Video: Yoann Barelli Documents his Return to Racing in "Into the Knee-ar"

Jun 27, 2019
by Yoann Barelli  

This is the first Episode of "Into the Knee-ar" where I will take you along during the process of my knee surgery.

See more of my YouTube videos here.

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 If you take Brett Tippie and put him near Yoan Barelli, there would be a physical reaction similar to a nuclear reactor that generates endless amounts of energy. World energy problem solved. You are welcome.
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 hahahahah, I'm a bit intimidated by Brett, he is really loud hahahah !!!
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 Curious what surgery you're getting, Yoann. There's a new surgery for ACL that has dropped recovery time down to a couple of months instead of the usual 6 months or longer. Here is an article on it:

I only know about it because a friend's son just had it and will be returning to football in two months after the surgery, which is crazy fast.
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 That's really interesting, I'm gonna talk about to me surgeon!! thanks man
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 Do you have a link that works??
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 @trainingfx: You can access it if you're using a VPN through a server outside of Europe due to GDPR.
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 Glad to see you are doing well, and still doing videos. While your riding is fantastic, I also watched into the gnar for the personality, so this is like the next best thing. Speedy recovery!
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 I'm really impressed by his positive attitude. I was pretty devastated after my ACL tear. Hardest time was until I got the diagnosis. It got better after and sprits were back high after surgery. Hang in there, it will take some time to heal up but you will be back on the bike pretty quickly!
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 I take it as a learning experience. I've already experienced some really big lows and some good ups like in this video, and I'm learning a lot about my body. looking forward to have the surgery and learn more about dealing with pain and rehab haha !! I'll share it with you guys Smile
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 Hey @yoannbarelli, I've just done something to my knee also... I can't find any decent knee supports local to me, what support are you wearing in this video?
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 Dissent lab Knee brace size S. And another one a friend gave me (don't know the brand)
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 @yoannbarelli: Awesome, thanks so much for replying! Hope your path to recovery is as swift an excellent as your riding Beer
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 I understood there is a TPF too..? Impossible then to do such a workout. Ok, so no TPF probably. Good luck!
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 I did: ACL complete tear, Meniscus pretty f*cked (I can feel it making some scraplrrrrrscrapppppl noises when I extend my leg with pressure on it, and also painful), small fractures on the tibia plateau and the head of the femur (somehow I don't feel anything from those) and a degree 1 tear of the MCL ligament. I can walk fine today. the the all thing is super weak it's crazy, I'm really careful tho. Thank you for the support !!
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 @yoannbarelli: bloody hell, all that because you landed awkwardly with your weight on one leg!
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 If he can maintain that enthusiasm for the gym he might become a body builder by the time his knee is healed.
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 And I will win every contest when I'll show something that not everyone has... my third baaaaaaaaalllllllll hahahahahaha !!! I'm in Smile
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 @yoannbarelli: next year man, before you're back racing bikes, just enter some kinda bodybuilding fitness comp for shits & giggles. Ill be watching for that ball...
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 Mucho gusto. Me llamo Barelli
I'm hornier than Ron Jeremy
And if you wanna get popped in your knee
Just wipe that look off your batty face […]
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 Christ, he looked in better shape after about the third set. I'm on it.
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 Respect for this fitness!

If his knee is now unfit the rest is surely 200% above my fitness Big Grin
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 Just about to head to squamish and scout out some of your into the gnar lines! Good luck with the rehab, Yoann.
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 Also: respect for the full hang ring pullup technique.
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 Hah. Spoke too soon. Kipping by round 10... but 10 rounds of that workout is nutty, so gotta cut some slack.
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 @Hogfly: I started strict pull-ups but at the round 7 I could only do 3 hahaha !! so I switched to kipping Wink
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 That's immense.
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 Dad joke checks out.
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 Great reason to stay away from clipped in pedals!!!

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