Video: Wyn TV Finals - Leogang DH World Champs 2020

Oct 12, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesAfter a brutal World Champs race, Wyn hits the pits to see who survived. GT Bicycles


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 Wyn tv after practice:

Brannigan: hates everything
Wilson: loved everything

Wyn tv after the race:

Brannigan: s out
Wilson: won

= mental game
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 Chicken or the egg. Wilson is better at riding this stuff and that made him like the track. Brannigan struggles so he didn’t like it. I don’t think brannigan could just choose to like riding in these conditions
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 Before it rained I thought it looked like one of the best tracks in WC for a good while, honestly just disappointed we didn't get to see that track get attacked by the best in top form, instead we got a race that was just an effort in survival for almost everyone.
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 @Clarkeh: Which is pretty amazing I'd say, it's a different skillset but skill non the less. I'd like to see it in prime dirt also, and this race was pretty fun for me.
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 @kleinblake: A true pro would embrace the suck and find motivation to get better at riding in the mud. Wink
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 I was watching Minaar just come out to the edge of the top portion trying to get a grasp on the best line...but I think he was mostly thinking..."Snow...what the heck"
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 Bruni: ...i would have married myself!
Girlfriend: MUAHAHA!
Brilliant stuff - i love WynTV!
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 Does it mean he's going to propose to Reece then?
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 i know it was a crazy race and a crazy set of circumstances but it still feels wrong that the womens world champion cant afford to go to some of the circuit races coming up
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 Good for Wyn for making that known to potential sponsors
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 Brilliant run from Reece, so chuffed for the lad
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 Would have been better to see it somewhere. Rb kinda skipped it. His wood sections must have had some danny or sam moments.
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 Sam Hill missed a chance Wink Listening to Gwin I think he would really benefit from flats Wink
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 Jolanda was like a rainbow emerging from a sea of dark clouds. GOOD WORK LUCA
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 Tummer about practice : "I thought I had a good line then 2 runs later in was gone"
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 someone ...... anyone........... Beuller tell me about the Jamaican flags for the Kerr's mechanics on the bus decals?
awesome mon
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 Those masks look clean and healthy, Ed's in particular ????
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Love Wyn TV
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 Best interviewing in the business. And hard work too! People will look back in 30 years and say this was the golden era of mountain bike commentary. Actually, I as I say that, Rob Warner in the Freecaster days was something to note. But now it's both! Man, life is good.
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 Does no one know how to keep a mask on their nose ?
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 It's not about knowing though, the masks are just too big for them.
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 @AlexD96: i dont think those fabric ones have the little aluminum pinch bar in them. If you have that , they should never fall down like that.
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 @Three6ty: depends how big your nose is. Speaking for a friend.
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 @mitochris: I have a big one so I have no Problems at all!!! HAHA
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flag FlysDown (Oct 12, 2020 at 11:19) (Below Threshold)
 Is that you Karen?
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 This was driving me nuts. Get a mask that stays on when you speak.
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 Put your fucking mask on Fischbach!
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 Wait, did Dany Hart always sound like Winnie the Pooh? How have I never noticed this?

These track conditions - oh, bother!
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 Love me some Wyn tv but getting a bit long for work viewing.
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 Yeah, I think I need a new job were 45-60 mins, uninterrupted, pink bike scrolling/MTB video watching each day is acceptable.. Encouraged even!
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 adapt and overcome
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 @cessman: Social media marketing in the bike industry!
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 I think in my last job I managed to “sit on the toilet” for an hour most days Smile
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 Working from home. Who's there to check?
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 No idea what you're on about, mate.

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