Video: World Cup DH Val di Sole - Practice Highlights

Aug 21, 2015
by Red Bull Bike  

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 Charge it and hope for the best. Kind of like when I buy a new bike, then tell my wife.
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 so true!
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 LOVE IT!!!!!!
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 You have to verify if the price of the new bike includes the cost for a divorce lawyer.
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 Haha! Easier to ask for forgiveness than permission right!
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 you sir, have the comment of the day! hahahahaaa
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 I just snorted iced coffee out of my nose...
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 I'm not sure iced coffee is a licensed downhill drink @donch15 - you could at least have called it a 'cold drink' and let everyone assume it was a beer.
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 that frickin made my day
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 that was awesome.
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 Some of us here on pinkbike actually have to work for s living @tresselkalle ....
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 You Sir, win the internet today.
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 or you can have a wife like mine that is buying 2 bikes for herself for next year and I am adding another one to my quiver. never can have enough bikes.
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 Struggling to understand what I hate more. The music or the fact that they decided to make wooden berms on a WC track wtf !!
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 It was so much better without the music...
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 I had to mute it for the riding sections, then turn it up for the talky bits.
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 Oh dude WTF.. do you want RAW clips? here you have a lot of it:,29640/sspomer,2
Why everyone now wants videos without music? VITAL MTB already does it and does it really good, so let them do it.. RedBull videos are just awesome with the music and i hope they dont stop doing it like this.. If everyone starts doing videos without music you will get tired of them really quick.. variety is good..
This is just my opinion and this coment isn't directly for you. this comment is to every people that says what you said.. Wink
(Sorry for my bad english)
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 Music in general is fine, I actually like it, it is THIS music that was bad.
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 Yeah i know that people have diferent tastes.. But most of the people is asking for videos without muscis not because of the music choice but because they only want RAW videos or because they just want "thumbs ups" because it is like a trend not fan of these type of music as well but to be honest i think these muscis fit really well on these videos.. i think RedBull is doing a great job on image selection and music selection.. once again tastes are tastes Wink
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 I think he said it would be better without the music because that is his opinion. Not because it is a 'trend' to try and get a thumbs up or anything. I agree with him, I prefer to hear the actual sound of the riding actually happening, it helps to 'feel' it a bit more. The problem with music is everyone has different taste so there will always be more than half the viewers disliking it. No music stops that from happening at least.
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 sounds like session
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 What's wrong with the music? I enjoyed it.
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 For clarification, I was referring to this season’s Red Bull highlight clips, which have featured - in my opinion - songs which were so bad I’d rather listen to the bikes than the music (pretty much exactly what mailman said).

Either way, it’s free content so we shouldn’t complain too much. I am also a regular consumer of Vital RAW...variety is the spice of life.
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 This is what my buddy calls "dirtbike rock" or what i call "redneck rock", what the good ol' boys with the big monster stickers on the back of their money blowing smoke stacked shit trucks in west virginia listen to. Put on some pantera or some ozzy or pentagram, that is some real metal.
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 What's wrong with the music? Well, it's just not better than the sublime noise of the bikes going down the course, full stop.
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 My ears hurt from that garbage.
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 We should respect peoples differing tastes in music, but personally i do think it sounds kinda cheesy, i am sure it is hard to find a song everyone enjoys.
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 this is certainly the worst music in a video so far, it is just tasteless, guitar tone is just awful, voice is just muddy. it is a no no.
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 Red Bull (or whatever production company the contract to) should know better than to pull some god-awful, Nickleback-inspired stadium-rock track on something like this. It gives the wrong impression for those unfamiliar to the sport.
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 Man made wooden berms should be banned in DH. I rather see them ride right through a creek or jump em. I like it when a world class rider drifts a corner.
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 yeah, IMO too. Is there any legit reason, why they are there? These boardwalks look unreasonably sketchy.
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 Probably the same as Fort Bill.

