and it’s not over yet...


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 one of the best videos to grace pinkbike in recent times, not to mention how good the photos are!
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 Love these GCs but I'm pretty sure Peaty, Warner & CG know a thing or two about ProPartying
  • 1 0
 True! Those were the party pioneers
  • 5 0
 They had Shawn Palmer to learn from, it's not fair competition.
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 with a little bit of context... the sport has gone more "professional" in the preparation, and most if not all current athletes for the past 5 or more years have either started with this being established, or adapter in a way or another.. the level was so different ~15years ago some guys could win a race out of pure raw talent and whiskey on their veins..
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 From the outside perspective, I would rather have a career like Eddie than Gwin Loic or even Minnaar. winning and having the most out of the racing experience. travelling and hanging out with great friends. And have great stories when I'm old.
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 I don't think loic has allowed himself to have fun since he got to crack two beers after winning worlds before retiring to bed at 10:30 instead of his usual 9:30
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 @zanda23: Loic has spent a lot of time here in Qtown mate, think again
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 These guys are the best
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 This piece and this crew are so rad. I would say though, to say they were the 'pioneers of being a pro and still having fun' is short sighted. The Peaty, Garcia, Palmer, Warner, etc era I grew up on 20 years ago was fully this, and everyone was on it!
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 I have riden SRAM for 15years. I think I need to go and replace it all with Shimano now
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 I bet many riders can relate to this, saving every penny just for that next season away. By far the best years of my life, wouldnt of changed a thing!
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 Big fan of these boys! Awesome doc and stills too.
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 I still think they got robbed on their Dirt Diaries submission during Crankworx Whistler.
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 Boys making me wanna quit my desk job rn to pursue a simpler life like this
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 1 arm pullup clip gets a full TENTEN!!!
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 That aint working, thats the way you do it
  • 2 0
 So little Jacko - what happened there?
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 the dream
  • 2 0
 nice vid folks!
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 Loved this! Keep the vibes comin
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 you know shit goes down when your mate is in a neck brace!
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 Awesome, wish I was younger!
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 That was sick.
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 So good!

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