Video: Brendan Fairclough Pushes his XC Bike to the Limit

Jun 19, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

Brendan Fairclough hits up his local trails on his Scott Spark to see how hard he can push it.


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 Look at all the negativity here. It's a Brendog video... what's not to like.
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 I don't get it either. Entertaining video.
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 No kidding. Maybe they’re just compensating because they can’t even ride like that on their enduro rig.
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 @mmarkey21: right! $100 says he'd be top 10 at most domestic enduro races on this thing....
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 The fact that this very soon became a commercial for Scott with it sounding a bit forced (all the praise and product name throwing). Doesn't seem that Brendog to me... And I know it's what they have to do, now more than ever, but yeah, just the fact it seems a bit forced to me that is weird. Plus I connect with more 'genuine' stuff much more than an obviously pushed content.

I was excited when I saw the title though, a pro shredding an XC bike has huge potential. And he does deliver on that part.
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 What has happened to customising your ride, are people just buying out of the box and riding... how mad would that be!!! I dont understand people saying he changed the bars and brakes therefore its not XC. Are people serious, I ride the same bars on all my bikes, same grips, same brakes, same shifter, same pedals. Common contact points are the way to go. XC tyres... fit tubes dog, they would be fine, XC tyres are like riding balloons tubeless.
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 I am over biked now.....
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 enduro is out - DOWNCOUNTRY is in. and btw...back in the days it was a fully :-)
  • 2 1 was called riding a fully ...
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 This guy is all smiles.
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 He's only sponsored by Scott for frames so of course he's going to put his other sponsors parts on.
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 I understand the need bike brands want to sell bikes in this time (the best for everything in terms of bike and other sports related)but saying,(and I understand )why nino won what he won because of that bike :-))) ,that’s a big joke (love the tattoo on the back neck of the one OF the best female mtb riders in the history “LIFE IS A JOKE “ one of my favorite phrases),brendog you could say that people could have a blast in that type of bike (except the tires,for some )and still make the “enduro”wannabes wondered if they really need that bike ,cause when I ride my old 26” nomad c (riding a 27,5” Bronson )In some tracks it just doesn’t feel boring ,it’s like I’m going faster and the tracks are more gnarly,and yes I can go faster in the more modern bike,but not a lot,but in some trails 10s faster is 1m boring
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 Spark Downcountry Edition - full review on Monday Wink
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 To me, the take home message is "Beware of being over-biked." Despite the fact that comfort is premium for my old bones, I am appalled at all of the expensive modern trail bikes that are (well) over 30 lbs. Both my bikes (Ripmo & Fuel) are less than 30 lbs and more capable than I am. Perhaps next bike I'll go XC and build it up a bit burlier.
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 I agree, I don't see why bike manufacturers are making modern trail bikes so damn heavy. My 2019 Trance Advanced Pro 29 0 weighs just under 26.5lbs with Minions, piggyback shock, etc, and is a very capable mini enduro bike.

I've always liked Brendog's fearless riding style and very pleasant easy going attitude, but it sure takes guts or strong balls to jump bikes w/o a dropper. Brendan looks like a realIy fun guy to hang around with, but would not want to see him land badly on that rigid seatpost. I also have a XC Scott Spark built up, but with 120mm of rear wheel travel. Besides adding a dropper, wider 760mm bars, better tires, I changed the 32 forks to 34 SC forks. After these "trail worthy upgrades", it still weighs only 23.1lbs (size Large), even with pedals & bottle cage. For a trail ready 120mm full suspension bike, it absolutely rips. I agree with Brendog, the Spark really does fly up the hills and keeps me from riding my EMTB, as it's just so much fun. Click on my username to see the bike!
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 @RowdyAirTime: People keep complaining about broken frames. Most people don't complain about the few seconds they sacrificed on a heavier bike; what they do post all over social media is their broken ultralight frame.
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 So we are using "down country" non ironically now?
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 I bought years ago aYeti ASR C and changed some parts, I was always wandering how hard a XC bike can be ridden (doesn´t matter change some parts) I think I got my question answered. I can't make the half of the jumps there so few grams and all fun...
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 What a lovely AD for a Scott Spark Frame.
*searches BUY/SELL for Scott Spark*
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 Love Brendog, great commercial. I wish they were all that entertaining... but that trail while looking fun & grarly AF, doesn't qualify as "rocky".... that's my nit-pick for today.
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 It's rocky for Surrey haha
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 @alexhyland: to be fair Britney Spears' albums are considered 'rocky' in Surrey
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 Where that is filmed the "rock" is all sandstone. It basically dissolves if you even glance at it. When I lived in the area and climbed I had to travel quite a long way to find a crag.
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 Can't beat a slo-mo sshhhiiiiittttt!
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 I've been riding my wife's Scott Spark for fun on my local trails, top- might be the only time I have something in common with Brendog!
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 Think we finally found someone who may have a shot at beating Nino on the downs. 5mm dropper post, cutting edge stuff.
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 holy fook the dude can shred eh.
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 This is why hardtails are still so popular.
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 I remember a time in the not so distant past when 100mm was long travel. Made us feel invincible!
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 Sooo entertaining
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 Take a XC bike change everything & Nino becomes 10 times Olympic World Champion, what ever that is?
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 Just like to point out Giant did this first with the recent xc video with Leif Rogers.
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 Where is Friday Fails?
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 this probably was the longest commercial i ever watched..
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