Video: Wyn TV - Maribor World Cup #2

Oct 20, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesWyn hits the pits and gets to grips with everyone after the second race of the 2020 season in Maribor.GT Bicycles

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 The retro GT jersey is absolute fire
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 And I thought that a retro one would be a Greg Hill one from the 80s...
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 all terra they say :-)
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 Congrats to Mucoff for making the only mask that seems to stay in place when you talk!
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 Pretty much the best thing they make, and they probably don't actually make them
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 Yeah, I found watching Gwin's mask super awkward
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 One of the women was using the buff mask in a previous video, those things don't move at all. Surprised more people aren't using them or something similar with full straps instead of ear loops
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 I liked Danny Hart's mask. Looked very natural and did not seem to slip at all.
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 @src248: That's basically what Wyn has. They're supposed to be too thin to give very good protection though. Of course, they're not made to be a germ barrier. LOL.
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 @mybaben: I mean they make actual face masks with a filter, uses straps that go around the head above and below your ears
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 @src248: Buff does? That's cool. I'll take a look. Cheers.
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 The Buff masks have replaceable filter paper which supposedly offers the same effect as a surgical mask. They do stay in place very well, and are comfortable, but they are a ball-ache to put on as the pocket for the filter isn't very well designed. Without a filter they are too thin to provide anything other than show.
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 More exciting story line?

Loris vs. Loic


Angel vs. Kerr
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 Don't sleep on Matt vs Danny
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 Bernard was a pro when Wyn tried to stir the pot. Respect to BK after coming off like a bit of a snitch last time.
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 Loris curses like a sailor Smile
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 Fuck yea
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 like a frenchman
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 'scuse the French...
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 Wyn TV is the best. It's son nice that we get to know all the riders and their perspective on the race. The young guys are so authentic. Great job!
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 I wonder how´s the dinamic under that Madison Saracen tent. There must be a lot of tension
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 @fatduke: take my upvote and get the f*** out of my face
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 @ajaypate1: ha deal
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 Danny shows up to event:

Dominic: "Danny."
Danny: "Dominic."

Danny leaving event:

Dominic: "Danny."
Danny: "Dominic. Don't forget to write the last check. If you are looking for your prototype bike at the end of the can find it at the bottom of the North Sea."
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 There's something about Wyn and Danny's interactions I really enjoy. I think it used to be a bit more antagonistic, but they bring out the best in each other.
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 good job wyn! thanks for your contribution to the sport, this show is great to watch after each race!!
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 no doubt - and iirc, they're much longer this year too. sign me up.
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 100% agree, I like that riders like Gwin and Bruni give decent answers about the racing and conditions etc. There's also a good mix of riders in there from across the races.
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 Loris and Loic say phuck more than anyone and being ESL I like it.
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 From the sounds of it seems like Lousa might get cancelled...on the one hand I’d totally understand. But I really hope it doesn’t
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 Either that or some countries might close borders due to the second wave of infections all over Europe, which might prevent some teams from getting to Portugal.
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 Yeah, technically it's Portugal, but Spain is blowing up right now with C-19!! Frown
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 'Crashed my brains out'.
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 we want jack! we want jack! we want jack! YYYYEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH
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 Attaboy, Dante! Reppin San Diego, that dusty domain with barely any nearby legal riding. Keep it up!
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 West coast!
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 These episodes are just great!
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 Love this sport. Top guys always seem so down to earth. I wonder if they actually made top dollar like other sports would that "vibe" would stay the same?
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 Love Minnaar for that reason. So much more mature and intelligent than the youngsters in their early 20s.
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 Stay on your mask, Danny!!!
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 “Gotta pull up like a school boy!” lol
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 Wyn, legend mate! Great job. Getting better and better. You're a pro interviewer now. Cheers mate.
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 That retro gr Jersey!
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 hahaha that kid Loris gonna get some tonight!
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