Video: WynTV, Finals - Les Gets World Cup DH 2019

Jul 13, 2019
by GT Bicycles  

It doesn’t get much sweeter than pain au chocolate and podiums on Bastille Day in Les Gets, France.


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 I've got some other suggestions for riders on expressing their feelings #chokethestoke:

- elated
- thrilled
- delighted

Can we get Wyn to teach some riders to use another word other than 'stoked'.

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 I thought I was only one that hates the word "stoked".
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 Would be stoked if he did this ;-)
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 Base vocabulary for every redbull or monster athlete.
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 They’re stoked to send the gnar! Where’s your respect for the culture??
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 @Vector1: I know mate, I think I'm a bit out of touch with the kids these days and could do with a few lessons!

Also - I hear the girls say 'Yeah Boy!' to other girls (whilst observing them sending the gnar) alot rather than 'Yeah Girl!'. Don't they want to say 'Yeah Girl!'? #ThisGirlCan
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 Brendog on snake-mode - the only one, quick enough to get a chunk of the microphone... And thanks for having Vali this time! Great performance from her!
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 #Bringbackmoir, #yeaahh
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 Favorite segment is the privateers cash winner. So happy to see it for those who deserve it. This is how sports is done.
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 No Danny TV? He was prolly too pissed to talk.
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 I wish someone looked at me, like Marine looked at that chocolatine...
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 I hear that intro sound and i start grinning.
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 Everyone wants Win's croissant, especially Tracy Big Grin
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 It wasn`t a croissant but a chocolatine which is a sort a croissant but rectangular with a bar of chocolate inside. A very delicious microphone actually Smile
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 Got to know how to pony like Bony Maronie, Mashed Potato, do the Alligator. Put your hands on your hips, let your back bone slip. Do the Watusi, like my little Lucy.
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 @Franzzz: exact name is "pain au chocolat" :p
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 @AAAAAHHH: Oh lalaaaaaa!!!!! BIG mistake my friend!!!

In the half north of France OK, but here in Toulouse and generally in the South West, a ``pain au chocolat``is a ``chocolatine`` and nothing else. Don`t mess up with that unless you wanna be kicked out of a bakery without any other form of justice!

Regarde plutôt:

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PS: Marine Cabirou says ``chocolatine``in her interview, and she`s from Millau in Aveyron, south-west.

Chocolatine über alles!!! Smile
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 @Franzzz: Ah come on buddy, in the South East of France, we know nothing about chocolatine but we are delighted to eat pain au chocolat all day long. As far as I know, les Gets have nothing to do with South West. No offense;-) !

PS : Gorafi link. I'm stoked !
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 @Franzzz: what's a chocolatine? Knew about pain au chocolat though
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 @Franzzz: In a Dundonian bakers you need to ask for a "chocolateeenanaw".
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 @shredright: Don`t put LSD in your chocolatine dude, because:
1st: it wastes a chocolatine
2nd: it doesn`t help you
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 @OZwild: all these baking distinctions are a pain in my chocolate that’s for sure
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 @cuban-b: Ah ah!!! It reminds me: I have an american collegue here in France who so amused with that `pain`confusion for meaning `bread`. For instance we have a bakery here which is called ``Les délices du Pain``, which means ``the delights of bread``, but from his point of view it sounds more like a BDSM club than like a bakery Smile
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 Who got the privateer award ? Hoffman ? Does Trummer qualifies as a privateer ?
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 Oli Zwar, from Australia
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 Strange that Trummer or Jack Reading didn't win the prize this time around, surely if Nina Hoffman is a privateer so are these two?
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 @trycycles: Trummer is in a Team with a mechanic so not technically a privateer, Jack Reading was considered but has a few sponsors helping him and I decided Ollie was the most deserving this round as, the only thing on his bike he didnt pay for are the tires, he traveled from Australia and was racing with a broken arm.
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 @wynmasters: I have to come clean, I am one of Jacks 'sponsors' although I am actually a mate helping out rather than a company benefitting from his results. I have known Jack for years and know how hard he works to be able to go racing. I am in a lucky position where I can offer a little money each year to help him get to the races, he is definitely in the privateer crew!

I love what you are doing with the privateer fund this season, I have been in the fortunate position to assist a number of athletes in the early stages of their career who are now making it big time. It is really cool you can rally support on a far wider scale than I ever could, thank you on behalf of all privateers and those who endeavour to support them. This campaign sheds more light on a subject that is never really talked about, wages in mountain biking and particularly the disparity between those on a pro team and those risking it all to get there. There certainly isn't enough in the prize fund to even cover the cost of racing, maybe you should also lobby the UCI* Wink

Definitely not taking away from Ollie as he really is as privateer as it gets and a good call on your behalf to award him the money. Super hardcore that he raced with a broken arm!!

*technically lobby the race organisers as they set the prize fund, UCI just dictates the minimum amounts.
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 @trycycles: nice work supporting the guys who need it, tbh I don’t see the UCI putting up the prize pool, they did just last year, and even doing so only gives that money to the top 10 riders, in road cycling they have a minimum wage but our sport isn’t quite at a level yet where that would be possible. At least with the award we give a decent amount to one person that deserves it every weekend which is a start. €1000 is actually more than 4th place would get in the race. Hopefully this can continue to grow from here.
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 Thanks Marine to remember the truth to Wyn: This is a chocolatine!
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 Every French rider tried to east the croissant, Hilarious!! Great race and recap from Wyn as always
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 Dude, it's "pain au chocolat", not "pain au chocolate". This is the americanized version of it :-)
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 dans le sud ouest lalalalaaa, on est dans le sud-ouest là?? C'est un pain au chocolat c'est tout.
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 Nous aussi on t`aime.
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 By Far the most enjoyable watch on PB! Thanks Wyn Smile
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 My favorite thing on Pinkbike......keep it up and a big thank you Wyn!
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 Please Wyn, mellow out on the editing
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 thank's wyn
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 I watched this twice instead of watching it and cathro's once. I'm much less annoyed.

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