That area is likely quite flat and a race weekend with 200+ world cup riders hitting it constantly is going to turn it into a quagmire.

This would be terrible viewing and in those conditions its more about luck as to who gets through it quickly.

Imagine Fort Bill - Without the wooden bridges the whole top half of the course would be almost unrideable.
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 ^which would be totally understandable, but VDS course designers should have made them as straight as possible then, not overly swoopy and only fun/safe when riding slowly. Those turns/curves are not designed for the speeds these guys are hitting the bridges.
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 yeah, I've been to Fort Bill and the wooden passes are understandable there, they carry the sole purpose of traversing over soft spots in a straight line. If that is the same case in VDL, ka-brap's point stands fair. That is however the only downside of this otherwise awesome track!
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 ok i could litterly watch redbull edits all day. Vital raw is awesome for the pure spectacal that is downhill racing.The gnarly wheel smashing , bike breaking carnage,, but sometimes that ends up focusing your attention more on that than the riding. I love raw footage but as others have said variety is awesome. And wow those redbull cameras are ballin,Clearer footage has never graced pinkbike
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 I really hope no one stacks it on those stupid wooding features while on the a blazer of a run...that would be a real pity.
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 ^This. I can already see the post race interview: "I was having a great run but slipped and fell on the wood"

Does that sound dirty? Friday brain thinks so.
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 this is the best track of WC, I also love Champerry that was missing this year. Gwin riding stlyle is amazing so effortless looks like he is riding a beach bike in the bike path
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 Hot Tip: Mute the video and make moto noises instead
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 Am I the only one who can't watch the embedded videos from RB? Chrome, firefox, IE... doesn't seem to matter which browser I use the embeds don't play any more. Am I missing something? is there a plugin I need updated?
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 I can't watch them on my phone anymore despite being able to about a week ago but I can on my computer. Not sure why.
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 Same here. I've noticed that disabling some ad block ad ons (in IE 11 at least) re-enables the embedded videos. Its only ever RB content that gives me problems. Have a look under 'manage add ons' in the IE settings and see what is enabled. I asked PB for clarification on this issue weeks ago, no answer yet afaik. I suspect RB changed something in their backend that interferes with ad blocking software requiring it to be disabled so that you know, they can sell us sugar water...
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 gwins bike setup and riding style are dialed , bike and him seem to float over the bumps with no speed loss....
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 Those wooden board walks are going to claim somebody tomorrow....
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 Totally... I bet at least 2 will hit the deck
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 That wood be terrible
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 I do knot want to see that.
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 I really wish the riders had a committee or group the way Motogp (and others) do.
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 LET THE PUNK BE BACK ON DH VIDEOS!!! God bless the editors!
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 loved seeing the contrast of lines between the riders, like sam hills line versus the earlier guys... and then the speed bryceland takes the turn versus the earlier guy
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 For some reason the term "realized by" really pisses me off. Nice vid though.
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 Those bridges need a chainsaw massacre. ????????????
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 (Cut up)

...and then thrown in the fire.
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 Mitochondrion, Portal, Krallice, or even WITTR would give you license-free musics for theses things....anything but doodrock lite.
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 Yeah, Gwinny, kick some ass an get that 3time overall............MERICA!
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 Good god that song was awful
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 I would rather have no music as well .... at least it wasn't Hip Hop!
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 What's up with the redbull player not loading (mobile) for past few wc's?!!?
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 RAW VID HERE: so much better, take not redbull ...,29640/sspomer,2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 Not better , just different , I love both as they are kind of opposite each other in styles
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 Vital RAW was superior in every way.
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 I just want a live raw stream of the whole practice
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 Did anyone else see a flaw in the matrix at 0:55 or was it just me?
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 maybe they should put something on that real slippery shore!
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 Yes is better... sound-wise
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 Unwatchable with this music. RAW please.
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 oh the music...
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 Welcome to Val di Sole.

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