Video: Wyn TV, Finals - EWS Val di Fassa

Jun 30, 2019
by GT Bicycles  

bigquotesWyn switches gears from DH to EWS to talk with all the movers and shakers in Canazei. Plus find out who wins the privateer or the week award!


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 No Wyn TV in Andorra ? It's finally time for Danny TV to shine !
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 Did Wyn call Eddie's team pervert factory racing? Or was it just his accent?
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 bru if you can't tell then we definitely can't on this side of the world
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 Wyn: Ride a DH world cup
Flo: Nah
Wyn: Ride a DH world cup
Flo: Well...
Wyn: Ride a DH world cup
Flo: Oh alright then

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 Richie looks like his eyes got stung by bees but was to scared clearasil might be banned to take them
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 I doubt that acne medicine would do anything for a bee sting. Benadryl is the antihistamine.
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flag laxguy (Jul 1, 2019 at 8:40) (Below Threshold)
 @leifgren: its a joke dude
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 @leifgren: my bad i was actually thinking of claritin but got it confused
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 Would be nice if UCI could sort their shit out so somebody like Eddie Masters didn't have to choose between rounds of EWS or DH WC. Has to give up either a top 3 overall, or sneaky chance of top 10 in the other.
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flag deco1 (Jul 1, 2019 at 9:09) (Below Threshold)
 I know the UCI bashing is in except when people want to use them to support there favourite drug cheating enduro racers but why should they schedule there DH world cups around EWS rounds, firstly for a World Cup there is so much more organisation in terms of Redbulls TV setup and secondly the UCI DH World Cup date’s are always set months and months before the EWS announce there rounds.
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 @deco1: yes, you already know basically one season in advance
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 @deco1: He didn't say that you need to schedule DH around EWS. it could be the other way around
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flag deco1 (Jul 1, 2019 at 10:39) (Below Threshold)
 @goldencycle: I draw your attention to literally the first line “Would be nice if UCI could sort their shit out”. Maybe you don’t know but UCI organise DH world cups and EWS is organised by the EWS completely different from the UCI.

So please to don’t give props on something you are so uninformed about or completely don’t understand.
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 @deco1: lol, the UCI and EWS are working together on the EWS as of this year. Call me uninformed again
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 @goldencycle: @goldencycle: No there not that’s just for the Drug testing because before last season the EWS no doping testing and last year they employed some third party to do it, but this year they have got the UCI to do it. UCI has nothing to do with the organisation on the series only the doping part.

So yeh dude your so uninformed it’s actually a f*cking joke, I can’t believe the people on here would upvote you whilst downvote me when I’m clearly the only one of us two who know what I’m talking about.

Seriously though man just do some quick research before you post it will do you a world of good, all your doing is spreading misinformation and to be so arrogant about it is truely shameful.
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 @deco1: That just isn't true. They are working together outside of simply doping. A clear example of that is this year's world championships. That's all UCI. Also, it is not a stretch to think that because they work together on the world championships and other parts of the event and the Enduro discipline as a whole, they could coordinate scheduling of the events and locations to facilitate riders participating in both DH and Enduro.

You're right that doping was a large part of the conversation, but to say the entire deal was only around doping is just incorrect.

Also, I think one of the bigger reasons why you were downvoted wasn't just your opinion. It was your assholish way of delivering it. It is possible to speak your mind without coming across as an arrogant douche to everyone else.
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 No Sam??
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 Huh. The Enduro racers seem a bit....dunno....reserved with Wyn?
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 @oldfut - Agreed. Wyn - give them a bit more time to speak they are not up to speed yet.
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 Wait, what?! T-mo might be back for a round? Really hope that happens!
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 Neither wyn nor richie dared. :-)
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 Yeah, unusually reserved for Wyn, I though for sure he wouldn't be able to resit going there.
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 @Clarkeh: probably because of the other case in his team
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 No drink bottle mic haha
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 WynTV is literally the best media format around mtb racing in my opinion. Thanks and keep it going!

I think the hair might be part of the secret. If Wyn cut his hair, would he look like Ed?
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 Isabeau looked star struck
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 I think Wyn is doing a fine job. Keep it up, Wyn!
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 Wyn just pretty much signed the death certificate for DH.
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 Why’s that?
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 @vhdh666: he chose EWS over DH next weekend
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 @thesharkman: I don't think he has that much influence to sign a death certificate.

But maybe, just like his brother, he's more successful at Enduro than at DH.
... and at enduro races, you get to ride your bike much more, so that might be more fun.
... and the courses are more exciting
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 He should have a draw for his microphone(s)
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