Video: Wyn TV Trackwalk - Maribor World Cup DH 2020

Oct 14, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesWyn gets on track to talk to riders as they saddle up for another big week of racing.

Filmed/Edited: Jules Bellot

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Bike Park Pohorje


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 I get the sense from that Danny interview that he's been screwed over. I hope he gets another team soon as he's a top rider.
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 Would be cool to see him ride for Atherton bikes.
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 @evildos: HARD NO
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 Mad respect for him - you can tell he's biting his tongue, which is very smart. Well played Danny, all the best in the future.
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 @evildos: I don’t reckon they would pay him what he deserves
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 The future looks bright, the future looks orange? Surely not though.
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 Yeah the pause at 12:25 was a bit interesting. Danny is such an amazing rider and has proven he has a stellar work ethic. I wish him the best and think any team would be lucky to have him! Consistent class and heart.
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 I heard he's going to Cove. They've built up a 27.5 / 26 Mullet Shocker for him and called it 'One up the date'
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 I feel like Wyn TV has helped Danny come out of his shell a bit. Or at least, he's so much more animated and engaging now than he was in older episodes. Cool to watch and looking forward to his team announcement: hopefully he found a sick ride for 2021.
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 I was thinking the same. Danny seemed very uncomfortable in front of a camera for many years. But he really has come around as a regular personality since last year
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 Danny is like another danny now wow loved it!! Best of luck to such a talented rider.
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 I doubt he'll miss those Lazer helmets!
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 agree..they are horrible
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 If you are talking about Madison Saracen, they have been using TLD for some time now
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 Two people who need to be part of every Wyn Tv are...
Danny Hart and Reece Wilson. They seem to never get caught up in silly bullshit at race week. I mean all this talk about the confusion of two tracks being open at practice blah blah blah. And here comes Reece with "well it's not that hard, its like a corner and a straight section" then you have Danny just making fun of all the Bro-English that gets used to explain a jump... Hahaha
Not to beat a dead horse but Madison Saracens management still looking like a group of goofs lol
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 Will Longden always seems like an arse. Body language is so off.
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 Well, he runs a team that managed to screw up having a Top 5 (arguably top 3?) male downhill racer who happens to be UK's top rider for a UK brand. Not sure how that team recovers from this.
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 @gramboh: I think they will let their riding do the talking! Time training shows different!
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 Not a fan of longden either, was always a bit of a knob on the UK DH circuit back in the day when I came across him and so being the team manager that ethic is always going to pervade.
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 @giantmtballtheway: timed training eh, might as well hand over the British title now
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 They need to interview Danny's Dad.
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 I'm scared
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 I would watch that. And Cam's dad, too.
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 Danny's interview reminded me of interviews with Kimi Raikkonen
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 Imagine if we had pit to bike radio..
"Danny, ok, we need to keep the tyres on the dirt, ok? keep the tyres on the dirt"
"Yeh yeh yeh, i'm doing all t'time, no need t'remind every 10 seconds.."
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 The future looks bright, the future looks ORANGE?
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 Please, no! He deserves better
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 Don't use words like these lightly lest they become reality. I really really hope we won't see another four years of Trump.
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 @lance2012: ha, it'd be great to see them back with an elite world race team, I just wish they could see that their intrinsic value as a brand doesnt have to revolve around bent aluminium sheeting with enormous welds and a single pivot. Their history and quality is enough to shine through whatever material/suspension design they use.
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 @oatkinso: True.

...'revolve around bent aluminium sheeting with enormous welds and a single pivot' haha
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 @lance2012: isn't the new stumpjumper single pivot?
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 @oatkinso: I'd like to know what's wrong with "bent aluminium sheeting" and a single pivot. Look at other performance motorsports and MTB seems to somehow be the place where carbon fiber everything pretends to be mandatory.

