Video: Wyn TV - EWS Tweed Valley

Oct 7, 2021
by GT Bicycles  

It's the last race of the EWS season in Tweed Valley. Wyn checks in with the riders after the race as they shift gears into the off-season. One lucky privateer donator wins a GT frame so stick around to the end to see if it was you!

Film/Edit: Jules Bellot


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 Thanks for doing these all season Wyn, your post-race interviews are an essential part of the experience (and way better than the official Red Bull & EWS content).
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 WynTV is the glue that holds the whole circus together.
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 First time i've ever seen Richie smile lol. What a great series from wyn. Best in the Biz
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 He was actually funny too. Tough way to end the season, not sure it should have been a DQ but it is what it is.
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 That wee comment from Jack = f*ck you Gwin! Always felt like he got stiffed when the intense deal ended. Absoultly stoked for him for winning the season, so deserved.
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 I was wondering who he was referring to, was it Gwin or Intense
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 @DC1988: with zero evidence, i feel in was aimed at Gwin and associates. He said ‘people’ that screwd him…so there was something personal going on there.
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 Naw, it was cannondale, right? He had a handshake agreement with them to race wc dh with them and after everyone else had contracts locked in, they scrapped their dh team and dh bike at the last minute. I could be wrong tho. Either way, was great to see Jack do so amazing in his first year!
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 Video not available
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 Video not available because someone is still assembling the 23 pieces of the Shimano 12x cassette for mic/ad placement.
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 Try copying the link and paste into an incognito mode tab - works for me when this happens.
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No Wyn TV until March??
Can't have that. I'm willing to watch some ciclocross action and interviews or something!
Great job Wyn, you're the man.
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 I'd watch him interview random people in his local forest or whoever he decides to interview...
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 What an absolute legend
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 Massive shout to Becky Cook, full privateer and full self funded EWS season finishing in 14 overall!!
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 Interesting what Greg C said about the 45 cassette - I wonder if most of the EWS pros are running those rather than the 51...
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 Man, these post race episodes are so good. Thanks Wyn!
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 Such a great series. Thank you Wyn Masters!
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 Great interview with Nico, the Goat of all around gravity riding. Rude seems to be pretending he didn't know his cheat line was illegal when it was obviously. This interview really foreshadows how e bikes will inevitably take over EWS.
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 I understood what he said as he knew it was risky and that he was being cheeky but the penalty was a shock. It is in the rule book so if you are going to push the boundaries you may as well ready the penalty section too. I thought the interview would clear things up but all he could do is blame the penalty as harsh. Read up man!
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 @BeardlessMarinRider: Rude said they changed the tape the next day so that shows some culpability on the part of the organizers.
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 @DDoc: His interview was very telling that he absolutely knew he was bending the rules so tape or no tape he knew he should have been between the gates. The new taping just made it impossible to cheat. I don't have much sympathy for him whinging about the severity of the punishment when it was handled according to the rule book. Quite a devisive incident but this interview was very reminiscent of an unrepentant doper
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 @BeardlessMarinRider: Agreed, Rude has developed a reputation as a cheater now for sure, and justifiably. Seems to be in his blood.
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 @BeardlessMarinRider: I
was hoping he would interview his brother to see if he stl thought it was not on and was bullshit
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 Wonder if he said something the Youtube mod gods didn’t like‽
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 Maybe Jack asked him/gt to wait till his monster energy sponsorship was officially announced? I don't know, it's just a guess?
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 great video as always... Seemed to me like Sam Dale has some news up his Sleeve for next year..?
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 He's an amazing rider and does pretty well when he turns up to race. Hope he gets a bit more support and races more next season. EWS and DH. But maybe he's happy just having a laugh with the 50:01 crew...
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