Video: WynTV - EWS Val di Fassa 2021 Race 2

Jun 28, 2021
by GT Bicycles  

Round two was a slipping and sliding affair. Wyn finds out who went down, who stayed up, and who gave it the berries during the race.

Plus, find out who wins Wyn's gravity card giveaway, and the Privateer of the week award.


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 @elyari thanks very much will do off to Les Gets for trackwalk video on Wednesday!
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 the last few minutes of that video, the cheering and friendliness between the riders really encapsulates the spirit of the boys and girls that make EWS and the MTB scene alive and kicking!
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 Yeah-yeah-ye-ye-ye-eeeeaaah! Props to the editor for the effects!
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 I can say I enjoy WynTV videos as much as the official highlights, keep them comin' @wynmasters !! \m/
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 Gotta disagree on this one. I enjoy WynTV much *more* than any official highlight video / recap.
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 @mi-bike: hahaha!! yeap, true Wink
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 @mi-bike: The editing on the official recap is always so strange. They'll be talking and then oh, here's the intro ok, followed by some silence, raw footage, a few insights on the lines people are taking, oh it's four minutes in? Probably time to show the map of the stages but let's do them out of order. It's better this year than in years past, but I always find it jumps around and does not tell a great coherent story of the day.
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 I cannot agree more with Pagey.. cut the guy some slack.. he'll come back to keep pushing all people.
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 Hips Don't Lie ft. Jack Moir
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 Thank you so much for the Wyn! Also god damn, Rude able to remove tires at will.
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 has there ever been a more documented tire blow out
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 @wynmasters I like your taste of beer, Tannenzaepfle

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 donated thanks to Maddog Boris
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 I just found it really encouraging to know that professionals also put the tires on backwards sometimes
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 Is Richie in Lycra?
is it not banned from EWS like it is from DH?

Asking for Jamie Edminson who stole a giants clothes and still won.
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 pure entertainment ! luv it
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 Nigel such a stand up guy.
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 Where is Martin Maes this season?
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 He just had a kid I think.
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 @4thflowkage: To be fair to women, the man mainly stands around nearby....having done it myself a couple times.
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I dont get why you're beeing downvoted.
'T was a joke!
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 @bertifromsk: I have my Haters!
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 Good to see Tomasso out and progressing in the sport! Breeding champs since ever!
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 Simply the best.
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 so fucking jazzing to ride after that!!!!!!!!

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