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Video: WynTV Finals from the Leogang DH World Cup 2024

Jun 10, 2024
by Wyn Masters  

Leogang delivered an epic World Cup and Wyn hits the pits to see how it all went down for everyone!

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 Thanks for such great content, Wyn. These interviews keep me engaged and caring about the whole field of racers, and not just the names I gravitate towards. Legend.
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 Brett Is the people's legend
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 did Vali say that there might be 15 races next year..?
Was that ironic or some insight...
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 more like there will be 6 races.
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 Gwin said there are probably really interesting schedule changes awhile back.
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 my heart skipped 12 beats when she said that... and then "when Im drunk its dangerous Ill say everything"

fingers crossed
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 Wyn: Do you ever worry that Erice will show up and beat you next year?
Austrian multiple world champion: Erice is a child, she comes to me for advices. It's not that hard to give her ... the wrong advices
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 A true mentor
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 Damn, Bruni training hard for his Master's of the Universe Halloween costume
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flag Muckal (Jun 10, 2024 at 4:32) (Below Threshold)
 Steroids blame game incoooming...
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 More prize money but kudos to the riders for always taking care of their mechanics! Great job again Wyn and more Ronan Bryceland please!
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 Love the new long format, even when i need to split sometimes. Loics insights and honesty is superior. So stoked for Pom Pom. Tahnee looks so happy and confident right now, luv to see that! DH still is the best, thanks for bringing all the extra action Wyn!
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 Wyn's content is top of the box at every race.
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 Damn, who said Tahnees commentary wasnt good? I enjoyed it very much, altough "unsetteling" was used quite frequently haha.
And wow, anna showing the pace! I remember you interviewing her on the US national i think it was, she seems like a good lad!
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 3,750 euros for winning a world cup race... man, that's not a lot.
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 "Proveteer" Smile
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 How does Loic only have 10 world cup wins? He seems to have been winning for years!
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 The 5 additional world champs are big wins, they feel like more than one. Puts Minnaar's 22 in perspective, and Rachel Atherton's 40. Loic is gong to win more races. Still bummed Jackson is missing a year of battling prime Bruni, though, would've kept the overall interesting.
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 @wynmasters How come you interviewed the Hard Enduro german and not Greg (the GOAT) Minaar right next to him? Looked like he felt awkward to say the least. I understad he's on a new team and the results don't show much but still.
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 Can’t interview everyone I interviewed Greg in the trackwalk video
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 Greg looks like a little school boy
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 Don’t listen to anyone Wyn - keep it going and hanging loose. Anyone who uses the word ‘prognosis’ and uses it correctly whilst holding a beer is definitely cool and OK
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 What happen to Jess in her race run?
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 Put front wheel over a berm in the woods
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 @wynmasters: wynMasters, I get a sense you have to be (at times) a bit annoying to your community in order to put together this content. Thank you very much for your efforts. These insights are fantastic to absorb! As a MTB guy, a race fan and curious 'outsider' I feel closer to the scene you guys are part of. Great job pal.
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 @wynmasters: Cheers dude
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 @wynmasters: Don’t listen to anyone Wyn - keep it going and hanging loose. Anyone who uses the word ‘prognosis’ and uses it correctly whilst holding a beer is definitely cool and OK
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 @flaflow: wyn probably gets paid by youtube for his efforts as well, but yes the content he brings is refreshing from all the racing action.
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