Video: Yoann Barelli Coaches 2 Teenagers Down the Double Black 'Hey Bud' in Whistler

Jun 3, 2019
by Yoann Barelli  

In this week's "Into the Gnar" series, the now famous Jaxon (the dog) and I coach two teenagers down Hey Bud, a double black diamond trail in Whistler. Hey Bud is a pretty gnarly trail, especially in greasy conditions - be ready for some rowdiness!

See more of my YouTube videos here.

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 "Jackson is fighting with a tree..". Looking forward to Ezra's insight on that one Big Grin
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 Inspired...gonna smash my local double green this week ????
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 Terrible trail wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Tell your friends.
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 @Johnnytightlips I told jennytightlips
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 @yoannbarelli - great vids, you're killing it. #fistbump Thanks for listening to the feedback and for having fun...these get me hyped to ride my trails every time. My only wish: gimme a full pull down these trails after picking them apart section by section. Doesn't even have to be the same day. I'll venmo you 5 bucks (USD) if you add this.

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 I want a GoPro on Jaxon to see what happens to all those sticks...
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Eh Yoann!!!!J'ai beau chercher de partout mais j'vois pas les Versions Francaise...Ba ouais nous les frenshies on est rubbish en english....
Joking Wink C'est cool de voir les trails du Canada,ça donne envie d'aller passer ses vacances par la-bas.
Nice one buddy
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 J'ai quand même détecté un peu de franglish dans la vidéo! Smile
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 @lRaphl: Ca colle à la peau Smile
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 @Cocorico: Un peu oui!
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 Videos are killer Yoann! It makes me miss whistler soo much! One thing, try to get better compression on the videos, they come out pretty rough even in HD.
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 Absolutely digging these vids
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 French lines... Chinese lines... Friggin' fast though.
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 I love these videos, keep them coming Yoann!
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 Could have used someone to coach me down that trail. Taco'd a wheel and bruised my pride last attempt.
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 This guy seems like a hoot to ride with.
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 His screams are funny AND the brown dog does he did the drops and gaps ?Its a Whistler dog after all
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flag rexluthor (Jun 3, 2019 at 12:12) (Below Threshold)
 Jaxon kinda suits the dog, but Jackass sounds the same and suits it even better. Plus the added beauty is not only is the name more suitable, but it sounds so similar that Jaxon would not even know his name was now Jackass when called.
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 Nice work Yoann! Great to see the tech break down.
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 Yoan yells lots when he is on the trail. Yelling is fun.
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 wow that rock gap thru the trees was pretty nuts!
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You have 29er?

.... ooooh yeah.

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 ^^ I know. 3:21 = gold. Also, completely by accident, the greatest ad for 29" ever,
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