Video: Wyn TV - EWS Zermatt 2020

Sep 1, 2020
by GT Bicycles  

bigquotesWyn TV is back for the first round of the EWS in Zermatt, Switzerland. Wyn ‘brakes’ out the rotor mic and checks in with Bernard Kerr, Morganne Charre, Greg Callaghan, Nico Vouilloz, Jack Moir, Martin Maes, and others to see how their first day back at school went.


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 Good to see Wyn TV back after a long "brake" in the action! (Did you hear about the guy addicted to brake fluid? He says he can stop anytime!)
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 nice one
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 @bretttippie did you hear about the guy addicted to Muc-Off? Actually, never mind, he's clean now.
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 @snl1200: ha ha funny! I have to use that!
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 I didn't know how much I missed Wyn's racing coverage! Great to hear from the racers about the wild conditions and see a brake rotor in their happy faces. Thanks Wyn!
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 Win or lose we're on the booze!
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 You couldn't do this in F1, it'd be so boring. Love the pro mtb crowd and Wyn TV is pure gold!
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 The funniest thing I ever saw in F1 was when Ron Dennis (not noted for being funny in public) snuck up on Eddie Jordan during a live post-race broadcast, cut the cable to his headset, then melted back into the crowd.
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 Wyn has matured and improved tremendously as an interviewer! Still plenty of personality, but paying more attention to the interviewee and the race than he is on getting in an awkward joke. Great job!
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 Why EWS don't come to Greece to enjoy the trails (yes Greece is 80% mountainering) and the nice warm weather for a race, during this period of time and they choose places with high probability of shitty weather conditions that limits performance and enjoyment.
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 Find someone in Greece to come up with a race project and the money needed to organize it. Then apply. It is not so easy.
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 I now understand why contraceptions fail seeing how some people wear their masks...
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 There's a couple of people I don't recognise in plain coats and facemasks (fairly certain I could ID them in race kit). Put their names on the screen Wyn.
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 will look in to that in future
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 @wynmasters: That would be epic mate!
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 "ohhh mate, I couldn't see at the bottom, everyone was like "I had roll offs on" no, I couldn't see cuz i was f*cked" hahahaha
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 Agreed, super funny!
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 Eddie Masters trolling Bernard Kerr on Instagram. I feel like there is a tense conversation happening in the background being facilitated by social media platforms. Its like trying to estimate some kind of latent state of their actual relationship.
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 Liking that jacket Martin is wearing.
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 Love a bit of WynTV, it always puts a smile on my face.
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 Matt Stuttard needs some grip tape for that slippery mask Wink
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 Remember not to touch the rotor on your calf after a long descent!!
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 Wyn for Prez!!!!
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 Onza, Vetta, Tioga, GT All Terra, total Vintage!
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 Best thing that came out of 2020 so far! Thanks!
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 Wyn is such a gem for the MTB community. Puts out incredible content, on and off the bike, still manages to race, and sets up funds supporting privateers. Be like Wyn.
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 Whoop, whoop WynTV FTW!
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 Look at the camera Wyn! Cheers mate!
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 I think he does better when he's looking at the riders he's interviewing. He interrupts less when he's paying attention to them and I think he gets a better back and forth interaction. A few years ago he was interrupting riders constantly, now I think his interactions are really good.
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 @jaredmh: Wyn has carved a fantastic niche into the MTB racing media circus over many years. Self-taught, self-motivated and I guess largely self-funded?!
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 @jaredmh: Agreed. He's making solid improvement. Smile
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 looks like Wyn TV also has a new camera as well, footage and colours are looking sharp!
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 Loved that. Elliot Heap's so funny and a great rider. I think he'll fill Sam's shoes one day.
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 Always entertaining
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 Would love to see Borges and Adrien also on intervew
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 Borges had already gone home, these are just the people I find in the pits still generally
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 @wynmasters: You are slacking Wyn, you have to find them out just like you do Danny Hart.

Nice interview and good luck for the next race
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 @wynmasters: still a nice interview
as allways
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