Same with single pivots. You can do plenty with a true single pivot and good shock technology, and even more with a linkage driven single pivot
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 @Arierep: i think its partly a price point issue, partly a marketing issue and partly an aesthetic issue. coming from a purely pragmatic standpoint no, theres nothing 'wrong' with it as such, I just think if I was looking at buying an aluminium dh bike I wouldnt look any further than a commencal supreme at £5400 for the top model, £1500 cheaper than an Orange 329 Factory. Any more than that and i'd like carbon for my money, but maybe thats just me.
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 @oatkinso: ok, that's a valid point, Oranges are indeed on the expensive side for aluminium frames. But one should not forget they're made in the UK, and at least for me, that's a big difference that not only partially justifies the higher price but also comes as a big selling point
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 @Arierep: there’s nothing particularly special about it being made in the uk it’s just that wages are higher and that’s why they are ridiculously over priced. To be totally honest most frames are made in Taiwan and I’m fine with that.
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 @Bigwill13: well, that's fine on your part. I personally value European manufacturing, and when the Euro plummets we'll be thankful for any penny that goes into European industry.
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 @Bigwill13: They're not ridiculously overpriced, they're normally priced so that the dude crafting it (who could be your neighbor or even you) can live a decent life. It's the ones made overseas that are ridiculously cheap. Of course there's nothing particular, until it's your job that's sent overseas (unless you're a farmer).
It's socio-economic patriotism. Cuz to quickly draw the big picture more unemployment means for violence/poverty.
(I'm not saying I'm perfect, I also buy things made oversea, but I keep that whole thing in mind).
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 @Will-narayan @Arierep im largely with you both tbh, I was just voicing the average consumer rather than myself. My first ever gravity bike was a 7+ back in the day and those Steve Peat days are some of the most iconic in the sport imo, so where im coming from is wanting them to do well; they seem to have fallen by the wayside somewhat over the last 10 years or so. I think it'd be interesting to see them go down more of a pushing the boundaries kinda route, becoming the Unno of Halifax ha. I get that they invested in certain manufacturing processes though, and their skills base is based around those techniques. Tricky one. Maybe signing a big name is the way forward, I dunno, will it equate to more bike sales? Doesnt seem to have worked for Saracen judging by the bikes I see at the trails, but then they went carbon ha, so what do I know.
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 @oatkinso: being built in the UK was a nice to have when I bought my Four. However, I think Taiwanese frames are possibly better built.
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 @Arierep: I also value European manufacturing. I think more should be manufactured close to home. My point was that imho orange are really expensive for what they are.
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 @Bigwill13: Ok. Gotta say I haven't particularly compared to a BTR for instance.
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 @oatkinso: being made with aluminium isn't an issue, Commencal are doing pretty well without carbon. I think the issue with orange is sticking with a straight up single pivot, it gives no opportunity to tune progression and other suspension characteristics. Really they need to go for a linkage driven single pivot to hone the suspension a bit more. The geometry of the latest oranges seems good too, and their simplicity does mean they weigh less than alot of other bikes.
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 @Will-narayan: I’ve just bought a stanton and they are so well priced. At least with btr and stanton etc you can have what ever you want made for the money. Proper craftsmanship and great service.
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 @melonhead1145: I would love to see something with oranges style but something new and different at the same time.
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 @melonhead1145: I like that Orange are doing their own thing. Why make them like every other bike?
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 Danny deserves a seat on a first tier frame. New team, etc it doesn't matter, but get the man on the top level bike with a proven platform and we will get to see the consistent top results Danny is capable of.
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 Yt tues had some good result under Gwin! Now some Austrians pick this bike and aren't that bad on!
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 The whole world: Danny stay on your bike!
Madison Saracen: Danny go find another bike.
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 I wonder what really happened between Danny and his team
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 Anyway, it does not look like an amicable separation
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 I am hedging a guess at his old man flying off the handle 'again!' He was a well known character in the BDS scene, his way or no way!
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 Love you WYN! Im so glad he questioned Saracen. Shame the mask hid their facial expressions. You could still fell the tension.
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 Oh man, woulda loved to see Danny’s face without a mask during that one.
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 Danny is going to have something to prove for the remainder of the season. I'll be curious whether that gives him an edge or sends him over the edge. I hope it lights a fire, and he gets a dream contract at the end of the season.
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 I was just thinking how interesting it would be if he won one of the races this weekend.
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 @pumpjumpnflow: I’d love to see that!
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 I'd love it if he was green on every split then stopped at the finish line, tossed his bike to the side and walked over to take the win on foot In fact I'm calling it now
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 @johnnyboy11000: that would have been great; too bad UCI rules state both the rider and the bike have to cross the finish line
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 @johnnyboy11000: ghosty that shit over the line Smile
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 The future's bright...

Are Danny's race runs going to sound like a skeleton wanking into a biscuit tin next year then?

The guy who coined that phrase: outstanding!
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 Probably the greatest simile I have ever had the pleasure of reading
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 Looooooool mate
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 Back in the day before clutch derailleurs oranges did sound like a bag of spanners. The only benefit they had was the hollow swing arm did amplify the sound of the hub.... With clutch derailleurs and now their swing arms are 2 tubes, do they still sound like this?
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 Danny on Orange?
Futures bright? Orange had post last week about Tracy Hannah being last success at aWC on an Orange and how cool it would be for another win but there are no plans at the mo.......???
Danny stoking the rumour mill?
Either way bet the Missus is glad to hear he's not in the closet. Nearly choked on my brew
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 The futures bright, the futures Orange... as the old commercial used to go
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 Loris, please don't crash again on Sam Hill corner.
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 I love the idea of 2 races in 4 days at the same venue. fitness and preparation will be key, bridging the gap to Enduro.
I hope that it works out and we get more of this moving forward.

Danny... dont stay on yer bike, tell us they are mince bikes and to GTF. Then come back on a giant or something (just not a Commy) in 2021.
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 Kade = Soul Rider
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 That was awesome, thanks for the reverse interview Danny.
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 I wish Danny the very best of luck, He's a class rider always good to watch. Could he get on the New Cube 215 maybe it looks like a fast rig.
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 i reckon Nukeproof would get him and come back into DH
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 Nigel Page has already said they couldn’t afford another top tier racer on the other thread.
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 Crickets from Danny...hope the best for him.
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 Is there any real link to danny and orange? Or is it just the UK dream team wish??
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 Danny Hart is pure class.
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 What happened with Danny's dad?
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 Wyn's gonna be busier than ever!
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 can someone please explain to me how this 2 track system is going to work?
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 Race 1 they take track 1. Race 2 they take track 2.
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 I would watch a buddy comedy with Wyn and Danny any day
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