Video: Wyn TV - Crankworx Innsbruck DH

Oct 5, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

Wyn cranks out the post-race interviews at Crankworx Innsbruck.


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 Am I the only one who noticed that the shimano crank seems a little odd... It's not the drive side crank, because that would have a spindle connected to it, and it has a secured spindle bolt and I can see a pre load collar on the back of the crank, is this a new spindle/crank design from shimano???? No pinch bolts and stuff????
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 the new XTR crank has finally ditched the pinch bolts
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 Yes, the new XTR M9100 cranks use this design. Similar to other brands, but new to Shimano HTII cranks and not yet featured on other models
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i have missed DH so much there is a hole in my soul. Thanks to Mr. Masters for the entertainment.
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 most expensive mic ever??
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 you really don't know anything about microphone prices, right? Wink
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 And you haven't watched many wyn tv episodes either?
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 LOL hardly. In a recording studio it's not uncommon for a drum kit to be surrounded by 100k worth of microphones.
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 Wyn TV is always classic
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 Wyn is a funny guy & I really like Wyn TV, but dude; quit taking the mic away from your guests as they are talking. Quit interrupting them. You asked them a question, let them answer you.
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 Ha, when and where were Mick and Wyn laying pavers together?
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 2007 or 08 in Cairns Australia
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 @wynmasters: Mick on the podcast?
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 @als802: for sure when the season is done I’m back in to it
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 See what he did there
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 Wheelie good Wyn

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