Video: Wyn TV from the 'NotARace' iXS Cup Test Session

Jul 6, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

While the race season is on hold, Wyn Masters decided to invite some of the World's fastest riders to Schladming Bike Park for two days of timed testing. Together with Markus Pekoll, and Uwe Buchholzand and the crew from Racement, Wyn created NotARace - iXS Test Session to see how everyone's getting along during the extended offseason.

Check out all the behind the scenes action.


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 Wyn Masters doing more for mtn'ing than the UCI.
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 Yeah Wyn for president of mountain biking,that was a bloody good test event & every rider was really enjoying the track.
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flag LavenderGooms (Jul 6, 2020 at 17:33) (Below Threshold)
 x10 negative props. UCI made a substantial and legitimate Covid schedule. Its a bummer that their events keep getting cancelled but its not the UCI's fault. They delivered a perfect covid schedule. Fuck off.
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 What were the times? I want to ''Look at the time!''
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 @LavenderGooms: chill

@fatduke learn to spell mtb'ing you tit its not like you've been doing this for over 10years.
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 "You spit up on the end of this wand, then I'll stick it my face and return the favor. Over and over."

Still, nice to see Wyn doing Wyn things again......
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 I want to see a show down between Uncle Ray and Fat Eddie (Masters)
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 Nice to get back to some (not) racing normalcy. Cheers Wyn!
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 i missed this abnormal normalcy!
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 I was really hoping to see Uncle Ray pull some donuts in the parking lot with the car of his
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 Damn that is cool to get footage, photos, a wynTV ep and some content, without the WC on. Thanks, WynBro for making this happen!!
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 When Wyn retires from racing I hope he gets to be a race commentator. He'd be great at it.
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 Awesome idea Wyn!
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 thats one long bog brush.
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 Think this is better than racing, more soooooooon, I for one hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 Yeah the schlads! Cheers Wyn
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 It's nice to see a hint of normalcy within this crappy COVID world. Thanks Wayn!
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 genuinely thought that the guy in the background of the article pucture had a ktm with 40's
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 can we get a not schedule for the rest of these?
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 didn't know you can use potato bazooka as a microphone
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 Really enjoyed the coverage from this! Excellent work from Wyn and Markus
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 Wash your hands don't touch your face.
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 What helmet was that Markus was wearing
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 @nug12182: Ahh still a half shell type helmet with a chin bar.
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 I thought that was a plow pipe Wyn had, but turns out it was a brush?
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 Just puts a big smile on my face.
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 Thanks Wyn!
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