Video: Wyn TV Returns from the Copa Catalana DH

Apr 13, 2021
by GT Bicycles  

bigquotesWyn TV returns for the 2021 season! Wyn Masters is trackside at the Copa Catalana DH race to get a handle on the pre-season vibe.

Filmed/Edited: Jules Bellot


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 Filmer here, sorry about the terrible sound , the lowest gain wasn’t low enough for wyn’s exitment, the poor thing eventually gave up mid shooting leaving us with a bunch of unusable interviews. We’ll fix it for the next one Wink
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 Never compress sheer excitement.
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flag stflood (Apr 14, 2021 at 9:14) (Below Threshold)
 Are you sure it doesn't have anything to do with the diaper on his face?
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 Subtitles for the win Smile (if you manage to understand)
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 You get the feeling Wyn’s been a little cooped up this Winter?
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 You mean this last 14 months?
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 He's just spent the winter in the UK, enough to send anyone a bit crazy.
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flag holdandhope (Apr 13, 2021 at 23:42) (Below Threshold)
 Nah the twat has been traveling all around the Uk while were in lockdown...
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 @holdandhope: elite athletes was allowed to they had the go ahead from British cycling.
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 @wellbastardfast:well, some athletes were allowed but chose not to, just because you can does not mean you should. Cough, cough, Mr Hill

But hey, welcome to Europe /Britain 2021, where shortsighted frantic defense of individual liberties and purely economically motivated decisions outweigh longterm solidarity, science and common sense
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 @Wheeeliemann: if “science and common sense” were involved then nobody would have any problem with someone traveling a bit to go mountain biking. And we wouldn’t need to limit that to elite athletes.

But they went out the door a long time ago, so instead we decided to get on the internet and shame people for doing things that they are and should be allowed to do.
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 @Wheeeliemann: Sam Hill was all over Australia as well, races with his kids, riding himself and putting out videos. He chose not to leave Australia because that requires lengthy flights and quarantine upon return for two weeks so he could not go back and forth to see his family. Wyn was in the UK the whole time and like every other elite athlete he was out riding.
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 It's not like he can work from home......
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 He could be referring to the “shoot yourself in the foot” movement called referred to as Brexit.
Or perhaps not...just another view.
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 @Cherry79: I’m sure he was using Wyn and Sam to cast aspersions on some larger issue. That larger issue may even deserve aspersions.

But a dumb argument is still dumb, even if the conclusion happens to be correct.
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 @Cherry79: I doubt it. Anyone who voted for Brexit as a purely economically motivated decision needs a frontal lobotomy.
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 tough look for 'title' rn
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 Nah. Dude said he crashed.
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 Wyn, have you ever heard of a compressor on your mic? Comes standard with my editing software.
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flag rewob (Apr 14, 2021 at 0:12) (Below Threshold)
 It needs to be fixed. Not clicking another one of these if it's going to hurt my earballs for 13min again.
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 At 3:07 I believe Wyn morphs into the cookie monster
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 RIP audio levels Glad this is back!
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 Nice - so good to see WynTV back and a funny as interview with Amaury Jean Girad.
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 I look forward to racing season just for Wyn TV.
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 Watch out this Pau might gonna be world champion soon... he seems got that Bruni´s outer worldly cape too...
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 He's rockin those dense brows - those(Br)unibrows are fast......
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 Wyn for the win!! So happy to see Wyn interviewing again! Cheers mate!
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 Thank you GT WynTV! As goofy as that was, it still was cool.
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 Wyn's skill and style as an interviewer is greatly underrated!
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 missed this!!!! Thanks WYN!!!
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 "Outdoors...with Geoff" lol
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 Excellent work guys!
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 HAhaha- My ears are still bleeding
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 please work on the sound
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 Soo gooodddd thanks wyn
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 Glad to see you back
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 He didn´t interview his team mate who was 3rd on a new preproduction enduro bike? strange...
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 I did interview him along with Loic but the mic died unfortunately so the interview without audio isn’t so interesting
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 @wynmasters: next time use Loris’s bars for a mic.
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 @wynmasters: I would have not bothered see subtitles prior to censorship... Wink Now I understand why there was so much bulk have the video...
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