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Video: WynTV Finals from the Les Gets DH World Cup 2024

Jul 8, 2024
by Wyn Masters  

Wyn gets the post-race run down following a very wet Les Gets World Cup, that provided all the action!

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 Great interview with Minnaar, top stuff.
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 Greg is doing great for his time in the league however I’ve never seen him in an interview bring up injuries and danger as much as this one.
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 @abueno: He knows he's inching to retirement, so maintaining the facade of invulnerability is not as important as it was in the past. His insights are very human, and it's nice to hear.
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 @abueno: Being open an honest. Great stuff in this and every WynTV.
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 Other bike brands: support as many riders as necessary to sell as many bikes as possible. Max Commencal: sell as many bikes as necessary to support as many riders as possible.
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 Other's capitalists big corporation holding brands: support as few as necessary, and as cheap as possible...
Max Commençal: Share the love, spread the word through the World..

I preffer to feed Racers than Holdings..
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 Like Ferrari back in the 50s: we sell cars to customers so that we can pay for a race program.
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 @dirtmakesmehappy: ahh a fellow Michael Mann fan I see
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 @abueno: He did an incredible job with that film! I thought Driver was also fantastic, but Penelope took the f*cking cake with her crazed abandon throughout the film.
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 Gotta love Davide Palazzari's phrase "full tuna into the nets" :-))
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 I miss Frotha
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 Wyn is the best! Love all that he does for the sport!
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 Great scoop on Amaury was one of the few who ran mud-spike tires....... And Dak, always keep a spare roll of duct tape for those top vents!!! Amazing Dak was even able to see where to go considering his goggles situation.
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 surprising why so many top teams didn't use them... maybe cause only schwalbe has proper ones..
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 Minnaar made the final by 3 tenths of a second. Anyone playing the rain game in the current format is very brave.
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 He was joking about that one for sure, making the final is tough now
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 Wyn TV is the perfect polarization of the UCI coverage, super loose with a dash of human connection. Well done Wyn Masters.
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 Anyone else find it interesting that Peaty was hanging out in the Norco tent? Not surprising given his history with Minnaar and Sessler, but still makes me angry with Santa Cruz for breaking up the band.
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 There’s not room for both of them to be retired at SC, and if Greg ever does retire, They can have a great rivalry. It’s a win in disguise
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 Finn is always hyped! Love it
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 Great interview with the G.O.A.T.! Greg is a class act and currently the best ambassador for the sport!
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 and he was the only one sipping a Lager!
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flag yakimonti (Jul 8, 2024 at 17:13) (Below Threshold)
Class act eh? did you see the film on eurosport? where while he is riding for Santa Cruz, filming a documentary, he is publicly trashing his team, his mechanic, etc...I was kind of shocked by this as he has always seemed pretty contained. Honesty or not, you do not condemn those that support you in public anyway. Regardless, it is incredible to see someone at this age on a podium.
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 @jokermtb: I swear he's always drinking a beer in after race interviews LOL.
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 Damn, Brook MacDonald has sure lost some weight
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 Well done to Pompon for riding with what looked like a gnarly finger injury. She's hard as nails
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 Top job Wyn
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 Ella Svegby is very happy. True northern blood right there.
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 Give us news from Thibaut Daprela
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 Was he in the heli?!
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 What happened to Amaury's front tooth?
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 its painted as a joke
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 Best "off" and remount Finn Iles.
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 Looks Like Weed TV.

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