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Video: XCC & XC Highlights from the Glentress XC World Champs 2023

Aug 14, 2023
by Ed Spratt  
Catch up on all the action from the XCC and XCO World Championships at Glentress.


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 Also... I know MVP is a more skilled rider than 99% of pink bikers, but he sure does have a knack for embarrassing himself at mtb events. That was some lazy cornering and who can forget the infamous ramp debacle! Any theories why such a talented rider blows the big (mtb) races?
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 Mentally spent (or cocky?) from the previous successes or the week?
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 He was already up in P15 when he crashed, comparatively Sagan at P28 and Pidcock at P30.. so perhaps partly the result of a massive effort in that first 2 minutes to make those places?
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 And who can forget that time he thouroughly embarrassed himself at the road World Champs when he went down in a slightly damp right hander, broke his shoe and cleat, ripped his clothing, and slid under the boarding. Pfft...
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 @mi-bike: His amazing performances at so many road / cx races is exactly why I'm so confused by his mtb track record. He seems to rise to big occasions, except on dirt. I think @juanny is probably onto something.
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 @Lokirides: His historical / 2018-2019 track record is actually very good - rivaling the best, I'd say. It is only in the last few years, where he has focused more on the road (much greater impact, much more $$) that his MTB result been disappointing. An Alan Iverson reference may seem in order, but in the end he is just focusing on something else, coming back to dip his toes in something he enjoys, but with little success. The schadenfreude is a bit misplaced. The guy is very good:

World Cup short-track Albstadt
World Cup short-track Val di Sole
Dutch champion XC
World Cup short-track La Bresse

World Cup short-track Albstadt
World Cup short-track Nové Město
World Cup XC Nové Město
World Cup short-track Les Gets
European Champion XC
World Cup short-track Val di Sole
World Cup XC Val di Sole
World Cup short-track Lenzerheide
World Cup XC Lenzerheide

World Cup short-track Albstadt
World Cup short-track Nové Město
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 Great view of Pidcock divebombing that corner... Fair pass and good racing or a dirty move? I lean towards the first since he got to the apex first but curious what other folks think.
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 I was right there when that happened. The way the corner was setup with the line everyone was taking, it had a bit of an opening but shoving his wheel there was not really cool. I dont know I would say he got to the corner first, he was just going so much faster into it. He had no chance of making that corner without taking someone out at the speed he was going. Said and done now. I think Pidcock was lucky her didnt take himself out as well.
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 Embarrassingly bad highlight packages yet again, this time for the biggest races of the year.

Would it kill the UCI to invest more than the bare minimum? Some contextual commentary would be welcomed, rather than the poorly edited stream of coverage that provides the viewer no idea on the flow of the race and key moments. 30 seconds of the start, 1m30s of crap in the middle and 1 minute of the final lap. Rinse, repeat for each gender and discipline.

Do better. The cycling community deserves it.
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 I started watching the races on the BBC broadcast but thought the commentary (as used in these highlights here) was unbearable - and, switched to watching on GCN+. I thought that the GCN team - Ric McLaughlin and Ollie Beckinsale - did a really good job. I think the GCN commentary is getting better after a shaky start to the mtb season.....but I'd like to hear Ollie B doing more of the xc World Cups.
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 MVDP should switch to flats. Maybe he would fall on his face less
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 Mind the gaps
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 MvdP: Mind the grass
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