Video: WynTV Finals - Leogang World Cup DH 2021

Jun 13, 2021
by GT Bicycles  

How good is it to be back at a world cup? Wyn TV cleans up on finals day with post-race interviews from the pits.


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 So great to see Troy on the top step! He always seems to just enjoy riding his bike and seems genuinely grateful to make a living racing. Great start to the season, bring on more racing!
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 So happy for him. All those 2nd places where where he showed nothing but true sportsmanship.... I don't know if deserve is the right word, but I love that he won. I am sure Gwin ran right up to him to congratulate him too (sarcasm).
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 "I was just riding my bike" - TB
A true gent, awesome sportsmanship, truely deserving all the wins he can get!
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 Brosnan comes off so Humble and kind and honest always. What a good dude and nobody deserves it more.
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 Great initiative, thumbs up for that! PayPal would be great so...
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 damn, that’s one filthy mask
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 the N95s also get fuzzy on the inside after a while and are a pain to wear. That one must be very uncomfortable.
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flag excavator666 (Jun 14, 2021 at 14:10) (Below Threshold)
 Doesn't matter if the mask is a health risk! As long the beureaucrats and covidiots see that he's wearing a mask to protect himself from health risks, that's what's important.
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 @Sethimus: Shouldn't you be off somewhere obeying your master's commands? Now roll over and play dead. There's a good boy.
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 Reece the perfect world as
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 Excited to see what he can do in Les Gets, could be the danger man.
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 bernard kerr was salty AF hahahah.
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 Thanks for making this superb content Wyn & GT.
These post-race interviews are much more relaxed and honest than the ones in the Red Bull show. WC weekend wouldn't be the same without WynTV.
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flag BenPea (Jun 14, 2021 at 1:20) (Below Threshold)
 Relaxed is one way of putting it. Awkward and difficult to watch is another.
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 @BenPea: Wyn might not be as smooth as a chat show host but he has a real rapport with the riders (apart from Athertons maybe) and just lets them talk, rather than giving them lengthy multiple choice questions - which you may notice a lot of professional sports journos do.
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 @chakaping: sure, it's totally subjective. If you like his style and mannerisms, fair enough.
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 Racing was great but this made me smile more, everyone was so stoked to be there, even Vali and Brook. Then to see the privateers award and see the top guys supporting the little guys… awesome, makes you love the sport even more!
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 Two races and Camille wears all the bling bling, World Champion and World Cup Leader Jersey! Congrats!!
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 You forgot about European Champion and Swiss Champion! Crazy isn’t it?
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 Brook ‘ride’n’slide’ Macdonald
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 Man I sure dont wanna see Brook land on his back again.
Also couldnt believe how fast he was going after all he's been through! He was on something like a top ten result before the crash?...
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 Brook is such a champ - great attitude
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Wyn to Brook: You disappointed?
Brook: No
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 Transfer King 2021
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Absolute beast
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 good on ya dunne
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 I think (but I'm not too sure) that Vali Höll might be pissed off.
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 Crashing in the last corner on a winning time and still getting on the podium, only happens to the best - Sam Hill in val di sole
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 what's up with Denim Destroyer this year?
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 Ronan Dunne up for some new shades?
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 What a great race with a field as good as ever. Masterful display of bike handling by Troy and a deserved win, roll on round 2.
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 Big up REEEECE!!
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 Makes you wonder why Greg even keeps running these brakes. A rider of his caliber could probably get away with getting his favorite brake installed as long as he slaps a Shimano sticker on it. Heck, I'm pretty sure 18 months from now he'll actually have just that (Trickstuff Maxima).
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 I wonder if he's on a prototype saint.
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 I had the exact same problem with one of my Zee levers. Fortunately it happened in my garage rather than when I was going 40mph in a World Cup DH race.
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 @chakaping: The current banner on Pinkbike (at least for me) is from Shimano about ICE tech (which I suppose is about their cooling fins and sandwich rotors) showing Greg Minnaar and the text "trusted by the worlds fastest rider" so I'll take my previous comment back. He still trusts them, apparently.
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 i bow down to thee WynTV. that said this proves that the French are tea toddlers one beer post race and they are toasted.
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 Wyn seemed so surprised that the privateer kids bike cost him $3.5k....
That's on the absolute lower end for most FS bikes these days. Not really sure why Wyn was astounded by the cost unless he just assumes everyone racing world cups gets bikes, which clearly he doesn't since he has set up this award in the first place?
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 Most privateers probably don't have to pay for their bikes, to be fair. They just don't get any meaningful income either.
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 3500euros is a lot of money for a bike when you have the brand on your jersey whilst racing world cups, I’m just glad the award went to someone it can help, I raced world cups on a bike I brought myself (Iron Horse sunday) 2nd hand for $4000aud in 2008 so I definitely don’t assume that.
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 @wynmasters: Fair enough, guess I just didn't realize how many of the early privateers get bikes. you say, if the name is on their jersey they should at the least get a bike.
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 I recall Cedric Gracia (back when he was riding Commencal bikes) used to be raging against the situation where riders would have a brand name on their jersey whilst the brand only got them something like 500 euro worth of gear. Not sure how things have changed in the mean time. Then again the gear is only part of the expenses. Travel, stay, race fees etc, it is a lot. Remember Tracey Hannah may have had a bike back in 2007 but even after placing third overall she had to go back and work a lot to pay off her debts. So yeah, the bike is one thing but support is another. Maybe the brand is giving him some good support? I recall Steve Peat set up this Steve Peat Syndicate development program where riders paid for half the bike (which would still be over those 3.5k in case of a V10) wore the team kit but also got coaching and support. So yeah, there is a spectrum. Can't say where this guy sits.
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 Am I the only one who thinks Wyn sounds a bit like Korg from the Marvel movies?
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 Thanks WYN....what can you say about TROY....he's the frickin CHARLES BRONSON of DH!!Smile
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 Razz that's what I call a 'brave' ending Moon
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