Video: Wyn Masters Takes a Look at the Red Bull Hardline Maydena Course Build

Nov 20, 2023
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesWyn heads to Tasmania to check out how the Red Bull Hardline course build is going down at Maydena Bike Park!

Video by Ryan Finlay
Wyn TV

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 Love this new series from redbull. like crankworx but ... harder? Keep up the great work wyn your content is amazing, almost like the australian cricket team...
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 Cheers I'll stick with the kiwi cricket team
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 It's great they're doing this, I'm hoping the rumours are true of more rounds in the future. I know some will say it's just marketing, but any mainstream company can do that and the fact is RB are the only ones bothering to.
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 The Australian cricket team have more cheaters and sandpaper in their ranks than tinder wood working first date
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Brian McKechnie would whole heartedly disagree
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 @teedubya: If its true Hardline has more views than Rampage, there will be more stops. So sick.
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 @enis: why would Brian McKechnie disagree?? You’re talking about the guy who faced the underarm delivery.
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Yeah, that was a play at sarcasm. My bad. Wasn't even cheating, just gutless. Smith on the other hand, well that was cheating
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 @enis: You say that like none of the other teams ever cheated. Guarenteed they all try shit on.
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 @enis: niche sarcasm of a cricket game from 43 years ago on a mtb website Smile Love it!

Up the Wahs
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 @devlincc: you’re right they all try shit on. Even the kiwis. Maybe not this team… Pringle and a bottle cap come to mind.

The annoying thing about Australia cheating is they are the best team usually and don’t need to cheat.
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 @wynmasters: just needed to keep M Henry till the semis! How do you leave neesham out of the team??
We did well to make it that far. Man I hope the Hairy Rav keeps up this form!
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 @devlincc: Yeah Ranatunga, 1996 World Cup Final. Too fat to run, faked injury to keep up run rate.

Everyone cheats at some point. Was just a comment on the video and subsequent response...

Thats also why there is no winner for 7 years for the TDF...the UCI all just decided that everyone was juicing anyway...write those years off
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 @enis: have you seen Steve Smith is profiteering off it by doing fake apology advertising videos for kayo?

Absolutely disgraceful
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I don't get back home much these days. Not seen that.
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 If they want to make it proper hard they should have an area of soft sand to ride through.
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 CX style?! Big Grin
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 Supercross style?
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 @wynmasters: Whoop whoop!
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 And a technical climb
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 @andwats: and everyone should should have to drink out of their own drink bottle
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 and stairs to climb
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 Slaying a dragon would be cool
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 Maybe they could go to Wales, I hear there's mud there
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 @MrRight: drink each others urine, that’s tough Wink
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 @sanchofula: it’s certainly something but I’m not sure if tough is the word that comes to mind
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 @andwats: this would actually be hilarious
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 @wynmasters I'd propose to use the "Wyn-scale" from now on for every feature. From a quarterwyn to a triplewyn - finally something to bring the two worlds of metric system and stupidity together!
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 I measure jumps on the DeVitio scale instead.
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 @moondustdictator: That jump was 27.6 Danny Devitos long
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 Hardline > Rampage
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flag ridetorqued (Nov 20, 2023 at 7:49) (Below Threshold)
 Don’t understand how people can unironically say this.
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 @ridetorqued: hard to argue about a what a clock says for a finishing result compared to judges.
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 Christ on a bendy bus
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 Christ on a sendy bus
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 Hopefully not Christ on the mendy bus...
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 @Muzled: I heard he’s making a comeback.
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 come up short and he'll get nailed again.
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 I've always wondered what it would be like to race the Fest Series jumps...
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 what kind of weird microphone is that, Wyn?
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 So there's gonna be a DH event as well. That's veeeeery interesting. Hope it gets a proper line up, no semis and RB style broadcasting!
Is Warner booked already?
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 I'm pretty sure this is why he chose to stay with RB.
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 Jumps look insane. Hope there's some tech in there as well though
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 Can we have a NZ round next time around as well?? Seeming as the riders will be downunder anyway...
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 Simon French is trying to get that organised for the World Cups. One in Oz and one in NZ to start the season off in 2025.
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 Looking legit so far! Can't wait to see the finished product!
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 yess, gee's gonna be ready for that one for sure
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 Personally, I'd rather see him just relax a bit. I'm tired of seeing my mans obliterate himself.
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 Give the man a mic or a team to manage at this point.
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 Holy smokes. Looks huuuggee! WynTv all hardline week please!!!
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 Needs to have a healthy dose of Ed Bull Mediahouse as well.
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 Morerer of this sort of ting
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 Looks so rad. Its like Fest/Rampage/DH all in one track.
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 Go big…
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 Go *B*I*G*...
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 Life's too short not to go big, gotta go big!
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 What a great way to start the WYN-TER. Must be nice!
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 Dropping in Mad- an’tya!… Yeahhhh!
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 They do indeed look scary.
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 I wonder when they will bring some actual physics to the building. You can certainly trust your gut, but when shit is this big you need to bee extra careful.
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 We are absolutely using physics for the final dimensions such as approach speed and release angle for jumps. There is a massive amount of work into design, implementation, and testing procedure for key features.
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 Just get Brendog and his dig crew to figure it out.
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 Wow. Just wow.
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